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2 days ago

This trail is easy in the sense that the trail itself is wide and very clear, but lord help your legs if you are out of shape. Going up, the entire trail is completely at an incline with virtually no flat spots; I’m not complaining though because I enjoyed the pleasant challenge. Coming back down is a breeze. Great trail for exercise.

5 days ago

Fun hike. Nice for beginners as it offers at least a bit of a challenge. Beautiful views.

Easy hike; great views. Got off trail tho....will have to go back!

Did the shorter Wedding Canyon > Lower Monument Trail loop (about 5 miles) and can't wait to go back and explore more. Still pretty warm even when technically the temp wasn't far above 70° but the trail was relatively easy (lots of young families out there). The trail had pretty heavy traffic in spots, so I'll be interested to see if it's as busy on the more challenging trails.

25 days ago

we definitely got lost through here. and I mean LOST! make sure you follow the cairns and stick to the right. we ended up following a seemingly obvious path only to find ourselves climbing over boulders on the edge of a cliff... pretty wicked views though! if we wouldn't have taken that detour, it would have been a super easy and neat walk. highly recommend!

Best hikes ever !

Great hike. Boring beginnings, but once you’re in the canyon, everything is gorgeous. Saw a large herd of sheep. Well marked and easily managed.

27 days ago

10/20/2018 - Hiked the main trail plus the Coke Oven side trail and a bit of the back side of Independence Monument, about 13.5 miles total. Trail and scenery is quite nice and the day was perfectly blue sky, not one cloud to be seen.

1 month ago

Warner route is a lot of intense slopes up and down. You should be ready for that. There are a few forks on the way up that can mislead you off the way. Requires some scouting at times. We benefitted from download of the trail. Although it was very exhausting for me towards the end, I am happy that I could do it.

1 month ago

Although it’s a climb, the wide path and relatively even surface make this a pleasant walk.

Great Hike! Went with my boyfriend & our puppy. We didn’t bring cash for parking so we had to walk and extra .5 miles to get to the trail. We went end of September as the leaves were changing and it was gorgeous!!

1 month ago

The loose rocks make it slow for the distance. It’s not an easy hike. If you’re in good shape, it should take you about 5 hours total. If you’re not in great shape, I wouldn’t recommend it at all...

good trail. fun short downhill section at the end. not too steep for beginners.

Love this one for a quick early morning or evening hike. Trail/road is nice enough to run on.

2 months ago

Hiked from lower monument via the wedding trail to the upper monument and back. Approx 12 miles round trip. Would highly recommend! Views are incredible, terrain was easily managed by an amateur hiker like me. Start early while it's still cool out (I went 9/16) because it does get pretty warm during day. Bring LOTS of water as well. We did happen to see one big horn sheep too.

Great trail, moderately steep in a few parts but nothing too difficult. Good for new hikers and kids too!

I thought this was a great first trail to do. I wasnt disappointed. Trail markings were good. Awesome views. Did have a "nice" whiff of cat pee. Not your cat from home neither. This would be an awesome trail run.

road biking
2 months ago

Rode Rim Rock Dr from the east entrance to the west entrance, and then finished the 'Tour of the Moon' loop via public roads Broadway, S Broadway and S Camp Rd. The route outside the park is well-signed. Traffic was light on this weekday ride, and the views were awesome. Lights are required due to 3 tunnels.

Great Trail! Aspens are just starting to turn yellow. Only saw probably 10 people. Virtually zero mosquitoes for us. Gorgeous views. Trail head was easy to access. Took us about 1h45m with stopping and having a snack at Lost Lake. Highly recommend

This makes for a lovely walk on snowshoes. You can rent them from the lodge, if they are open. It's super quiet in the winter, for the most part.

My kids 7-16 and I hiked this trail about 3 weeks ago. The trail was great but the mosquitoes almost carried us away!

3 months ago

Nice way to see some of CNM's formations up close. Some shade along the trail but not a ton, so lots of water and starting early are musts in August. Unfortunately, not much wildlife our morning. We started at the upper trailhead and went to Independence Monument (~3.5 miles) before turning around and heading back. Note that this trail is ~12 miles round-trip (upper to lower trailhead or vice versa, then back) and not 6.8 or 10.9 as listed here.

3 months ago

Easy walk down, slightly harder up. We went at 2pm and there is, like others have noted zero protection from the sun.

3 months ago

This was definitely the hardest hike I have ever done. It didn’t help that we were backpacking in. 2400 feet of the elevation gain/loss occurs in the last mile. Lots of scrambling and climbing. Bring walking sticks for they way down.

The trail is exposed most of the way, and can get very hot in the afternoon. It is hot at the bottom too.

At the bottom, the campsites are somewhat hard to find. There are a few close to the outhouse, and a few to your left when you reach the bottom.

Fishing is not great, unfortunately, so don’t make this hike for the sole purpose of fishing. It isn’t worth it.

Still, I give this hike 4 stars, because it is like another world at the bottom. There are no people there, and you feel completely isolated from the outside world. Two thunderstorms passed while we were camping, and the way the sky lights up and the thunder echoes off the steep canyon walls, you would think you were in London during the blitz.

Easy to follow trail to a beautiful destination.

3 months ago

This is one of my favorite hikes in the valley. I quit often see the big horn sheep in this valley. It always takes a lot longer to do this hike when I stop and watch the sheep.

Phenomenal discoveries around every bend.

a nice hike into a shallow canyon and out again. I rate it on the low end of moderate. nice view of Grand junction and Fruita. this is also be a good bike trail for the beginner to intermediate rider. very close to Grand junction.

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