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Does it need some kind of pass, trail pass?

1 day ago

A lot of horse mud. And I got a calf cramp. So gimped out. But like always Chester loved it

2 days ago

A relatively easy hike, it isn’t well marked but it’s easy enough to find the trail head. It’s a moderate walk up a hill for the first part, but gentle and wide enough to not be too strenuous. The cemetery was interesting to see, but overall not too exciting. Our favorite part was the river trail. There are several paths down to the water, and there’s a waterfall across the river at the end. Pretty views! The hill back up from the river is pretty intense, but definitely worth it!

What a great little gem in the heart of Renton! First discovered this hike thanks to a friend who lived in the neighborhood. We started near Petrovitsky Park and connected to the Echo loop trail from there. It meanders away from the houses and through the woods. There are a few trees blown down from the last wind storm but you can pass over or under them. Only came across a few people on the trail but many more at the top. Not much room at the top but the view is really rather nice. There’s a house right on the edge of the hill which is overlooking Lake Desire. All in all a great hike with a straight uphill the last 3/4 miles (17.5% grade). Will make this a regular one for me and my pup!!

Great hike on an unusually warm January day! Did the hike with my boys (9 and 5 yrs). They handled it well, really enjoyed the view from the top! Will be back.

on Franklin Ghost Town

9 days ago

Nice short hike for dogs and kids. Trails are well traveled if not clearly marked.

10 days ago

Super easy hike. Nice waterfall

10 days ago

This was a fun and easy 2 mile hike. The way up is a little steep but was easily maneuverable. We took our two senior dogs and they did just fine. Nice Informational day trip.

Be advised Green river Gorge trails association charges you 5$ per car then an additional 5$ per person. We moved on.

great area to hike. Signage could use some work. Also part of the trail was blocked of at the time so had to walk along the road to get back to the start.

20 days ago

Beautiful trail lets out half way through onto a gravel road. Had to ask someone where to go. We climbed DOWN to the "waterfall". Don't go on this hike for the waterfall, go because you want to go hike.

26 days ago

Cool climbing at the end!

26 days ago

Very nice trail. I enjoyed specially the waterfall. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

Great walk, easy main loop. Side trails are marked occasionally not so well. The map around the trails isn’t very accurate. So make sure you have another map on a phone. Beautiful the dog loved it. Nice place to stroll not much to look at.

If you like to measure how far you go without electronics, this is nice bc it tells you the distance of the loop. It is definitely popular, though. It’s December 22nd, and I ran into at least 8 other human beings in the 17 minutes it took me to round the loop. Very green with cool bridges and little offshoot trails and picnic tables.

I guess early December is the season when salmon swim upstream to spawn and die. We saw hoards of salmon struggle upstream, saw white tendrils near the “bubbling geyser” (apparently methane?) and saw two places where geysers are but were not active nor did they even have a hint that they were active in another season, although they might be or maybe they just aren’t active geysers. Anyway, the kiddos enjoyed all the things we saw, and it was a beautiful day! We will definitely return.

We didn’t do the whole thing. We actually just went down to the river, but it was violent and magnificent!! What a beautiful, wild body of water! The hill back to the vehicle was intense, but great exercise.

Aside from being beautiful, this was a great family hike- 2 kids, 7 and 9 handled it alright, but it pushed them. We also had our two puppies come who loved it! First we walked up a giant hill to then be rewarded with a beautiful view and a little playing on the rock-y terrain when we reached the top of the hill to a small picnic-perfect clearing. Then we made our way leisurely back down the hill.
This was a pretty well maintained trail through the woods with great signage to help keep you in the right direction- not paved, no bathrooms, no places to sit- just a good old fashioned, beautiful trek through the woods up to a sort of rocky peak to play on with a great view ..and then back down :)

1 month ago

Excellent place to take my dog off leash. There are no signs at the trailhead stating that dogs must be on leash. I also checked their webpage and dogs are in fact allowed off leash. Be aware that you will be meeting off leash dogs when you go here. Trails are well maintained, clean, and signed well.

Was a beautiful hike! It wasn't as easy to get down to the waterfall with my dogs as I had assumed it would be but otherwise it was a gorgeous hike and a pretty little waterfall! :)

1 month ago

LOST LG PHONE. TEAL AND PURPLE CASE. 360 551-7039 if found.

I enjoyed the forest view. There are some nice camera moments as you go along the trail. The hike is not difficult at all. Even some of the trail names are entertaining. It's a good one to try.

Doggy park daycare

Family hike today! I was a little worried we went the wrong way because its in a neighborhood. It is November and the path is covered with leaves which makes it a nice fall hike. But watch your step, it can hide a bit of roots and rocks, we got along fine though. We took the North loop trail this time. Saw plenty of green slugs and beetles along the path and a few roads or frogs croaked in some areas. Long enough for my 6year old to walk and not get too grumpy.

Lot’s of fun stuff to look at. My dog had a great time, We ran in to a raven amongst the crows that were flying around the cemetery. Very season appropriate 2 days before Halloween. The old mining shaft was a great stop on the way. After the cemetery we hit the green river trail which was steep and slippery but easily managed. Overall very fun and a little more than I expected.

well kept trails in a nice area

3 months ago

Great trail with a beautiful waterfall at the end. We did the loop but maybe the main trail out and back would be more enjoyable. The other side is a maintenance road and not as enjoyable.

definitely have a map! more than just a photo at the entrance, easy to get lost.

we went on this hike in early summer paid 5 bucks to park 5 bucks to

Love this trail I use it everyday to get my exercise

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