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The app map is missing the black "sawtooth" trail. This trail is popular with trail bikers.

Definitely poorly marked...but a pretty trail.

A great secluded challenging hike! you can break off the hike and go to the beach or stay on the trail.

This is my favorite spot to go . Absolutely amazing

13 days ago

I definitely lost the trail way more than I expected, expecially since there are so many extra route to take, make sure to have a map! The veiws are nice but the path I took was very hilly and I ended up having to bush wack my way to another section of trail after getting lost. All in all a fun hike.

Slightly hilly . Scenic view of Lake Michigan 2/3 the way through. Mostly woodlands with tree roots to navigate around, which I could see being slippery if wet. All in all a nice short trail.

Very nice trail. Particularly enjoyed the views of the dunes and Lake Michigan

1 month ago

too many mosquitoes! make sure to spray yourself well before you get here

This is my family's favorite trail, we try to come up here once a year to enjoy it! It is a great mix of lake views, forest, islands and hills. There is a swimming area at the bottom of a small dune to cool off if you get too warm. Just a great place to take a hike!

My new favorite hiking place.

1 month ago

I loved this trail. You’re in the Deepwoods about 95% of the time. It is a little bit dominated by mountain bikers but my experience was that they were all very pleasant and let you know as they were coming how many of them to expect. Made it very easy to just get out of the way momentarily. Good elevation changes and great distance. I’ll definitely do it again the next time I travel here

1 month ago

Make sure you have a map in hand. There are a lot of connecting trails around and the markers are not very helpful. Thankfully you have Lake Michigan on one side and Muskegon Lake on the other side so you can keep your bearings if you pay attention. It wasn’t as challenging as I would have liked. There wasn’t a lot of incline but the sand will definitely give you a work out. I did the loop that went through the campground. The way back was mostly flat and pretty easy. The beginning and end of the loop are mostly shaded but the hike before you reach the campground is in open sun on the sand. I brought my dog and she had a good time. Right after you go through the campground there is some beach where my dog was able to get in the water and cool off. (Leashed) there are restrooms near the trailhead parking lot and also at the campground.

trail running
1 month ago

Pretty good trail. It does wind back and forth a lot so it covers the same terrain over many times. The day I went it was hot and sticky so there were not very many people using it. It looks like it is very heavily used by bikes much of the time.

first time here. loved it

Beautiful trail. You're basically island hopping around an old flood plain. Bit uneven and steep in a few spots.

Beautiful trail and well maintained. Great views as well!

My husband and I did this hike on a Friday afternoon with our dog. We did the lost lake and ridge trail combination (approx 4 miles) and loved it. Combining the two trails gave us a great variety of scenery and terrain. The lost lake portion includes pretty views of Hamlin with fun bridges to walk over while the ridge portion includes climbing up sand paths to see beautiful views from elevations. We would say that the lost lake portion was easy and that the ridge trail section was more moderate (as climbing up the sand paths was rigorous at times). While on the ridge trail portion we took a small detour and saw some beautiful views of dunes on the Hamlin lake side. From the ridge trail we also saw some of Lake Michigan. I would definitely recommend including the ridge trail section as it truly made the hike for us.

One of our favorite parts of this hike was seeing so many trees with their roots above ground.

PS. We only saw one other hiker during our hike so it felt like we had the trail to ourselves.

Wonderful hike to a beautiful secluded beach. Very exposed and sandy mounting the dunes on the return, but worth every step. Consider returning through the same wooded trail in rather than finishing the loop if it’s hot, or bring lots of extra water.

2 months ago

Great trail.

nice trails!

Close to home, enough stairs for a decent workout, and beautiful. love it!

trail running
2 months ago

GPS tracking app I used showed 7.45miles around the loop. Fun trail to run! It includes gradual inclines, and nice downhills to keep it interesting. All the bikers we came across were nice about telling us how many they had in their group coming, so nice community to run around.

This trail earns its moderate rating with the high dune at the end of each trail. but man is the lake at the end of the trail worth the hike.

Most recently I hiked in the Tetons and Arches but this trail was more spectacular in its variety of terrain. All the beauty of the forest but dotted with gorgeous marshes, tip top sand dune vistas of Lake Michigan, and virtually no bugs made this a dream hike.
Add on the Ridge trail, we saw no one for two hours and felt like first time explorers. The boardwalks were in great shape, enabling us to enjoy views on both sides. Fair warning; at the near bottom of Island Trail, there is a very narrow section with a 4 ft dirt mound that you must scramble over. We were able to hand to hand pass over our tiny dogs but if yours is large Im not sure you can get through this section.

Great trail, we walked opposite bike path and had no issue walking...bikers always courteous

2 months ago

Great trail for a hike. Very few people but you do have to make sure to watch for mountain bikers - they come at you fast! The trail connects with dirt roads a few times and there are no markers or indications which way to go so download the map before you go so you can track your progress. The trail in general is not well marked and having the map as backup was helpful. I walked counter clockwise based on recommendations here - you start at the back/right of the parking lot. 8.12 miles according to Map My Run app. Beautiful scenery!

Beautiful views and dog-friendly hiking! Walk right along the coast of the lake or stay within the inner trails and see all of the lush greenery. Great for a mild workout as it does get very hilly.

Was a nice well traveled with some grooming trail. Would have been better if they could have created a loop. We came back on an atv trail just to get a different view. There is definitely some wildlife based on tracks on the trail but we did not see any which would also have made it better. Large portions of the trail are shaded with a few clearings but it helped break up the scenery. Was impressed with the stands of pine that were planted in rows at some point in history.

This trail was awesome! Beautiful views the whole time! The dunes on the way back were exhausting and make for a really good workout. My phone said that I climbed 38 flights of stairs by the end! I can’t wait to do this trail again!

Great payoff after the hike when you see Lake Michigan. I took the North Trail to the beach. Pretty easy at first and gorgeous. The woods are nice and dense and its relatively cool. Then the trees break and the dunes start. This is when it gets more difficult. Got my heart rate up, as promised. Next time I will explore the south trail. But my dog was tired and we were headed to Holland. Got some great pics & will try to post.

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