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Awesome loop with a few different options. I loved the massive trees. We went in late October and there wasn't much traffic, just a hand full of cyclists. Plenty of deer, turtles, and a few snakes. The elevation gains are easy and flatten out quickly.

The views are absolutely breath taking. Great place to fully enjoy nature and do some self reflection.

Great loop. Climbs will give you a workout but the downhills are a nice reward. Trails are shared with runners, hikers, and dogs but are plenty wide to allow passing.

Everything I expected it to be. An average hike at an average place. Nothing more and nothing less. Though, there was a nice little (10 yard) solid elevation on the back 9 of the trail which was pretty sweet. Keep your eyes peeled for it..., that felt good. Not sure about the whole run off p (pollution) in the water spring which reflected as a rainbow and gave off the illusion you could make money, here. Nevertheless, a lot of cool table top fungi, etc. and at least 1-2 very kind frogs. Definitely nothing greater than a 3 star hike, but definitely nothing less either.

Absolutely no rock climbing. Period. Its a walk. No rock climbing

Close to home , I take my son and his friend fishing (plenty of fish) and I will walk the dog , did 3.7 miles last visit and it was a hot day and a good workout !

Excellent work out. The trail can become confusing as there are many trails that intersect with each other, so you need to keep your eyes on the trail markers or you could be heading down a different path. That happened to me, but it turned out ok as I was following the white trail, then I was on the pink trail that lead to the blue/white trail to lookout point. From there I followed the Blue and white trail to the Falls, a much easier access to the falls from the lookout point. From the falls you can either turn back to climb the rocks to continue towards the lake. From my perspective, climbing up would be much better than going down. Be careful climbing up as you may loss track of the trail, which I did, and had to go back down a bit to pick the trail back up. from there to the lake there are several more falls, which I'll go back later to photograph, before arriving at the lake. From their I ended up following another trail that took be back to the look out point, then following the blue/white trail, ended back at the trail head. Total miles was 2.9. I'll go back.

Great local hike with a pretty waterfall!

Very clean and scenic hike! Moderate if you take the blue trail but pretty water fall!

nice terrain variations and degrees of difficulty, beautiful woodland scenery

Flat trail, most parts are wide enough for 2-3 people side by side. Can be very muddy especially on the west of Newman’ Lane.

There may or may not be cliff diving here and it may or may not be amazing. I want to be clear that I am NOT saying you should jump off any cliffs but you totally should...

Great fun. Some fast down hills and you can ride all the trails in about an hour. Some erosion has taken place either the 2018 rain. The blue trail has some bad erosion on the downhill near the big bridge. The hills can get your heart pumping! I’d compare it to a roller coaster on the boardwalk. Challenging and fun, not to wild.

Fun! Take the map!

We took the teal trail on the left and then switched back to the green trail to see the falls. Steep descent and not much more than a brook, but nice. Went back up green and continued on teal to the lake. Went to the upper meadows and then took yellow all the way back down. It was a nice little hike. Recommend it.

Nice Hike, but the views were limited. A few discoverables (creek, old house, chimney, fireplace/seat). We started 7am, and by our finish at noon, the trails were starting to get busy. We did approximately 9.5 miles of the loops, by backtracking around on previous paths. LOTS of thorn bushes encroaching on the paths. This is more of a workout type of hike, but still pretty good.

Heavily wooded moderate trail, one of the better ones in central jersey. Definitely a little rocky but the inclines aren’t anything difficult. Extremely muddy when wet but consists of about 5% wooden walkways, mostly over the muddiest portions.

Took the square trail to the red and back to the square with no connectors. Always a great afternoon hike — takes a little under 3 hours for the entire loop if you don’t stop often. Trails are well maintained but can get a little sloppy when wet.

I've been hiking here for just about 10 years- while at camp when I was young- and just on my own. It's a beautiful hike in all seasons and is a great training area for anything looking to get into back packing! It's also great for anyone into birding

2 months ago

So this trail is not necessarily “easy” i day this because it is very easy to get lost and confused. The trails intertwine with one another and the orange markings look yellow so just remember there is no yellow trail! It’s long and beautiful and my dog loved it. Lots of bikers so if you’re walking with a dog keep that in mind. Also, WEAR BUG SPRAY!!!! Tick galore and spider webs every 2 steps. But beautiful, private and great workout. I recommend.

2 months ago

Not many views, some wild flowers were out. We ate lunch at the lodge sitting in the chairs overlooking the valley. We used this hike more as a work out. We ended up covering 5.8 miles and 968 feet.

Great, relaxed Friday afternoon/evening hike! Trails were very easy to follow and I saw quite a bit of wildlife. The tulip poplars are beautiful in the evening sun. I also loved seeing all the old homesteads and tumbled rock walls. Great sense of history. I'll be back to do more exploration on the side trails.

I did this with a heavy pack on a 90 degree day this week and found it to be super challenging. A lot of elevation changes was the workout I needed.

Easy is NOT!

The NOT, is capitalized but is not meant as an angry expression.

To me Manasquan Reservoir trail is easy. Is mostly one flat, wide, trail there. Allaire is not easy. Bring a map or a good app to guide you. You can and will get lost otherwise.

I actually enjoyed my walk which felt more like hiking. First timers, be mindful of the terrain, you can easily twist an ankle. There is a lot of bike trails.

Tried to follow the supposedly “easy” orange trail which shows on the Trail app. Took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up doing 4.5 miles instead of the 5.7 intended. Didn’t mind at all! I was so tired of the many turns and ups and down.

At some point found a group of cyclists who were very mindful of the 54 years old coming at them in an up hill narrow trail. Thanks people for being so courteous!

I wouldn’t bring children unless I was clear of the trail to follow and that it’s an easy one.

Give it a tried. You might like it!

pretty, not too busy on a beautiful spring Sunday

Beautiful trails with diverse terrain. Moderate hiking with some steep inclines and declines but adds to the challenge. Few good places to stop and rest and have some snacks. Muddy and rocky in a few areas but nothing too messy as long as you miss the muddy season. Overall a lot of fun and good exercise.

Great for kids! The area has many variations of this route that are mapped out at the entrance allowing from a quarter mile hike to well over 4 miles depending on the combination of routes you choose. Some decent hills as well and the trails are very well marked. In nice weather you will see quite a few bikers in the area but on the outermost loops you do get moments of solitude. Horses are also allowed in the area although we did not see any. As a plus..., it is early in the season but we left tick free! Will definitely be returning.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Very fun for mountain biking

A moderate, largely unmaintained loop trail that winds down the mountain and has a steep incline to finish. Trail is well marked with a couple of nice views along the way, as well as a 0.5 mile reroute to a waterfall. Would recommend on a nice day!

Did a good portion of the orange trail. Was a good work-out, with rocky trails, and good amount of ups and downs. Takes you high above the one waterfall. I was curious, as a new hiker and someone new to this park, how the orange trail compares to the others.

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