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5.8-6.8 miles

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trail running
1 month ago

Great trail. Diverse scenery. Easy running paths. Take some lights with you in morning or evening run as there is a decent amount of traffic on portion by road.

Go to the end, see a nice pier in the bay.

Mosquito spray of course. Bring water.

I am giving just one star because the park was closed and I couldn't get in due some construction on site (for the better, I am sure). I will try it agan, that is for sure!

Great trail! Well maintained and pretty views of dense trees and wildflowers. Had no idea it even existed till recently!

2 months ago

The main paved trail would be great for running and biking. The off trails for hiking were ok. Always heard the traffic noise and a ton of garbage. Some pretty flowers but not much animal life. If you're close, I'd recommend it. I wouldn't travel more than 30 minutes to hike it though.

Love it!

Great trail!

This is a nice trail but as of 7/8/2018 it is VERY VERY overgrown. You must wear long pants and be prepared for vines and bushes to touch you everywhere!!! I was very concerned about snakes as I could not always see the path. Needs some maintenance in a bad way. Several gully crossings that require climbing.

trail running
4 months ago

My first in SHNF. Seems overgrown, can’t see path in some spots, unsure where I was stepping or if there was wildlife crossing. I’ll go again today but despite the 95 temps, I’ll wear long lite pants to avoid the cuts and scratches from the brush on my shins. Invigorating. I am looking for wider paths in same area. Question, is trail running allowed on Sam Houston’s multi use trails?

Good 12 mile day hike with well marked “blazes”. The footpath in some spots is definitely on par with leave no trace attitude. The flora and fauna are right in the path. Some really beautiful flower growing right along the path.

6 months ago

Love taking my dog to walk down here. It ends at a nice park. Pretty and easy to find. Crushed gravel trail!

6 months ago

Nice trail! My 1 yr old and stroller made it! It was easy enough and nice trees all over.

6 months ago

Bring extra water. Easy to wonder off the smaller trails that break off from the main route. It’s really nice to have something like this outside the Houston area.

6 months ago

Great trail for running, biking, or walking. The only downside is having to run along the road for about 1.5 miles and then crossing it but people are generally driving cautiously. Nice shaded parts along the way as well.

6 months ago

Enjoyed this hike a great deal - make sure to find out the name of the mountain bike trails if you want to stick to the main route

Nice trail for walking or running....a bit of parks, wooded trail and bay trails. Overall very nice and well kept with lots of runners in the mornings.

Couldn’t even find the mountain Ike trail and I fell into the damn creek today. So my day at this park was not good

not a bad little spot

7 months ago

There is a good bit of natural debris on the trail around the lake. I assume it’s from hurricane Harvey and flooding. Tons of bugs- like swarms and swarms of small flying bugs. $5 entry fee for adults (kids under 12 free) to get to the trailhead.

8 months ago

Due to recent rains, the trail was a little wet but passable. We only did the first loop as we wanted to see what it was like before more rain came. definitely, want to come back and work up to the whole six miles. Very peaceful even that close to a road.

8 months ago

The is a great trail for experienced hikers. There were some 3 to 5 foot ups and downs. There was some water on the trail, but we were able to get around it. Very moderately trafficked. We did see some people on horses. It would also be good for bikes. We loved it and will definitely be back.

9 months ago

Nice Texas woodland trail. Started at Parking lot #1 about 11am stopped to camp around 5 pm along Little Lake Creek just off the trail. The next morning made the 4 miles or so to Parking lot #6. Moderate only because of some creek crossing otherwise a beautiful easy walk the the pine and oak woods. I saw 8 different group of hikes the 24 hrs I was on the trail . I just needed some easy trail to get my head right for the new year, I plan on finishing the full trail by March

10 months ago

trail running
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

trail system is pretty much all paved with a few short dirt trails (all less than 1/4 mile). Not sure how they got a 7.7 mile trail system. The trail map shown is only about 2.25 mi, but the trails extend outside the park and you can get additional miles. Park and trails are well maintained tho. it is clean & not heavily trafficked. A wheel chaired person could make it every where on the trails

mountain biking
Monday, October 09, 2017

On trail and off trail biking

trail running
Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Solid run for the area because of the lack of decent trails. Scenery is constantly changing on this run which makes it great.

Parts of the run are on the side of the road, however the run is on dirt trail almost the entire time. To add distance you can do multiple loops towards the end of the run as you near the pier/coastal area.

Should have no issue parking in the park lot near the high school (sunrise-sunset).

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Nice need more through the woods

Really nice fitness trail no briars!

A few creek crossings make it a little more than easy. Very easy to follow and elevation change is not bad at all. Took the dog on this one and finished with no problems.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

fun trail, a little overgrown but hopefully I'll be able to do it again soon!

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