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Beautiful hike, even with sleet. 4.9 miles on the loop.

Beautiful trail with amazing sites

It was a bit rainy when we went but that just made the waterfall look even more spectacular. Great view of Rainbow Falls, didn't go all the way to Turtleback because we had the dogs with us and they weren't really behaving well that day but would love to go back!

Worth the visit. Very well kept and friendly folks around. Waterfalls are amazing. Would definitely come back for another run.

Brp still closed, but the walk there wasn't so bad from the barricaded gate. Nothing crazy hard, if I can do it, anyone can do it! My first ever view of a waterfall, very pretty for a first timer

Great off season winter hike. much less traffic. very moderate fun hike.

This was a lovely easy trail with lots to see - waterfall, covered bridge, lake.

Last of the Mohicans 1992 film was shot on this location.

1Jan2019 - recent rains increased flows nicely...
Great family hike. Enjoyed rainbow as Sun break though...

Fun hike! Not hard.

Great hike. Rainbow Falls are amazing. It was well worth the additional hike to go on up to Turtleback Falls.

18 days ago

So happy I read the reviews before we embarked on this hike - Left is easy, and enjoyable. Right - Straight uphill for a long, long time. Going left, first part has a lot of views of smaller falls and runs along the river. When you get halfway, views turn into open fields, and more forest. But the ending was awesome. Seeing that waterfall so close up was super cool! It was VERY WET from the rain over the last week. Part of the road on the way to the trailhead was washed out. Overall, great hike.

Wide, well maintained trail along the water. Falls are beautiful. Add the Hooker Falls trail for another beautiful falls view and a nice place to sit and enjoy a trail snack. Great trail for newbie hikers and for family treks.

Warm Day in December. The trail was very busy so get started early on the weekend if you like to hike with little traffic. The falls were amazing after all the snow run off and rain. Very muddy and the mist at the falls got us all pretty wet. Great hike for newer hikers. Waterproof shoes helpful and be ready to get dirty!

19 days ago

Beautiful warm December day! The trail was very muddy with a few trees over the trail. Not for newbies-which we had a couple with us-but they did enjoy the hike. Waterproof shoes essential and plan to get dirty!

22 days ago

Loved it. Went on a muddy, sunny day after two days of run. The steady, moderately steep uphill tired me out a little. The view from the top John Rock was well worth the hike, make sure you don't bypass it on accident.

24 days ago

Great Hike to do especially if you just did Looking Glass Rock, gives you a different perspective of where you just were, plus theres a little bit of history regarding on how the look out point got its name. The look out was beautiful and gives you a panoramic view of the city below. Did it on a weekday in December and the trail was mostly quiet, way quieter than Looking Glass which I did a few hours before this one. This trail was very muddy though and there was quite a few trees down that require you to bushwhack some.

I did this hike on probably the least likable day possible. 30 degrees with rain and ice but nonetheless, I still enjoyed myself. This hike was absolutely beautiful! Walking along the river is stunning and the waterfall is absolutely breathtaking. We only hiked to Rainbow Falls, which is the first fall along the trail. From start to finish, Rainbow is approximately 3.0 miles (BOTH WAYS). The trail is extremely well marked (no chance of getting loss, unless you leave the trail) but also extremely slippery due to the rain. It got a little scary along side the river and especially at the falls. This hike was not easy, there is a substantial amount of elevation fluctuations that make for a great workout but a strenuous experience. I can’t wait to do this hike again in good weather and the only reason I gave it four stars was because of the mud and water build up. Pictures do no justice and the falls are much bigger in person.

this was a fun hike. I would recommend this trail

After this trail, we hiked on to Hooker Falls and Grassy Creek Falls. True total mileage of hike was 6.3 miles. Trail ratings are probably correct but as most of hike was over hard packed snow and ice, difficulty is obviously higher with those conditions. The snow cover truly added to the beauty of the area.

High Falls Loop Trail is a very beautiful hike but the incline makes it very difficult to do in the snow. Our 10 year old was super excited to see High Falls thought, because they are big, beautiful, and powerful.

The hike is steep in some parts but not for long periods of time. There are many well marked optional routes, like a hike to the covered bridge, a hike to the base and a hike to Triple Falls. The signage even tells you have far for each detour.

1 month ago

Easy day hike with cool views and nice waterfall. The airstrip offers some nice views if you hike out to the end. The trails are forest roads so doesn't offer much fun or challenge in terms of 'hiking'. You can also add in the Reasonover Creek Trail to make a longer loop.

Wife and I hiked this one last Sunday and we will return. The sign at the trailhead says the trail is strenuous, but it is moderate at most so don't be deterred. I'm 69 and not in the greatest shape and I made it just fine. Lots of flow due to the recent rain and temps in the 60's so it was a great day to be on this trail.

Beautiful waterfalls and scenery along hike. Ok view at top.

Our family hiked this with kids 6,8, and 12. They did great! Beautiful waterfalls!

great trail, awesome views

We hiked to these gorgeous falls for the 1st time today and we fell in love!

We started out at the visitor’s center where Marijane, a very helpful volunteer, gave us a map & went over the hike details. I was glad to be offered a map since at least one review mentioned a poorly marked trail. It turns out that we didn’t need the map at all. The trail is clearly marked with signs at every intersection. I will add here that we have been hiking as a family for over 20 years, so we are well seasoned.

We took the right at the Y, then went to the covered bridge before doubling back to the loop and continuing to High Falls. It was a magnificent sight! The trail continued to Triple Falls where a nice set of wooden steps (approx 100 in all) lead us right onto a rocky shelf at waters’ edge. The staircase had many decks with benches if you need to rest. We followed the loop on around & ventured down to Hooker Falls. The path was very steep but only for a short distance. We retraced the path & joined the loop, walking on the forest side of the trail & ended back at the visitor’s center.

There are bathrooms at the center in addition to several port-a-potties along the trail. There are also many picnic benches spread throughout the loop. This was a great morning hike & if you take your time, even young kids could walk the gravel trail the whole way!

This trail is a nice relaxing scenic walk. What I love about Davidson River Campground is that there are so many trails you can access without driving anywhere. There are very easy ones, to some very steep ones like the Art Lobe trail. I can invite friends of all fitness levels and spend time hiking and enjoy campsite activities after.

1 month ago

Moderate hike. Round trip to the falls was about 1h 45m. Had to scramble over some boulders and roots, some of which were slick during our late-November hike. Totally impressive falls though, and well worth braving the cold!

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