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Great trail, well maintained and lots of different path options. Shady and sunny spots.

This trail is stunning! You’re constantly popping up on beautiful viewpoints of sooke and all the different ones are so amazing! The trail is well marked only in sections, there are a few places I really had to refer to this app to follow the trail as suddenly you won’t see a trail marker anywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for the faded little tapes in the trees and be aware of your direction in this hike =]

Easy, accesible and beatiful hike for a short day

Amazing but challenging trail with the up and down and mud. Did it this October 2018 ….perfect weather ...sunny every day. Was worth every minute!

A good trail for getting out into the woods while in Victoria. This route takes you around the base and over the peak. Busiest by the peak and the gate, but can be quiet on the east side of the mountain.

Didn't see a single other person. Well maintained trail way to follow

Did this in June of 2017. Poured rain every day. Made it to Bear Beach the first night. Then Chin the next. Then we aborted and took the path back to the highway. Apparently we had the hardest part in the bag! We want to go back and finish it!

Sunny, crisp fall day with a little ice on the lakes. Easy walk; lots of

Easy trail to access, Nice views of area, fairly dry trail and not too muddy

amazing views.. worth the hike

Gorgeous greenery at this time of year, a little light rain usually keeps most people to the walking trails, which means more solitary time on the hiking trails. Only negative is hearing traffic.

beautiful! good to get the blood going.

Its a beautiful, easy walk; lots of dogs! can here traffic on parts, though.

This was a fun little hike. I stayed near the university so I walked from there. I didn’t wind up doing the loop trail, I took a steeper shortcut that had some really beautiful views and a great overlook where I stopped for lunch. You can drive up to the top but you would totally miss out on some great scenery. Definitely a good payoff for such a short hike. Victoria is a lovey place.

2 months ago

Did this (partially) in May 2015 from Mystic to Bear overnight to Chin the next day. First multi day backpacking trip. Amazing ocean views, waterfall, bridges, sea life, a bear, cruise ships in the distance, starry skies, peace. Planned to do the whole trail but Bear to Chin beat me so we aborted mission thinking the rest of the trail would be the same. Was not aware at the time that we had the most difficult part in the bag. Really looking forward to doing it again.

Nice and easy

Beautiful fall afternoon made this a lovely hike. Great views.

3 months ago

Great hike ! Parking lot packed. Lots of nice friendly people and lots of dogs. Watch your footing on this one. Beautiful white sand beach to start and majestic ocean scenery and rainforest. Fairly easy hike. Got to love Vancouver Island !

nice trail, great view from top. Be sure to keep going to the second look out- we almost missed it as all pics online are from first lookout.

Great 360 degrees view at the summit!

East walk to ocean down hill then Cascade trail up very steep. Good thing only .6 of a km. Well groomed. Timberline back to parking lot a welcome easy hike to the car. Would do the reverse next time.

A great trail. Some nice up and down, well travelled and beautiful. A good little hike for the whole family. Lots of little sit down spots or lookout points. Take you time and enjoy Dean Park

We also took the wrong trail went the long way but it was well worth it as the view was great. The cross is not near as far but we will save that trail for another time.

Did this with our children today. Quick hike. Beautiful view

5 months ago

Gorgeous hike. Some steep and slippery sections and a great view on the way and at the summit. Went with the kids, it was a bit hard for the 6 year old but she managed with an occasional piggy back ride!! Glad we wore good hiking/running shoes.

Great 360° views

on Coast Trail

5 months ago

Scenic coastal route one way followed by a forest path and road back to the parking lot. Very enjoyable and not too difficult, as long as you're prepared for navigating amongst roots and rocks one way and elevation change the other.

5 months ago

We started from a non public trailhead, which was great. We didn’t see any other people the entire hike. Parts were very wooded yet others were on a fire road with overhead power lines. That’s why we only gave it a 3 star rating.

A few steep sections and some loose rock, but it is a well maintained trail. Nice views at the top and you can take several little side trails around the back side to make a longer loop. Easy to find your way around, especially w this app:)

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