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Very beautiful and scenic for most of the way. It's pretty easy.

12 days ago

Love this 24 mile National Recreational Trail located in the Kisatchie National Forest. Cold clear spring creeks for water sources. Has some challenging hilly sections. Know as a great shakedown trail before you go on other hikes, I think it’s great for enjoying the awesomeness of his Central Louisiana forest.

17 days ago

The trail is a little tough to follow in the fall with leaves on the ground but a pretty easy hike and nice rolling hills. Clear Springs Campground is a hidden gem. Very nice.

A great hike for Louisiana. It does follow some paved roads at certain points but still offers some great views of the river. The trail is still well maintained and pretty dry considering recent rain.

Great hike. I strongly suggest bringing some bug spray. If you’re into fishing: the trail has an abundance of streams and little lakes where you can drop a line. Not all trail markers are easily seen and some intersections are not marked properly so download a map if you can.

Haven’t done this since I was a kid. I went back today to do the full loop with some of my family and we got lost several times due to the many down trees and overgrowth. It’s a beautiful trail, it just needs a chainsaw and some love. Please be careful when going out there. It is difficult to determine where the trail continues on at several points. Wear pants and bug spray.

This has not been kept up at all. There are trees down all along the path, and it was too far along the trail to turn around so we had to crawl under VERY thick brush. There is a bridge near the end of the trail that goes across part of the lake. It has not been maintained, does not have a handrail, and is turned at an angle-not safe! The park staff told us the Boy Scouts are in charge of maintaining the trail, but they are obviously not taking care of it. We went in the driest part of the year, and there was still a lot of mud and in some places, you have to walk across a 2x4 and still get muddy. This shouldn’t be classified as easy. I would def say moderate or hard. This trail kicked our butt. We did go around the full lake, approximately 8 miles.

1 month ago

Very chill trail to unwind. I started at the Valentine Lake rec area and went to the 20 mile marker just past the intersection of Castor Plunge Rd and 212. Mile markers 6-9 have some sweet creeks and so do Mile markers 15-17. Well marked and well traveled so you can go miles without even using the yellow diamonds posted on the trees. Make sure to grab a spider web stick so you aren't getting a face full of Golden Orb Weavers haha. Not the prettiest or most exciting but very relaxing and worth the great workout once or twice. I've done 24 miles (markers 1-12 and back) one time and 20 miles (markers 11-20.5) another time. I've about had my fill of the trail but it would be better with friends of course! My 3L CamelBak lasted about 20 miles in the early August morning because the shade made it a bit cooler. A few good creeks to get water from with my LifeStraw too.
+Bugs didnt bother me too bad and it never got super muddy.
-Low lying veg gets scratchy, narrow in some areas to allow spider webs
I recommend listening to Astrophysics for People in a Hurry on Audible when you do this hike. It was relaxing and a bit enlightening.
Hiked in August 2018

Out and Back easy 20-30 minute short trail starting from parking lot beside Hwy 98 or parking at Weeks Bay Reserve Center. The main trail leads to small wharf on Weeks Bay water/marsh edge where Pelicans fish the waters.

Have seen some patches of poison ivy growing along trail routes so beware if you are susceptible. So far we have not contracted any..

Some work in restoring the area to its natural habitat. Weeks Bay workers always friendly, accommodating and welcoming to us dogs.

Also some boggy water areas that look prime habitat for snakes.. We are doing this trail regularly in Winter - early spring on colder days to avoid snakes since we pups can't stay out of the water.

That said we have only seen an occasional garden snake..

Awesome place!

Trail is 19 miles. I did the entire loop, camped at #6 overnight. Great place, not too many hikers, but this is August in South Louisiana. Deer flies were the worst.
Saw a bunch of Armadillos this time and a cool looking snake, but not much else. Two weeks ago I saw 2 sets of deer, a raccoon and a snake. There are also squirrels every time if you look.
This is a great place, I just wish they had more than 6 camp sites. I also bring all my water. I don't think I'd filter that lake water unless I was dying.

Did this trail in June of 2016, beautiful scenery, but fair warning!!!! me and a friend started at lake valentine as the sun was coming up and finished at woodworth around 330pm. NOTICE: the trail is advertised at 23.9 miles, on the website it says 26.2 miles, we brought water for 27 miles and were going to run down (refill water in woodworth) and back for a total of 54 ish miles. We both had GPS trackers and needless to say we ran out of water at 27 miles.... the total length of trail is 36.4 miles!!!! NOT including the 5.4 miles loop around lake valentine. Luckily we’re both military and were able to push through. Just a warning, granted I know most people don’t try to run the whole length.

2 months ago

Good easy trail to follow. Lots of sand flies near the bunkers, repellant would have been nice. Lots of things to see along the trail, birds, raccoons, grasshoppers, flies, mosquitos, a couple of squirrels, a rabbit and some big nasty looking spiders (not dangerous to people, although would not like to play with them). Heard some bigger animals in the wilderness, but did not get a glance of them.

2 months ago

Go when it hasn't rained for a few days. Well marked trail going thru old growth cypress trees that lead to a WW II ammo bunker. Feral hogs are in the area.

Great trail. Lots of shade. Lots of Banana Spiders. Bring a stick for some of the cobwebs. The occupied webs are easy to avoid. It rained a few times but the tree canopy kept us dry.

2 months ago

Great place to camp, swim, and hike. A few snakes, chiggers and ticks but mostly just beautiful scenery

Great hike with some nice elevation changes. For what we have in Louisiana this is one of the best trails in the Southeastern part of the state. Well maintained. The main Gorge trail is well marked and fairly easy to follow. Mostly wide track and well groomed. Mountain bikes also use this trail.

Great Trail. After my wife's nagging, my family and I went to the park for the first time on the 4th of July and walked the trail. Enjoyed it so much that we went back on the 7th of July and walked the trail again. On the 7th of July we walked up on about a half dozen wild turkeys. Parked next to the Gorge Run Trail where you can go down into the lower gorge. Walked the lower gorge trail to the right, be careful, some of the 2x6's need to be replaced, back up to the Gorge Run Trail, walked the Gorge Run Trail. Took time to stop by the water park area and the beach area. We are going to go back and park by the beach area with a picnic lunch, walk the trail and return to the picnic lunch and some splash time in the Bogue Chitto. Beautiful park, nice well marked trail.

Nice paved trail, good trail to get your exercise on, shaded in parts and nice scenery.

This is a beautiful state park. Biking trails are a little rough, but challenging, I go often to support system. We need more hikers and bikers to make trails more well established.

3 months ago

Went out for a shakedown hike. Started in Woodworth hiked in about 11 miles then turned and came back a couple of miles to a good campsite by water. Trail very well marked, a little overgrown with several trees across trail but nothing too bad. Looking forward to cooler weather. The hike was not bad but it was very hot and muggy at night. Did not see or hear anyone but it was during the week. Will definitely be sharing this trail with my family

Great family friendly place with nice clean shaded trails for easy hiking. Clean restrooms and indoor museum with historical treasures. You could hike the creeks when the water is down for more adventure.

an awesome trail. Geat views of the river, very clean, lots of animal tracks, small water crossing (no problem if you have water proof boots). Only seen one other person on the trail walking their doggo.

4 months ago

This trail Can be hiked as a lollipop with a short stick rather than a simple out-n-back. I hiked this trail heading straight out towards the bunkers and back along the Donner Canal. Coming back the trail is seriously overgrown - did not look like it had been used in many days (for that matter, I did not see a single other hiker anywhere on this Father's Day Sunday afternoon). The trail maps posted alongside the trail by the Conservancy Foundation (bless them though for keeping this site open at all!) are inaccurate, especially as to the piece along the Donner Canal which is not at all a straight line like they depict and also they don't show you get easily get there from the bunkers. If hiking that piece, wear long pants - you could run into a snake in the high growth as I in fact did - a copper-colored one and I did not stick around to find out what kind. Other than that, saw one bunny wabbit, a salamander, two birds (one bright-red) and one squirrel which made me think to my 22 Cal. The hike out & back to the bunkers (creepy!) as shown on AT would be easy and is pretty most of the way, but the way back paralleling the canal was kind of tough and frankly not worth the effort scenically - I kept thinking it would be nice to get off the trail and up to the levee which was occasionally visible. Either way though, a worthwhile hike for its isolation, considering you are less than 1/2 hour drive from downtown NOLA.

Talk about a Beautiful ride. Wide pathways to accommodate passing when needed. Lightly used on the day I went, everyone I saw was friendly and outgoing. The trail is well maintained and clean. Make the trip if you are able. Well worth it.

It was a great trail. But, you definitely need some bug spray! Overall, my mom and I enjoyed it for our first ever hike! And the hills and elevation are good for a Louisianan’s standards!

Loved the history on this mostly shaded trail. Enjoyed this, even with the heat and humidity.

4 months ago

This is a question, not a review:

I plan to solo hike one way through with my dog, that being said my car will be at one end and I'll end up at the other. Is there anyone available to return hikers to their cars at the starting point?

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