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Great day on the trail today. The waterfall was amazing. Definitely in our top 3 hikes in CT, so far!!!

it's a good trail and close to my house. the trail is easily navigated and well marked

17 days ago

greet hike red/blue trails are very well marked, the blue trail isn't marked as well but still easy enough to follow. I was pleasantly surprised how clean the peaks were we saw very little trash up there. We took a couple long breaks to enjoy the views and finished the loop in less than 4 hours.

20 days ago

A favorite trail in SW Connecticut. Lots of climbing and descending on technical trail. Hard wood and hemlock groves. A steep brook with one significant waterfall and several minor. A great technical trail run, but keep your eyes on the trail or risk a hard fall. Roots, rocks, fun.

Lovely hike, although more challenging than I expected. About 3 miles in I saw a sign saying the trail is closed November to March. Whoops! Posting that sign at the trail head would’ve been nice!

Was there in February with snow on the ground. There are a number of trail intersections, green and orange markings. I shortened the loop by taking one of these. I wish All Trails had these trails marked on their topo map. I could find no park maps anywhere. I relied on the GPS. Wonderful hike nevertheless. Only hiked 3 miles.

great for the winter a valley turned completely into ice

It is a very cold winter day, I will be returning in warmer weather . There was a lot of ice today and the trails weren’t marked that well, went off the trail a bit. Didn’t get too far into the trail but the views we did get to see were nice .

Beautiful and excellent run. It is not 5.3mi but 6.338mi for the full round circuit. Follow the blue Marks throughout the way and you will be in for a treat with stunning vistas and superb running terrain.

Great winter walk close to the city. Helps scratch the hiking itch.

2 months ago

Solid hike, be ready to deal with some rocks if you are going in the winter. Trail relatively well kept and well blazed.

I hiked here today and it was great! It had snowed last night, so the trail was coated, but it was only moderately slippery in a few spots. The views on this trail are incredible - there are a bunch of overlooks! Definitely recommend this hike.

Really beautiful views and fun technical single track with some pretty demanding climbs throughout. Inconsistently marked at points. Plan on doing it again asap to clean it up and mark a little better where is needed. Super fun over all

3 months ago

Our hike happened on Friday 11/24/17. Our family did the whole trail. The trail at mile 2 and 3 were obstructed with felled trees but not anything that we couldn’t get through. At mile 5, the trail isn’t clearly marked and we ended up about a half a mile from our car at the trail head. Still a beautiful hike. The only pick I had is at mile 3, the steep climb really was hard for the ten yr old..... but she conquered it! Epic family experience!!!!

excellent hike for adults and older kids

Great hike, beautiful vistas, decent level of solitude. The southeast portion of the trail is well demarcated but he northwest and northeast portions need some work. The blue-yellow trail which dissects the loop in the middle is well marked but tons of trees are blocking the path but it is easy to get around. The elevation changes are somehow challenging. This is definitely not for beginners except the first portion on the east side of the mountain. Plan for about 3-4 hrs if you are walking the entire loop.

I wouldn't recommend this route for beginners or little kids. Lots of steep uphills and partial rock climbing at some points. Beautiful views, but don't lose track of time esp in the Fall, you don't want to be caught out there when the sun goes down. Not many people on the trail, so you will sometimes feel very alone with nature. if that is what you want great! don't expect a quick 1 hour hike, this is a commitment, at least 2 hours. Also, you will feel it the next day if you are not in hiking shape yourself. Have fun out there and be safe!

3 months ago

Fantastic trail with streams and small waterfall. The beginning of the trail is along Lake Zoar which is picturesque.

Nice hike if you like mountain climbing. Very rugged and a lot of inclines. If you need a workout and a challenge it will definitely give you that. The only negative thing I️ have to say is that they really need to redo the markers on the trees. It was difficult finding them so we found ourself lost a lot and confused on which way to go. Spectacular views at the top.

4 months ago

Started from a parking lot on Durham Rd. and jumped right on the blue trail. After we reached the top we crossed over on blue/white to blue/red (lone pine, I think) . Now before I start complaining about the mess we encountered i will say CT had a pretty intense storm a wk before so this could have been a contributing factor.

The initial climb is intense, steep and rocky i suggest having decent shoes. The climb is fairly quick then you’re at the top with a magnificent view. After the peak we continued on the blue trail until we hit the blue/white this trail cuts through to the lone pines trail. The blue/white trail was a mess, it looked like we were walking in a stream. It was extremely rocky, muddy and with all the downed leaves it was slippery. Even with the markers we kept checking this app to be sure this was a legit trail. After getting through that mess we hit the blue/red trail which was much more pleasant. We had to climb over a couple of huge downed trees and a cute bridge. Then it happened. We came to what looked like the end of the trail. There was a brook with absolutely no easy way across. The bridge that used to be there was broken apart on the other side. All we could do was laugh. There was a ginormous tree that had fallen over the brook. I decided to hop on some small rocks and jump up and walk over the tree, my bf found a longer muddier alternate route. Success we made it to the other side. Now we’re walking on a trail on the side of someone’s house. There are 2 barking dogs behind a fence a little cute one and a very large cute one. Again we checked, we were in fact on a trail, so continued to walk. The dogs continued to bark, the little one got out and was now barking at our ankles. I chose to just not give him eye contact and continue to walk. This little guy was after my bf. He would move and the dog would lunge toward him barking. Although I was practically in tears from laughter I was also hoping the big dog didn’t find a way out. After getting through that with no blood loss we continued walking. You uncomfortably walk through people’s back yards before you come to the horse farm. Walk down the dirt road to connect to “trail” again. We passed a group of horses and several free, very friendly dogs. The path was wide and muddy. We continued walking along the pond until we came to the main rd, took a right back to the parking lot. It was not an enjoyable walk since it’s pretty far and it’s a busy road. There may be another trail across the rd to connect you to the parking lot but I had no idea how to get there. I can see why a lot of people say this as a up and back trail not a loop. I say stick to the main blue and you’ll have a great hike!

My favorite hike in Connecticut. Rarely busy and always so much to see. Great views at the top and plenty of places to eat a snack in solitude.

4 months ago

Loved it!

Beautiful day with 70 degrees at end of October. Who'd have thought. Parked at visitor's center, took Bicentennial to High Meadow Trl to Jack Frost then Mountain House Trl to summit. Pretty crowded at summit with clear views to Mt Monadnock, Mt Greylock and several other mountains and Boston in distance. On way down, we took Harrington Trl to Link Trl then to Loop Trl and finally Bicentennial which led us back to our car. Steep in a few spots, but not too difficult. I concur with the rating of moderate.

Enjoyed the trail a lot, but would definitely recommend using this to make sure you’re on the right path, just following the blazes will lead you in the wrong direction at a few points.

4 months ago

Easy to walk. Nice view.

This is my 4th time here, very nice place with different views. Rocky and lake .
It took me 6 hrs slow- medium walk. Fresh air .
1,5 liter of water .
Not too hard really, any fit person can do it. And what is nice here if you get tired from one trail you easily can switch to an easy one like the blue trail.
Enjoy and stay fit and healthy this is the ultimate wealth.

This was a tough trail due to the steep ascent. lots of scrambling! It would be easy for a day hike when you’re only carrying a small pack.

we camped at about 3400 elevation however, and it was definitely difficult to scramble uphill/downhill with a full 50L pack w tent.

not a lot of look outs as trees are overgrown but its still a nice view. i’d say its worth it.

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