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15 hours ago

A nice day hike. Looks like recent landslides have went through this area. Some of the trails through the trees on the left hand side of the creek dead ended. Maybe due to the landslide activity. We ended up turning around and going back up the creek from the 2 tall hoodoos. Found the first cave eventually which turned out to be quite interesting but definitely a scramble up and down in the scree to get to it.

1 day ago

The same thing happened to my friend and me last summer. This trail was supposed to be a loop, but loop we did not. There were no signs and the markers were confusing. Because of this, we kept following what we thought were our markers and ended up on a power line trail. We hiked for quite some time under the hot blistering sun, with zero idea of where we were. Finally reached a road and were able to eventually catch a ride back to Fish Lake.

1 day ago

Really nice hike, steep in spots. Had my 9 year old son with me and he carried a 21lb pack with him with no issues. Take the time and camp up near the lake. Will do this again for sure.

Did this about a month ago, it’s a fun hike! It is steep in some areas and there is a bit of loose shale the entire hike so do be careful. I didn’t get far enough to see the caves unfortunately. The trail head is a little bit confusing so when you park and see the creek to your left, you can follow the creek up or just to the right of it is the actual trail. The views are amazing. Also I brought my dog with me and she managed just fine. Had to lift her onto a couple of bigger rocks to keep going but nothing to scary for her. Took about 3 1/2 hours to do (including stopping for a snack) Give it a try!

3 days ago

Excellent short hike. Good for beginners.

If Vision Quest down the road is rated as 'Hard', this would be considered extreme for new climbers. The trail was either washed out or non existent, but the goat/sheep trails were spectacular! It was a steep incline the whole way up with 70% or more scrambling....and we wouldn't have had it any other way. Such a blast with extremely beautiful views to top it off. Don't turn back, it's worth it!!!

Rated as moderated but would definitely say it’s “easy”. Done this a couple times, and both times were fairly busy with horses and ATV’s. It’s an easy trail walk into the lake. Good to do with kids or the family!

Decent hike with some scrambling and a little bit of climbing. Proper footwear is a must, poles and gloves to protect your hands are a good idea. The trail isn’t well marked but you can basically take any way up that suits your level. Try to stay to the left towards the top to make it to the peak. After you park on the lake side of the highway in the large parking lot, you cross the road and can see the trailhead easily.

Trail to the falls is closed due to wild fire. :( you cant even cross the suspension bridge. So check trail report first before you head there.

13 days ago

Nice easy trail with some fun creek drainage bouldering toward the top. Left trailhead at 9:45am and our group was the 2nd group up. Great little scramble to the enormous and cool cave at top. By the time we finished lunch and we’re headed down, the trail was packed with hikers. (Stopped counting after 70). Good views, but take a flashlight for the cave.

15 days ago

Pretty casual hiking up to the hoodoos, from there you could continue up the creek to the cave. We decided to ascend the slope to the south, there’s a bit of a trail to start and then you’ll have to scramble up some shale but when make it to the top of the ridge the view is incredible.

A bit busy to the first set but that's where most families stop. The views are amazing! Well worth some difficult areas on the way to the 2nd and 3rd sets of falls.

Very easy trail, good run in the morning.

on Coliseum Mountain

18 days ago

Our second time on this trail. Beautiful conditions today, though we left the summit a bit early due to an impending thunderstorm. The initial switchbacks are a bit of a snore, but always worth it by the time you reach the rock bands near the summit. My daughter and I enjoyed handfuls of wild strawberries and raspberries on the way down. Even noticed some blueberries, though they'll need a few weeks. Always a nice hike. Very accessible summit for beginners.


it is fun easy and a nice walk for the dogs, great for kids

20 days ago

Great easy hike in to first falls about 4 km. Apparent second falls is very small, and mixed information on third falls. Some on here suggested to go see it. On the trail, another couple said they couldn't find it. The front desk at our resort said it was an overnight hike. We turned back at about 5 or 6 km. The river is beautiful. Best hike of the week for my wife and I.

20 days ago

Nice trail for a walk/family friendly hike. Took 3 kiddos 1.5/3/8, and a dog. Lots of sloppy muddy spots today.

Hadn’t been hiking or physically worked out in years. Then about 4 years ago my sister told me she was going on this hike. I figured it was the perfect way to test myself, so I went with her. I don’t know how they come up with their difficulty ratings, but this hike was far from hard. A couple steep shale inclines is the hardest it gets. Got back tired but far from sore. Left my keys up there accidentally when we went swimming, so the next day we did it again to retrieve them. For an out of shape desk jockey like myself (at the time), I was pleasantly surprised at how well my body handled it twice in two days. I was immediately looking for a harder one. Great hike for rookies, people that may be a bit out of shape or for people looking for a casual hike with a bit of altitude. But AllTrails rates this hike as hard. I’m hoping the first hard one I pick from this app is actually hard and doesn’t disappoint.

Fairly easy hike, beautiful clear lake. Is pretty muddy after rain for a while, lots of horse tours through.

23 days ago

A must do hike when travelling along the David Thompson. There is one incline of note other than that, the trail is mostly flat. It’s a great hike for people of all ages. It is a busy trail so you’ll likely run into others. The trek to the 2nd and 3rd falls is much quieter and more serene... worth it.

23 days ago

Love Allstones. It’s a tough hike up and down (knees). Just when you think the trail should level out, it keeps climbing. When you start descending to the lake, the water looks so welcoming, and it is.... if you like polar dips. Only the bravest go all the way in and under.

24 days ago

Beautiful trail. Be sure to pay attention to the signs and markers at the trail head. Turn right at the creek, go down and cross it to start the trail. If you go left and up at the creek it’s a much more difficult route - challenging but definitely not for beginners. We ended up on the wrong trail rock climbing and scrambling with 7 children. Quite the adventure but it could be dangerous for young ones.
Be bear aware - we saw a mama with a cub only 40 ft off the main trail switchbacks.

25 days ago

A great trail to start on, fairly flat with slight inclines. A few areas were washed out, and finding the trail again was a bit tricky but manageable. The trail to the first set fall was quite busy and trickled off a bit going further. Would recommend going to the third fall.

26 days ago

The trail is pretty rocky part of it is in a dry creek bed, but a nice walk all in all. Eagle Lake is beautiful and just beyond it is James Falls a nice small waterfall that’s worth the extra little walk

Challenging trail but beautiful and scenic. Definitely want to do this one again and next time make it to the cave.

on Siffleur Falls

27 days ago

Amazing view of the canyon! It is something that I could look at all day long. It never gets old.

Did this as a evening/sunset summit. So much fun with varying degrees of scramble - and first time ever coming down a mountain in the dark with headlamps - loved it. Would definitely do this again!

Nice trail, short but worth it especially looking back at the majestic view of Abraham Lake. Lots of loose rocks making it a slower pace.

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