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Hiked Nov 4. Snow from about halfway. snowshoes not required yet, but spikes a bonus over the boulder fields. Beautiful once the clouds cleared.

Love this hike! We started the trail around 10:30 pm, so can't comment much on the views up. The trail is very easy to follow even by headlamp. It took 3 hours up with overnight packs. Mostly incline the entire way, but only the last km before the lake is technical, and a couple of rock fields. Look for marmots and pikas in the rocks! The lake and glacier is a gorgeous destination, but there are a few additional scrambles that are well worth the time if you like a challenge. Took 2.5 hours down and the heavy packs made going down more of a challenge than up. It's quite a popular trail, understandably so!

Very well maintained trail (kudos to park administration). Moderate and good for trail running. There was no snow on October 29th yet, so managed to make it in 10 hours

18 days ago

Careful, as the other reviews state, this trail is poorly marked. It's easy to end up on another trail or veering into the bush. Use your common sense and trail map for this one. Getting back is equally as confusing so it might be an idea to take the ski slope back - something we wish we had done in hindsight, but only due to sundown approaching as we ended the trail. Despite some issues, the trail itself is great. Lots of scrambling and a little easy climbing. Amazing views at the summit and some wonderful views as you approach the final quarter.

Beautiful hike, even on a rainy day. I’d say the majority of this hike is easy with the last 3 km being more moderate and a bit of a scramble right at the end. Finished in 4.5 hrs. Highly recommend.

Really nice hike with nice views of Mount Garibaldi that will help to wait before reaching this stunning Watersprite lake. I would rate it moderate, only the end in the rocks is a bit hard. We manage to pass with a 2WD V6 Silverado but we were close to turn back because of a big crack at 6.5k before the end. The road to Elfin Lake is an highway compare to this. I'd say the drive to the trailhead is harder than the hike :)

Relatively easy hike with good views of the lake

27 days ago

If you take the dirt road up to the parking lot, it’s only a 5 mile trail. Beautiful walk through the forest with Moss covered logs and huge cedar and hemlock trees. Nice picturesque lake at the end. The fall colors are lovely this year!

Fabulous hike. The lake is amazingly beaut and rugged. Be sure to take the path to the glacier just past the end of the lake.

Great beginner hike, beautiful trail and lake. And NO dogs. :^) please. A couple off shoot trails if you want to go real big.

Always great to explore new places! Just did this a few days ago (half of it at night!) and... I guess we are just at the cusp of winter conditions there as it was snowing the night we got there!

A comical view on the experience here: https://youtu.be/YDrp21rOvrs

September 29 2018. Temperature difference of 10°C between parking and summit. Climbed West Lion - challenging and exposed; there would be real danger to make a summit attempt in wet weather. The hike up the base of the West Lion is straightforward, yet labourous, we even saw someone at the HSCT juction in sandals. Roundtrip distance was closer to 18km, not the suggested 12.4km route. If you summit the West Lion, it's arguably a better 360° view than Golden Ears. 10/10 day, took 8 hours total.

Sweet short hike with beautiful waterfall at the end. Would definitely recommend it for families or as a short stop when you drive by.

Tough and beautiful hike with a variety of views. However, this hike is not 12 kilometres roundtrip. It's closer to 18 from the parking lot.

Nice one through the woods. Quite easy as well, the trail is well maintained.

1 month ago

A great hike! Definitely not an easy hike. Did with a friend as an overnight camp, so had our packs which added a little difficulty. Took us 3.25hrs up and 2.75hrs down. Was the 2nd week of September and the lake was clouded in and it snowed, temp was hovering around 0 degrees so layers were helpful s when you stopped it got cold quick.

Hike itself is a near constant uphill at most points and a steady pace ensures no burn out (i.e. don't rush it at the easy points as the steeper points will take more out of you.) Take your time on the last 500m or so as it is an open, steep climb along large rocks and slippery gravel.

Going down to the falls is a bit tricky, good thing there was a recording by one of the member! THANK YOU Kay! Saved us from getting lost lol! Dipped my feet in the waters and it was freezing cold. But 2 men skinny dip! Lol absolutely gorgeous view at the bottom of the falls

Beautiful lake but to popular

2 months ago

I love steep hikes, and this one definitely satisfied. As a day hike, this took my sister and I 6 hours total (3 hours up, 2 down, and 1 to enjoy the stupendous views at the top).

Even though I did this hike in regular running shoes, I would recommend using proper hiking shoes/boots because of how steep it is. Also, be sure to bring extra layers because it was quite cold at the top.

I noticed lots of people commenting about bugs so we made sure to use bug spray and we encountered hardly any. Not sure if this was because the bug spray worked or because of the cooler weather.

Amazing hike, great view of the lake. Not busy at all!

Would rate as intermediate, not overly difficult, just some easy technical stuff at the beginning.

Overall, wonderful picturesque lake destination. Be aware that there are lots of boulders..... you require high ankle support hiking boots if you are camping and carrying a heavy backpack. A nice variety of terrain. Long stretch of boulders during the trek and also when arriving at the lake.... the boulders are very technical to get to the camp site. We saw lots of dogs on the trail. Oh, final thing, there is a newly painted and beautiful hut! A special shout out to the BCMC Team upgrading and working hard at making the trail enjoyable!

4WD HIGH CLEARANCE IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST! Amazing hike with a beautiful lake but do not try with 2WD

2 months ago

One of the more challenging hikes I’ve done in Whistler. Pretty relentless in regards to incline most the way up. The waterfall you catch a glimpse of is epic. Took just under 3 hours to get up there one way. Camped up there - it’s August and it was absolutely freezing! It rained all morning so made for a slippery, soggy descent. Saw lots of people starting their hike after 1pm, with only small day packs.. I wouldn’t do this as a day hike that late

2 months ago

For the average tourist this is a great stop on the way to whistler or on the way out to see some magnificent falls, I highly recommend taking the hour or so it takes to make your way down to the falls following the not-so popular trail at the end of the clear cut path. Quite rewarding at the bottom but a bit risky because it is not an official trail, the hike to the bottom really shows you the power and the magnitude of the falls themselves close up and personal.

2 months ago

Awesome hike, big elevation gain: 1200m. Did as an overnight, tough hike with a pack but worth it.

Its a slog to the back end but you will have to yourself. Amazing views in every direction. You have to reserve a site in advance. this is an amazing area glaciers, volcanoes and grizzly bears. its an over-nighter but some do in a day.

This is a classic. not easy though. not too dog friendly. best as an over-nigher or as an extension to the HSCT. i must do you BCer's

This is a world class hike if you do the whole thing. Not easy; depending on access point. its one or two days for the whole thing. But just going to St. Marks is a great half day hikes with views of Howe Sound and Vancouver Island.

cant do until Summer too much snow.

2 months ago

This was a really wonderful hike, we did it last weekend and we couldn’t see very much due to the smoke but I could imagine it would be a breathtaking view. It’s a pretty steep scramble after you break away from the St. Marks trail (this is not a very well marked turn off at all). The best way back down is to take the ski run called Connor’s run, we took a different ski run and that was a mistake cause it was really steep and probably took us much longer. Hike was around 3 1/2- 4 hours.

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