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2 days ago

Beautiful lake, easy hike for kids. Flat boardwalk. Neat visitors center.

super easy trail, great for older folks and little toddler legs

3 days ago

mosquitoes like I've never seen. no fishing either.

A fun little nature walk with our 2 year old. We actually didn't walk around the whole thing this time. Instead we decided to do the Lake Solitude hike to test out our little guy. He did wonderful on both this walk and the hike.

7 days ago

Easy, Fun..great for everyone and great for an easy walk. Saw some cute squirrels and a few deer.

Quick & Stroller friendly. We saw baby squirrels and chipmunks on the trail as well as rainbow trout in the lake.

7 days ago

Pretty trail! Definitely moderate. Our 2 year old couldn't finish on his own, and our 6 year old made it but not without lots of complaining. Would definitely go back but not with small kids.

8 days ago

I'm totally out of shape. Never workout. This was a tough hike, but achievable. Done in a little over 2 hours. Would definitely recommend it!

9 days ago

This is such an easy hike. Even though it’s short the payoff is incredible. If you need a short break from...anything...this is an excellent option.

Great for little kids! Easy surfaces, mostly flat, and plenty of Marsh, forest, and shallow lake to see.

11 days ago

Definitely right on track with the moderate rating. I went with three kids, ages 11, 8 and 2. Good for kids except for a few rocky areas where its hard to get traction. Some decent shade in the middle of the day. The lake at the top is stunning. Watch out for squirrels stealing your food :) Bring plenty of water.

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Great views one of my favorites!

This was a great hike, but be sure to wear shoes with good traction. It's rocky with a ton of loose gravel.

22 days ago

Who doesn’t love this hike, though?

Start this trail early, its very popular. Hike was nice even for people like me who aren't in shape. Views and lakes are beautiful, the only negative is the amount of big loose rocks on this trail.

25 days ago

Beautiful hike! Great for families with kids that are used to hiking a bit. Bring bug spray

Wonderful easy hike !!!

28 days ago

This was our first hike of the season. We are not in the best of shape, but the trail wasn't too bad. It was busy at the base, but as you rose in elevation, the crowds thinned. Great view from the top and a lovely reservoir. I have been skiing at Brighton, and in my youth hiked Brighton, so it was good to see what was underneath all the great snow. Perhaps it is getting too popular. Not really, great to share great experiences.

A forgotten +favorite!
Definitely family friendly, but not "we just started hiking last week and this is our 3rd hike ever" family friendly.
Took my 2, 4, and 5.5 year olds and made it round trip in about two and a half hours with the little one needing to be carried occasionally.
The first half is an ideal moderate hike, shaded with gorgeous pine and aspen and a well packed trail, the second half is more exposed with loose rocks as the trail and a fairly steep incline.
The gorgeous pristine lake is worth every step and I was SO impressed with how clean the trail and lake were...not a wrapper. Kudos to our fellow hikers for being responsible and packing out their trash!
I was a little turned off that the parking lot was overflowing and there were hundreds of people, but once we got off the silver lake trail and started towards Twin Lakes, we had very few people to share the trail with!

1 month ago

It was challenging to find the start. You have to cross the road. If you park in the parking lot that the directions take you to you’ll go to the trail head sign and stay left. Next you cross the road. Then stay left for towards the stream. You can stay on either side of the stream to get to the falls but left side would probably make it easier to see that you are indeed headed to the falls. My 3 year old didn’t do well but my 5 year loved it. If I do it again, I’ll wear my 3 year old. The ground was challenging for him to navigate.

Fun hike! We were able to do this one with my 6 year old sister although the steeper parts were a little more difficult for her. Once we got to the top we all enjoyed hanging out around the lake. My family and I watched a guy catch a fairly large fish and we all applauded him. Definitely worth the effort to get up there!

Great, easy trail and boardwalk around the lake. Surroundings were beautiful.

Up hill. Very pretty and friendly people.

Beautiful and a simple short hike you can take your kids on...

on Hidden Falls Trail

1 month ago

Short but worth it!

1 month ago

Really nice trail with kids

1 month ago

This hike is a quick get away. The lake is beautiful and a great introduction to the area. Steep but short.

1 month ago

As fun as it is at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, this is a bit crowded for my liking. Nice easy walk around the lake. Good mix of shade and sun. Easy path. But ultimately, not that rewarding.

This trail is beautiful, lots of wildflowers and it's very easy!

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