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8 hours ago

Love this simple hike! There was water at the falls that made it so worth it

LOVE this hike all year round. I start bringing my children at age 4. Child back carrier possible but not alone, I'd bring someone to help with the steep areas and climbing down areas for child safety. Not stopping with a decent pace is 1hr 45min from bear canyon trail. Road dead ends - turn left- parking around to the right. Be smart and bring extra water. July monsoons watch for thunder head clouds and hike back immediately once you see them forming. 7 crossovers. Last 2 are about 15-20 min long each. Possible chance of shoes getting wet when water is high. Bathroom and water fountain are on the road before the main trailhead.

1 day ago

Fun trail. The short distance elevation climb is a bit challenging. Lots of dessert plant life. Beautiful views.

Clearly marked trails. Beautiful cactus.

My most favorite hike in Tucson! Definitely need this app to make sure you are going the right way though!!

3 days ago

Perfect trail to hike with dog and boyfriend.

Beautiful after the snow melt. Not a difficult hike. Heavily trafficked.

First 3/4 mile is slowly climbing, smooth (ish) pathways. For all of you other fat guys, the next (difficult) part is only about 1.5 miles. With a couple of short breaks you'll be there soon .

As usual, I am hiking AZ in January so there isn't much to see as far a blooming plants go. I do bring my wife with me and she leads so at least the view is great from a minimum of one angle.

A simple and fun loop. Not much elevation change, but a fair amount of rock that keeps you focused, engaged, and present. Saw a few deer. Good views!

This loop has it all - beautiful scenery, interesting rock formations, views of mountains, city and dessert. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend this for any one who likes to hike but is looking for something that won’t take long to complete but feels like you get a good workout while still having lots to look at.

Nice little loop. Did it in the morning and was in the shadows up until the end. Fair amount of traffic as most short loops are. Single file path with a decent amount of step ups and downs for elevation changes. Good trail for transitioning easy to moderate. Not a real cardio loop but enough if you pace it right.

Beautiful canyon and falls. It is a well maintained trail although there were times it was hard to find the trail after the water crossing.

beautiful falls! great hike

Not a bad way to very outside. Just enough elevation to be work but not so much to turn people away. Great views of the Catalinas.

Nice small hike, perfect if you don’t have a lot of time in the day. Took my dog he loved it but can be dangerous for dogs depending on where you’re at.

19 days ago

Nice quick hike. Rating seemed to fit; moderate.

20 days ago

Great hike! Definitely quite the climb the first mile or so, then the terrain changes and it becomes more of a grassland. Better to be done in the cooler months. After a good rain you should see more water.

20 days ago

A bit more challenging with younger children but for adults it’s great. Be careful of wet, slippery rocks. People have had to be airlifted out due to slipping and falling. Beware of the nudists if you have children.

Lots of changes in terrain; steep at times, with rock “stairs” heading up, especially towards the beginning. Definitely a good workout, but I’d recommend going in winter to avoid the heat, since there isn’t a lot of cover. Falls were a trickle at late December; maybe during monsoon time on a cloudy day we’d have better luck. A fun hike if you bring water, snacks, and a positive attitude since you’ll be doing some uphill walking without too much water in the Falls at the end if you don’t go at the right time.

Lovely enjoyable trek!

A great trail that I really enjoyed hiking. we went in December and although it was cool out, the hiking warmed us up. it's a pretty easy hike for adults but children might find some difficulty at some parts towards the end including a 10-20 foot almost vertical climb

It took us 2.5 hrs- went off trail by accident. Beautiful walk, shady and cool. We hiked Christmas Day 2018,morning. By 12pm the park was getting crowded.

If you go all the way to the end where the falls are, I’d definitely consider this a “difficult” hike. All of the bouldering is hard but a great workout. My entire body was sore for a couple days after, that never happens on a regular hike even with a greater elevation gain. My recorded times are funky because I paused the recording at some point and forgot to resume for a while. I stopped a lot to enjoy the beautiful rocks and canyon and to catch my breath. Side note- I wore running shoes because I forgot to put on my hiking boots when I parked, will not make that mistake again! Too slippery on some rocks for running shoes.

Well maintained, fairly busy. I like the changing scenery from Saguaro to grasslands. Fun, easy trail. Experienced hiker

Lovely little trail with a peaceful place to sit at the end, but the last section isn’t marked well. If you go all the way to the end, it’s a bit difficult to pick up the trail on the way back.

Great escape with great views. Walking through Coyote Wash Trail alone was terrifying for me. I'm overly alert when I'm alone and easily startled. Good times, though.

1 month ago

One of a best hike to do in winter.. thoroughly enjoyed 9 stream crossings.. A real worth the climb!!! will come back again for refreshing in the chillness and water.. This is a family hike , just guard the rocky terrain with children...

Always a good hike, keep your feet dry!

A beautiful and easy little hike. Perfect for days you don't have much time.

Great hike with nice views of city and mountains. Beautiful sunset tonight.

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