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What a beautiful waterfall.

Great trail! Brought my Chacos and they were perfect for crossing the river right before the waterfall. Keep climbing for a bonus waterfall. Love this hike.

Went yesterday. As everyone says, the hike in is easy- back, not so much! But worth it because it’s beautiful right now. Saw wild roses, geraniums, irises, trillium, phlox, violets, larkspur, and catch-fly (bright red). We caught a glimpse of a pileated woodpecker. The water is flowing well. We brought water shoes to cross the creek and were glad because we had dry shoes to hike out. Bring plenty of water!

Breathtaking the first time you see it. One of my all time favorite hikes and waterfall.

Beautiful area!!!❤

New hike on Green Mountain past the Madison County Nature Trail. The hike is relatively easy for the most part until you get to the waterfall which is very steep but a must see! The trail goes along the edge of the mountain with gorgeous views. Then the waterfall at the end is fantastic, especially after a good rain or iced over in the winter.

Absolutely beautiful!!! The hike out was definitely difficult but well worth it!! Took my 9 year old son, and we hike at least 2x/month, and he said this was his favorite hike so far. I would not recommend this hike for beginners.

We went after a good bit of rain, so the creek crossing (you step on rocks to cross, right before the waterfalls) was close to impossible without getting water in your boots. It was absolutely worth it to have wet shoes, because the water features were awesome. So carry extra socks. Also, due the the uphill climb on the return trip, allow much more time to return.

I really enjoyed this trail. Not only was it beautiful, but if you’re looking for an easier trail then this is for you. There’s a couple of rocks to step onto but other than that it’s a dirt trail that is kept up and extremely nice. I would definitely recommend it.

Loved the trail, it is difficult towards the end. Well worth it!

14 days ago

Great hike.. It seams longer then a mile as what the sign says. Be ready to hop rocks.

15 days ago

worth the rocky walk.

great spring hike with numerous wild flowers and habits.

17 days ago

Pretty trail and easy enough that my 3.5 year old was able to make it. Great family hike!

19 days ago

As a resident bordering the hollow for 60+ years may I offer a comment and a bit of friendly advice?
Many seem disappointed with the streams and waterfall. The water is seasonal. Don't come in a July drought and expect to see Point Mallard. Natural water is scarce on the mountain. Settlers including my grandfather dug cisterns to collect the precious commodity.
The woods are home to numerous poisonous snakes. While most of them do not relish your visit and will avoid you there can be times when you will surprise them as they lounge - usually near the creek. So as the trail beckons you on a warm day enjoy your walk but remember you are not alone.
Oh yes, for any hike you will learn what poison ivy looks like.

Love this trail completely

Fun trail but as the reviews before me said, it is a valley so the hard part is in the second half of the hike. I think it's a pretty good trail for a range of hikers - if you're an avid hiker it's not a challenge but it's still nice and if you're newish it'll be difficult but manageable. There are definitely prettier waterfalls in this part of the country that take less effort to get to but if you want to get some exercise in it's worth checking out.

The trail is pretty easy to follow and completely empty when I went. I started from the Alabama side though so I'm not sure how it is from the Tennessee side. You hike down through some woods, across a creek, past a small cemetery, and end up in a natural amphitheater. The trail just sorta ends and you can explore the area. I sorta wish I had brought some sandals when I got to the end b/c most of the rocks were submerged so I ended up getting my feet and shoes wet trying to get closer to the waterfall (and hiking in wet shoes is never fun). Do be careful while exploring the area though. I slipped and fell on the wet rocks and got bruised pretty bad.

Beautiful. Completely worth the time and effort!

My garmin tracked this at 4.8 in and 4.8 out. Not sure where AllTrails get 6.6 in/out. Not accurate. It’s well over 8+ Miles. Also, If you are a avid hiker, I would disagree with the rating of Hard. Out is up, but if you are in pretty good shape this is not a hard day hike. Beautiful!

Was a great hike lots of pretty views. I would rate the hike more on the strenuous side rather than moderate. The loop could use some more paint on the trees but pretty easy to navigate. We found one beautiful waterfall. Well worth the visit!

1 month ago

Short walk, but straight up and then straight down: Wear good shoes

It’s an okay trail, I live very close to Cathedral Caverns so sometimes I hike up there just for some exercise. There’s no stunning view but lots of trees so when you get to the top hammocking is a great idea. If you go then you should definitely go check out the cave!

1 month ago

The waterfalls are pretty amazing when there is water running in spring and fall. If you are going for the waterfall make sure you do not go during the hot-dry summer months.
The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is the garbage. It seems like no matter where you go and humans have been there, they leave their trash!

Great place for a hammock and oh what a beautiful plunge type waterfall

1 month ago

great trail. beautiful falls.

1 month ago

The waterfall at the end was definitely worth the hike!! I was able to hang my hammock up right underneath the waterfall and take about an hour nap. It’s so lightly trafficked, there was no one but me for about an hour and a half, so that was very nice. If you aren’t paying close attention, you’ll lose the trail. It’s completely rock jumping at parts, with no dirt trail to follow. If you’re up for an adventure, i highly suggest this hike!

Beautiful falls. There are many places to hang out when it is busy so you won't​ have to be near other hikers. There are also some good hammocking trees for those who like to do that.

Beautiful trail with a breathtaking waterfall. Denny Cove is our favorite in this area.

1 month ago

This was an extremely challenging trail, but it doesn’t get challenging until close to the actual falls and of course the OUT and UP part.

We dropped a car at the Tennessee side and drove back to Alabama side and started there so that we could through hike. I think the through hike was the best idea because we got to see different things which kept it rewarding rather than an out and back situation.

It’s worth it but if it’s rainy it is quite slippery and a little scary. Trekking poles or walking sticks are essential in this sort of situation and would help even if it’s dry when you go.

A beautiful place! Easy hike in strenuous hike out.

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