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3 days ago

Hiked on a humid Sunday evening. The trail was empty with only a few people at the falls. The trail to the falls is easy, but getting to the pools below is definitely challenging. Not sure if there’s an easier way to get to the bottom. The water is very cold but refreshing and the scenery is fantastic.

Camped at Blue Rocks campground which has two separate trails which connect to this trail loop. My kids were pissed at me for dragging them along but talk about their hike with great pride and for great reason. Some of the stretches of boulder climbing had my wife telling them to "Be careful" every few minutes. The view from Pulpit rock is great but I thought the Pinnacle was one of the great views one can see hiking in Pennsylvania. Next time I am leaving them home so I can camp overnight in the state gamelands with my wife but I am definitely bringing the bear repellent.

8 days ago

Very easy hike to see a beautiful waterfall. However, this time of year there were a ton of people there swimming and blocking the path. Would go again later in the year.

8 days ago

Really easy trail. Hardest part was walking back up the hill to the car. I would not recommend going after it has rained. Definitely muddy near the bottom. Good for dogs and even kids.

Nice views. Tough hike in the heat. If you want to get the tough part out of the way (uneven and rocky trail, moderately steep climb), do the loop counterclockwise. After getting to the Pinnacle vista, the rest of the trip is a gentle downhill hike. There's a great view from both Pulpit Rock and The Pinnacle.

17 days ago

My son and i do many different trails and decided for an easy walk to hawk falls and we were pretty disappointed when we got to the falls and found a huge group of people with coolers of beer and even a grill going. Music blasting etc. We couldn’t even get to the water to cool off. Please don’t get me wrong i love bbq’s and some cold beer but i believe there is a time and place. Personally i don’t feel the trails are the place to be partying especially when people bring small children for the experience and to come up to that was very disappointing. .

18 days ago

I see a lot of people complaining about the amount of hikers on this trail. The key is to get there earlier and avoid them. My family and I had the whole trail to ourselves on a gorgeous June morning and were able to explore all of the little paths off to the side. We did not see another person until we headed back. We had a blast! Bring Crocs or water shoes to wade in the water but wear sneakers for the hike due to the rockiness.

A great day hike! Elevation gain was decent in the beginning but didn't feel overwhelming with frequent breaks if you're a beginner. Views were primarily covered in fog so I'd love to go back on a better day. The dog handled the 9 miles well although if it hadn't been raining I would have had to make sure to provide frequent water breaks as there are not much in the way of natural water sources until the end. muddy in places but nothing too annoying. Trail was very we'll marked.

21 days ago

We went through the whole trail in about an hour. it was very crowded though, with tourists. all in all. easy trail.

A very nice hike! Great views! Good Chance of Hawk sightings!

Not easy but very nice trail. Rockier than we thought...beautiful waterfall

1 month ago

Nice trail!

1 month ago

Was very disappointed in this trail. I would not consider it easy as there were many rocks to avoid and there were places where we actually needed to do a bit of climbing. Very nervous with a 5 year old and a dog, and nervous for the older adults doing the trail. It was also incredibly crowded and the you came out the same way you came in, so you were fighting two-way traffic.

Good markings - great views

1 month ago

Have done all the loops here and it’s one of our favorite hikes. Can get a bit crowded but it’s quieter near the top. Verges on climbing in some parts — wear good shoes and bring water.

Best views in the area! Perfect hike.

It was a cool little loop with a waterfall. Nice for a light trail jog.

Beautiful trail went on a Sunday in early summer and wasn’t too crowded kinda steep though so make sure you wear proper shoes this was my first time hiking in 7 years and I had a lot of fun!

My husband and I started hiking 3 years ago and have done trails at both Acadia and Rocky Mountain National parks (I highly recommend both!) but I was surprised that this was one of the hardest hikes we've done! It ascends pretty quickly and is steep, narrow and slippery. We used our hands for a lot of it but it was a blast and the views were stunning! The falls are such an impressive hidden gem in PA. the beginning of the trail was crowded but thinned out the higher you climbed. It's sometimes hard to see where the Trail leads. Trail sneakers or hiking boots are a must. Will definitely do this again!

Amazing sights of the glacier cut out of Pine Creek below. This was my first time see this in person was taken back by the size of the whole area.

Great overall hike. Pretty intense rocky incline the first several miles to Pulpit. Pack snacks and fill your water bladders up! You will need it on this almost 10 mile hike. Trail was pretty wet and muddy today so the rocks were a bit slippery, so be mindful of footwear with ankle support. Saw some bear poop and heard a snake hiss, so beware. The trail is pretty heavily trafficked with people gathered at both lookouts, but we didn’t have any issues with crowds today. Totally worth the hike if you’re in for something more challenging and in to see some absolutely stunning views!

With “All Trails” it make it a lot easier to find and follow trails. So happy they have this!! This was my second hike on this trail. First effort, without “All Trails” I headed on the wrong trail, it didn’t seem right..Thankfully, shortly on the trail I ran into someone and asked them.. They new the trail I wanted, and turned me to the right direction.. If there’s a harder part of a trail, I prefer to do them first.. Like this one. It was very rocky and a nice incline.. A good workout.. The scenery of the woods with the ferns, trees, rocks, and wildflowers looked so beautiful..The two lookouts, Pulpit and Pinnacle have beautiful views of the valley.. It’s a great hike! It was a long hike, so give yourself time and keep hydrated.. Looking forward doing it again. If not during the summer, definitely in the fall!!

Look out is great, Turkey path is steep some waterfalls along the way.

Nice hike! Most elevation gain is at the beginning, then the rest is pretty flat or slightly downhill. Followed the AllTrails trail, and went to Pulpit Rock first, then the Pinnacle. This is a cool time to hike it because there are quite a few thru-hikers around! I saw several, and talked to a few of them about their experiences hiking the Appalachian. Pretty good views at Pulpit Rock. Definitely quite a bit of muddy spots on the north side of the loop; I was happy to have waterproof hiking boots for those.

nice off trail walk . hidden pond . caught some nice trout

The most amazing views from the pulpit rock and pinnacle point.

Always a good hike live local and usually make it a point to do it once a year or so. Good elevation gain but be sure to take adequate water for yourself. 10 miles on a hot summer day and lounging up on those tocks overlooking that awesome view, ain’t no better view in the state.

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