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51 minutes ago

Great hike. Scenic route along the Lynn river not difficult with kids. Lots of dogs on trail.

3 hours ago

Very nice! Will definitely do it again

November 9th, 2018.
There was light snow starting at 7km into this hike, I made it to 9km and turned back as visibility had gotten to the point where I no longer felt safe to continue.
To the 9km mark and back to the Parking lot took me 7.5 hours

The snow will slow you down, and winter park hours may make this hike not possible unless staying the night.

Hike on

Amazing walk breathtaking views

PNW at it's best

It was a good hike . I definitely saw some criminal types hanging around the parking lot so I didn’t venture super far from vehicle but fun all the same

Perfect mix of challenge for all ages. Nice mix of terrain. Great view.

2 days ago

Pretty hard and totally uphill all the way. The views up are beautiful, worth your efforts. Took us 75 mins. Gondola was closed for seasonal maintenance so had to go down by the BCMC trail which was very tiring and painful as the trail was torn up due to heavy rain.

It was a nice place to take my dogs & kid

It was a nice walk with the dogs

7 days ago

Did this hike with my dad today and ventured on past Chadsey to the East lookout. Such an amazingly dense forest to wander through! The light shining through the forest and fog looked magical. I will share some pictures from today too.

Do this hike ATLEAST once!

Very good length and mostly calm. Right now there’s a lot of mud and puddles though, so your shoe definitely get dirty. For anybody!

8 days ago

This is a beautiful trail that we have walked a number of times but it is now tainted by the fact that someone broke into my vehicle yesterday (Nov 3/18) and stole my wife’s wallet. The lowlife also emptied the change from my ashtray. No windows were broken and the vehicle was locked up afterwards which leads me to believe that it was done with a slim jim (tow-truck driver’s tool).
I should mention that this was at the lot off McKinnon Cr.

Be cautious out there folks. We are seasoned hikers who slipped up and left something of value hidden away and not on our person. Nothing was left in sight. This was the job of someone who probably frequents this location looking to rip off hardworking families. Hopefully this headache doesn’t happen to you.

Over rated in my opinion. It's a good hike, but it's very busy most of the time and I hike for quiet, lot to be in rush hour. 50% people who are trying to beat their times are more than happy to give those slower a little nudge to get you out of their way.

Easy walk with great views on an asphalt path

9 days ago

The trail is much nicer (and less busy) once past the lookout. The rock gully in the first third was the low point. no views and lots of rain when I did it. might try the Needles on a sunny day

Nice trails throughout. Parking lot has an awesome lookout point.

A beautiful location for a walk and definitely a great place for a run .. lovely gardens, beautiful scenery and wonderful people along the trail .. recommended

trail running
14 days ago

I've ran the trail today and it was really nice. We didn't encounter any wild life. On the summit it was really cold and windy. So much that I did not feel my fingers (didn't have gloves).

We ran majority of the trail except the steepest parts.

It was a great workout and it was great to go away from all the noise of the city. I really enjoyed it.

15 days ago

A solid hour of stair climbing and a breathtaking view at the top! Another reason I want to move to Vancouver so this can be a part of my daily morning routine.

16 days ago

Great hike! Once you head up the gravel road to the left you will see a sign saying Hoover lake trail. It was really well marked! Beautiful lake so peaceful! Recommend!

The actual trailhead is just over 5 km from the main road. Like a previous reviewer said, you will definitely need a high clearance 4x4 with good tires to reach the actual trailhead. You won't make it in a car! I was able to drive my 4x4 to within 0.8 km of the trailhead but then I walked the rest of the way (call it added elevation gain).

The forest trail is single track and somewhat narrow in spots at the beginning. It's damp along the river which could be slippery for some. The newly constructed bridge is about 0.4 km in. From there, the climb is moderate and the trail does get a tad overgrown in spots. The first real nice, obstruction-free view is about 2.6 km up.

The Mount Slesse Commemorative Site Memorial is around 4 km up. The view is incredible. While there, I could hear rocks falling from the mountain across the way. Sadly, I was not able to summit this climb today due to time constraints. From where I parked 0.8 km from the trailhead to 4.3 km up and back down (a total of 10.3 km), it took me just over 2 hours not counting picture breaks. I'm planning to do this hike again with more time so I can reach the propeller memorial at the top.

On the way out, I encountered a dog with a radio collar in the process of trailing a cougar (I spoke to his owner further down the road). Just another excellent reminder that you are never fully alone out there. Be prepared!!

20 days ago

Best place for great time with newborn. Easy and calm.

I liked hiking the trail counter clockwise. 3.5 hr loop for us.

5 stars because the peak chalet at the top was a great way to end a very challenging hike.

At 36 and decent shape it took me 1 hour 10 minutes. This hike is basically a stair climb for the entire time with no let up. If you’re looking for a flat smooth hike look elsewhere.

Started at about 11am on Sunday and the crowds weren’t too bad. Bring a credit card for lunch and drinks at the top.

22 days ago

Easy to miss the trail entrance. But the trail is good and fits me very well.

The views of Pitt lake and mountains are stunning.

A friend and I just did this hike today, on October 20th, 2018. Great day for it this year, as the weather was perfect, around 15 degrees for our high, clear sky, zero wind and no snow at all at the propeller cairn currently.

Once you turn off of Chilliwack Lake Road, the trail head is a good 5+ KM up what becomes a pretty narrow gravel road which is quite washed out in several places, not just the last KM. High clearance 4WD vehicle with strong tires needed. That being said, in regards to some other reviews, I would say beware of stopping too soon to walk when you first encounter signs of the road looking rough, you may be adding 4KM or more to your hike on foot.

When you reach the trailhead area, Look for a wooden post sign with the trail name on it vertically, it is slightly in the trees to the right of the gravel road when driving up, there are also some pieces of pink and orange marking tape tied in the tree. Bridge to cross the river safely is intact. Trail is quite relaxing/easy in places and QUITE steep in others, mostly the last 1 KM or so to the propeller is the toughest. We also encountered some slippery sections with a lot of mud in this last KM. The hike was 6 hours total for us with 1 hour of stopping included.

Other suggestions: Bring layers/ a change of shirt if hiking on a day with higher degrees weather. We were sweating in the sun exposed parts of the trail and then cooling off quickly in the shaded.

Cheers and have a great, safe hike!

22 days ago

Strangely addictive and I think like anything, it gets easier the more you practice. Pace yourself, take a litre bottle of water per person and wear stretchy clothing as you’ll be stepping up for basically the entire way and scrambling over rocks. Pack an extra layer for the top as it tends to be a bit chillier.

It was hella hard but if you take frequent breaks and bring good, energy giving snacks and at least two bottles of water per person, you can do it! I felt like the first quarter was harvest when it came to terrain, so when they say it’s harder for the first quarter, it depends on your perspective. Great view at the top and so very worth it!

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