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3 days ago

I went in not knowing what to expect. I simply wanted to enjoy a walk outdoors that was not on cement. This delivered. There are elevation changes as you walk down to a creek and back up again (oh and across the creek at a few points). I did reference the trail map on my phone so that made it much easier. I could see how simply following the signs would make for slight confusion. The waterfall was a little sparse but still pretty. I would definitely go again.

5 days ago

fairly easy - but a maze of trails (with the map only being at the trail head it is easy to feel lost, BUT YOU'RE NOT, just stay on the path) lots it elevation change - gorgeous waterfall and creek. Strongly recommend if you're looking for a an hour (or so) hike.
No bathrooms or trash disposal along trail so prepare - also a variety of things prohibited - so leave the picnics and furry friends at home!

Great hike... a little busy... we are baby boomers in 50ies and 60ies and made in in. 2 1/2 hours... do doable if de entry fit... we also started at bottom
And walked up and back... well marked but no restroom or potable water... so be prepared

Great hiking in Austin!!

It’s a tough one. We did it last Saturday and took us 3 hours to bottom and then back up. 5 miles of hiking. Great leg workout!

This was my first time to go hiking and I loved it! My new favorite thing!!

Open, well-marked, right in Austin.

Good one but route post/pillars are not much helpful

Well-kept, varied terrain & elevation, scenic trail in the middle of a suburb. Would give it a 5 but very crowded at noon on a weekday—of course, that’s a sign of its popularity, so just the price to pay for a good hike.

trail running
18 days ago

Awesome trail for elevation change, also the views there are spectacular.

Enjoyed the hike. It was a bit busy when I went; however, the trail was very clean.

One of the hardest trails I've done in Austin. None of the stairs are brutal, but there are so many! Would definitely recommend you start at the end with the pond so you can have downhill on the way back.

fun trail, tons of stairs

Great Trail in the Greater Austin area. I parked at the bottom and did the out and back trail, a little over 6 miles according to the signage. Starts out easy, but definitely increases in difficulty closer to the upper trail head. 2,736 steps is no joke. For once the way back down felt a little easier than going up! Took me about 2:40 round trip. (That is with a rest at the top and a few photo ops along the way). Enjoy!

This was a scenic trail that ran along side a river for half the trail and then went up some texas hills. Starting from the bottom, the trail was pretty easy (although muddy from rain) until about halfway when the incline increased to fairly difficult (lots of steps) til the top. This trail took two hours up and back and with a snack break, being a fairly athletic person with a quick pace.

I stumbled upon this place when I was driving around Austin. Its a great park and a fun hike. Very interesting stream and falls. Like walking on the moon!

trail running
28 days ago

This trail is great for it's variety of surfaces in a small place. I like that there are small trail loops that can be combined into a great workout while still being near your car/water.

I wasn't aware to day was a holiday. There where a lot of people out there today! It's kinda cool to be running and jumping and ducking along the rocks and trees, and people look at you like you're nuts.

some parts are really nice and some parts are awful

trail running
1 month ago

Awesome once again. Will keep coming back.

trail running
1 month ago

Parking is usually pretty full, but since it was like 99% humidity and 45 degrees, I actually got there and had my pick. Ran all the trails a few times, just had to be careful not to slip.

I think the thing I like the best about this place is the variety: Waterfall (though not always gushing) into a small lake, the rock formations, the sparse trees up top and more dense vegetation at the bottom, the overlooks are all rather cool, and plenty of creek crossings.

1 month ago

Cute place! I loved it. It’s about 3 miles to see all of the trails. No pets allowed so there’s no worry about stepping in poo. There is a pretty creek, waterfall, and scenic overlook.

One of my faves. Beautiful clear creek. Limestone cliffs on the side. I’ve returned to this trail multiple times. Lovely place to swim too.

Amazing! Coming back to do it again!

really fun trail and well maintained with lots of stairs. It was great for the dog too, but I was bothered by the number of dogs off leash - I counted 18. Minus one star for crowd and off leash dogs, but I still recommend!

1 month ago

Super cool. Myself, 3 year old and 5 month strapped to me. We only did about half the trail and I loved it.
A few options.
Starts at the top of a decent size hill and you work you're way downto valley. Did not see beckoning water fall this time.

Great trail, well maintained and a lot of connectors to expand the route! Not a lot of elevation change, but some nice outlooks along the way. Mostly shaded.

1 month ago

First time on this lovely trail today. Harder than most trails I have been on in the greater Austin area due to the elevation gain and frequent log stairs that require longer strides. I noticed some hikers on the trail using trekking poles which could be helpful especially for the 40 yr. old plus hikers like me. Overall a well maintained trail and perfect for fitness training. It is possible to make it a Loop by doing a short road walk at the end heading back toward to the nature trail entrance which reconnects to the main trail.

Lovely and well-kept trails. Went around noon on a Thursday and crossed paths with 5-7 other hikers as well as a couple of bike riders. Creek is low enough to cross via large stones and rocks in the water. Parking was almost full when I arrived, so I imagine on the weekends it can be quite tricky to park. I will definitely be hiking these trails again in the future!

Clean, beautiful, shaded canopy. Lots of people and dogs. Felt safe. The water there is very clear. Had a great hike. Path is a bit narrow when passing or head on walking.

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