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It was an easy hike, and most of the way to the falls is a paved road. It was a great short hike with kids (5 & 10 year olds). The path to the falls is a bit sketchy. This trail also connects to more trails on Mount Baldy, if you want you can continue up the paved road past the turnout for the falls. There is a campground near the trailhead and a large parking lot with a pit toilet. You need an adventure pass to park and can't buy it at the lot. (I think they're available at the ranger station down the hill.)

3 days ago

I needed my hiking sticks for this hike. Be sure to climb the big rocks at the top. There’s a rope to help get up...the view from the top of the rocks

Easy paved trail with a gradual incline. Lots of loose gravel by the path (0.3mi) to the waterfall. Trail has a really nice waterfall at the end. Well maintained, I didn't see much trash on the trail.

Third time doing this trail on a stunning 48 degree day. Hard enough to keep you warm and cool enough to stop and lounge on a few of the big boulders. Amazing 360 degree views from the top.

9 days ago

This hike is ok. You are mainly hiking through rocks at the beginning and then Bonita Falls isn’t even pointed out with signs your have to find it yourself pretty much (it’s on the left about a mile down the rocks by a huge tree). There’s a TON of graffiti and trash. The waterfall is very pretty when there’s a lot of water but there’s always been a lot of people every time I go. The creek is pretty too but on the warmer days there’s tons of people partying around the creek leaving trash and dirty diapers. Such a shame that people have 0 respect.

14 days ago

Great waterfall, even in the fall without much rainfall. Cliff goes up at least 50 feet. Hike is pretty rocky without much of a trail path. Be careful; did hear a rattlesnakes rattle near a tree out on the rocky path

fun but challenging trail.

off road driving
15 days ago

Easy trail for off road. The hike to the top of the watching tower was great.


on Grays Peak Trail

15 days ago

Did this hike with my son (11) and two dogs. I thought the phrase "Are we there yet?' was limited to road trip, guess not. This trail is on the easy side of moderate. Nice clearly marked trail with steady inclines. The trail is also a favorite with trail runners.

nice and quick hike.. rocky to say the least..

we did the hike in 3 hours 15 minutes round trip ages 8 to 56, 11 people was a great day a coulpe Marines an Army RANGER and Family's all in all good day RLTW

What a nice hike. Beautiful view and autumn all over. Trail is well maintained and easy going out and back.

17 days ago

Just went yesterday the scenery was great! A 2 mile hike that is kid and dog friendly. Bring proper shoes since there is lots of rocks. Overall a true gem.

18 days ago

The hike itself was decent, a little up hill but nothing too strenuous. There weren't any trail signs posted so it took a while to find the actual trail but luckily I had this app to follow. I read reviews about graffiti but I didn't expect sooooo much. The actual waterfall would be much more beautiful if it wasn't covered in graffiti, the entire way up is littered with it.

19 days ago

Fun trail

great hike, I love idlewild

21 days ago

We did this hike today! Perfect weather since there isn't much shade. Our Runtastic app did say that it was about 8.1 miles total though...not 6.4. Not sure where the discrepancy lies but it was excellent!

on Castle Rock Trail

22 days ago

Did this hike with the High Desert Hiking Group. Took my two dogs. Trail starts out with a rocky steep incline to Castle Rock (good work out). We stopped at Castle Rock. Very nice view of the lake. After the stop, I continued the trail to 2N10. Another nice incline surrounded by Pine Trees. By the time I returned there were people everywhere.

Not too difficult, but it is all rocks so make sure you wear good shoes!

rock climbing
27 days ago

Nice paved trail until you make it to the waterfall look out. If you have children take them down the rock path to the stream and then climb up to the waterfall. Wear shoes with traction! Rocks are loose. There is a narrow path off of the paved trail to get to the falls but it’s unsafe for children or maybe even pets. Went last weekend and it was a beautiful, crisp day.

Don’t miss the magnificent views here! And don’t be scared by the 252 feet—the elevation gain is less than that.

Don’t be misled by the short distance. It’s a steep uphill climb...sometimes up to 35 degree incline...steep all the way and rocky. It’s not too bad cuz it’s short, but it’s a nice little challenging hike.

We did several trails this weekend. This and Bertha peak are pretty close to each other. I think this is harder than Bertha. It’s a pretty lengthy steep climb for about the second half going up. I got pretty winded. Still a great hike. I had done it once before and will do it again. Great view from the top.

30 days ago


Great hike; nice and easy. Saw a few mountain bikers and joggers other than that it wasn't very crowded.

1 month ago

Easy short hike. You need to climb some rocks for better views - that can be fun :) parking spot is small and you need to cross the road, so be carefull. we've collected a lot of trash after other people on that trail that day.

1 month ago

steep climb from the start. several side trails before the final climb. lots of rock climbing. several rock formations.

off road driving
1 month ago

A really nice, easy trail. Two turnouts at the start for airing down and disconnecting sway bars and what not if you need. First half of the trail was a really mild and well maintained dirt road. After the first gate you see a little bit of wash outs here and there, some uncovered rocks, but nothing crazy. A vehicle with decent ground clearance and good tires shouldn’t have an issue. We saw a Stock Jeep JK at the ranger station, an old Isuzu Trooper and a few full-size 4x4 trucks.
There are many off shoots to other trails that lead back to campsites and great views. It you hang a left to stay on 2N13B and stick with it you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view and the ranger station isn’t far off from there.
This isn’t a John Bull or Holcomb creek style trail, this is an easy, Sunday cruise with amazing views and a few fun spots in areas where water has trenched the trail and uncovered small boulders and rocks. Totally worth the trip for awesome views and easy cruising.

on Castle Rock Trail

1 month ago

easy hike. great views from the top to the lake. you will have to climb up rocks if you want the nice views. parking is scarce, be careful crossing the highway.

on Town Trail

1 month ago

Great start to your morning ! Shaded with lots of SoCal Fall color

1 month ago

4 hrs at a relaxed pace great weather
72-78 dry, light breeze....
perfect day!
well maintained!
good training hike with great majestic views all the way, lots of open areas so might be cool on a cloudy day.
and butler peak is amazing and then the cabin on top
as if its designed that way....
This is when you say, everybody should hike every week
at least once!

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