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Very beautiful and moderate trail!

mountain biking
18 days ago

Bikes have the right of way on this loop. The majority of this trail is in the mountain bike park.

trail running
22 days ago

Little Icy out there today, the sun should burn it off soon. Still pretty busy at 9am

Very easy hike for any skill level. Quite populated but you can take lesser traveled ways up to the top. A nice little hike when you can't escape out of town but still have the hiking itch. Nice for a leisurely stroll with friends, Lots of good dog watching.

Hiked in August 2017 and Loved this trail.
-If you're on the fence about it DO IT! You'll love it.
-A more technical and challenging trail then some but by no means hard in my opinion. Maybe not the best suited for a beginner but well suited for those who have hiked before but are new to multi day trips. Or for those avid hikers who want an easy break with gorgeous west coast views.
-Had time to spare so hiked it in 4 days 3 nights but could have easily hiked it in 3 days.
-Breathtaking scenery and nature to absorb.
-Campsites were amazing, either along the ocean or on the forest. They fill up around dinner time as most people come off the trail so they fill fast then
-A mixture of ground paths and man made areas which include wide wood stairs and foot paths. Sometimes the man made stairs were harder to climb then just the trail.
-A lot of elevation changes and muddy spots but manageable. Having a hiking pole or trusty stick is crucial for testing muddy patches and helping with balance to avoid a dunk in the mud
-All campsites had bear proof bins for food and an outhouse (except for one that was out of order)
-Many streams for water filling, just make sure you bring some form of water treatment
Happy Hiking

Great hike. Great view of the Malahat

2 months ago

steeper than I was expecting but it was fantastic!

trail running
2 months ago

wet and beautiful rainforest run this morning!

Great hiking. No need to leash your dog as it is remote and leashing would be dangerous on the many vertical sections and cliffs you will discover.

4 months ago

Quick but beautiful trail, great views! We went up in some stormy weather but it made for some great photos of the hills and lower island

Great hike, trails get a little overgrown in some parts but that’s what makes it an adventure :)

5 months ago

Easy 13km, one way from becher bay to iron mine bay. 6 hours including about 1 hour worth of stops. Beautiful with the fog rolling in and out.

Beautiful view at the end! I got engaged here.

This was an awesome, relatively short hike - 45 minutes to the top, if you're fairly fit. The views were fabulous and walking through the forest on the way was lovely. I'd have rated this as moderate - there are a couple of steep parts (but you can walk a longer, less steep route should you choose). The trail was well-marked trail. Will definitely do this one again.

many different routes lead to the summit. great views and a easy ish hike

6 months ago

6 months ago

nice hike with great views.

6 months ago

We took beechy head trail and then connected back via this trail. It was awesome but not easy. Kids 10 and 4 loved it because of all the rocks to climb and the variety of view and trees and beaches, and it was a bit dangerous in spots:)

7 months ago

My first multi night trail. We did it in 3 days 2 nights and it was awesome. If we do it again I would definitely take a little more time to enjoy the small things a little more. We did it in late July to early August and it was perfect weather. Plenty of water sources and camping was fun. Would definitely recommend it!

Amazing views from the summit!

One of my favourite trails

8 months ago

Great trail, lots of great lookouts and beaches.

8 months ago

Trail is amazing and beautiful but definetly should not be rated as easy . The reviews we read led us to believe this was an easy hike along the coast when in fact it is very difficult . Narrow ledges at times with a great distance to fall , and a lot of ups and downs over difficult terrain . The trail took us 7.5 hours to complete and we hike all the time . I was concerned at comments stating this trail would be safe for young children and as a mother I greatly disagree with this . A loss of footing in many places could cause severe injury . The hike was one of the most beautiful I have ever done but the rating definetly should be changed from easy to at least moderate if not difficult . I don't know if you rated the trail based on the inner trails through the forest but we took the actual Coast Trail along the rock bluffs and it is not easy

8 months ago

Not too bad of a hike other than the very steep incline. Great view at the top

a great hike with a few difficult sections. the views and beauty make it worth it.

Awesome! Although I'd rate it medium for the loop around Matheson Lake, lots of rocky terrain with tree roots.

We only hiked from China beach to sombrio but none the less it was an amazing experience. The trail is extremely muddy so I would recommend wearing gaiters on it. Don't camp to close to the rising tides!

The trail is all covered by snow even now. The last half mile is steep to go up esp. in an icy hill. The snow starts to melt quickly and it is very slushy at some parts. It is difficult to go to top because of snow..

10 months ago

Fantastic hike! Coastal and forest!

10 months ago

It was a challenge but I saw a black bear on the trail and that was awesome

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