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This trail was amazing. I went two nights 8/6-7. I suggest going two nights. Spending a whole day just relaxing is worth it.

I went up solo. It took Me quite a while to make it up. Start early and take breaks as needed. It’s not a race. The altitude was pretty rough for me. The trail is pretty rocky so bring solid foot wear. Also many parts of the trail are through thick brush. Long sleeves will save some scratches. On the way back down by the ponds past the creek ford I encountered moose. But I came up on the with no coverage or protection. The bull was chill enough that I could back off slowly and not spook it, but easily could have been bad. Be mindful out there.

The people up there were all great. Just a group of strangers all there to relax and enjoy the hot springs. Everyone was there for a great time. Don’t be uptight cause there will be drinking, probably nudity and a few were smoking pot.

I would suggest bringing foot wear you can wear in the spring. It’s great but the bottom and edges are super rocky. It’s very painful getting in and out. Sunscreen and bug spray cause flys and mosquitoes were all over me. Also don’t skimp on cold weather stuff. The days were very nice, but even early August as soon as the sun sets behind the mountains it got VERY cold.

Absolutely beautiful hike! Flowers/colors are amazing! We hiked in on 8/3 for 1 night.
Took us about 5 hours to get to the first camp site #19 and at least 30 minutes more to get to site #4 (our site). The hike from #19 to #4 may have been the most difficult part of the hike. We saw 3 moose, a few deer and a far off bear sunning itself in a rock near silver dollar lake! Rangers stopped us on our way and asked to see our permit, ID and bear canister. The springs were spectacular and surprisingly uncrowded. Took us 3.5 hours to hike out.

Did this hike a few years ago. Totally worth it!

Gorgeous hike, quickly leave the trees for open hiking through fields of wildflowers surrounded by rugged peaks. Reminds me more of the Alps than a typical setting in the Rockies. BUT, and it’s a big but, it’s easy to forget in this range they the valleys are high and the ridges even higher - we got crushed by a massive hailstorm at 11:30am on our way down and even deep in the valley, there was no cover and a big hurting from nickel hail that accumulated thick on the trail. Respect the weather, and remember that the storms don’t always wait till the afternoon.

Absolutely loved this hike!!! Our GPS said it was 8.3 miles. GREAT WORKOUT. breathtaking beauty loved hiking through several Alpine meadows dotted with wildflowers of every color, crossed a few streams. pretty steep up the final mile ... really worked to get to the top. but we zipped down. We had a very late start after 4:15 so recommend starting earlier

One of the most beautiful and rewarding hikes I have done!! The only annoyances were the mosquitos/flies and the final 2 mile uphill (especially since we were in campsite 11). I found the whole area to be very clean and peaceful. Although all sites were booked on the website, we found that less than half were actually occupied on the Wednesday and Thursdays nights we stayed. I would consider this a MUST do hike if you can physically do the mileage with backpack.

Completed this trail on 7/7

This was an amazing trail! The mileage here is a little off. My garmin watch calculated it around 9.25 miles each way(18.5 round trip). The trail takes you through several different landscapes which adds a lot of great visuals for the hike. It is about 7 miles to the ford crossing which you will need to either take off your boots totally or switch to other footwear to cross without significant water intake. The final 2 miles are very tough and up hill. A full pack certainly makes it more difficult. Once at the hot springs, it was a great relief. With the new permitting system, our stay had about half the sites occupied. Some of the grounds were on a slant which made sleeping not ideal but some of the spots were perfect and flat. We watched the sun set in the hot springs and called it a night.

Make sure to bring bug spray, your bear canister, and human waste bags! The rangers are on the lookout for folks not bringing the bear canister as their reports say the activity is high in the area.

Also, be mindful of when you stop and rest. A moose came out of the trees and there wasn't much for cover besides a rock and a very thin tree. Luckily it saw us and kept walking.

This trail was absolutely beautiful! The hot springs at the top are completely worth it.

The trail leads through several valleys, fields of wild flowers and refreshing river crossings! My boyfriend and I reached the hot springs at about 4 hours (moving time), by keeping a good pace with the bags on. The last stretch was a little bit of a false hope due to seeing signs for the campsites, then ended up trekking about another mile to our site. The last stretch is all up hill. We ended up doing 9.1 miles to the hot springs.

It’s been a long time since I’ve hiked this but one of the greatest hikes I have ever been on.

***no glass***
***pack out your poop***

Stunning hike and hot springs, except that we cleaned up and packed out a previous camper's food trash and poop, in addition to our own. The hotsprings was lovely but people brought glass wine bottles and glass pipes. This area is world class! Be a better steward!

We are pretty fit ladies from Denver and we took six hours going up and four coming down. My GPS/Garmin claimed it was 9.8 miles (?!?).

The creek fording was mid-calf/below the knee on June 13-15.

Gorgeous place. I hope people don't ruin it.

Incredible hike, the new permit system and ranger enforcement has really gotten the area cleaned up. Springs are very clean. If you can do it on a weekday you'l likely have the area to yourself or only with a few other people. Not near as difficult of a hike as a lot of people seem to make it out to be. Trailhead to main pool in just under 3 hours, back down to trailhead in just over 2 hours. Don't think of it as a 17 mile hike, it's more like a 8.5 mile hike, with several hours in a hot spring, with another, separate 8.5 mile hike afterwards.

GPS clocked around 8.4 miles each way, trail and campsites are now free of snow.

At this current time with the condition of the trail, it is easily do-able in one day! There's really not a lot of wet trail, mostly dry except for the creek crossings. I started at 0730 and I was at the hot springs by noon. I had the springs all to myself for about an hour, which was a very nice treat. The trek down took about 3 hours, but I was hoofing it pretty hard on the descent. Definitely will see some wildlife! I saw two moose! and others I talked to on the trail had seen a bear. The rangers were out and being very stingy about permits and bear canisters, so make sure you have both if you're doing an overnight. Enjoy! It's a magical place.

Backpacked this 6/13-6/14, trail was fairly moderate most of the way up until about the last mile. That was the steepest part of the hike in my opinion. Also, got to the top and we were booked to camp inside eight. My partner and I spent amount 45 minutes to an hour simply looking for the site. We did not find it, as a lot of the area inside seven and eight were covered with snow. Not sure if you can find them now. We ended up staying inside one, even though online everything looked book, there were probably approximately six groups at the top. Also a woman that I met at the top said that this trail was actually approximately 10 miles instead of the 8.7 miles according to the app.

We did a 3 day backpacking trip from Aspen to Crested Butte so I'll break it down day by day. There was 5 of us and all of us are in our upper 20s and in good shape. However, only one of us had been on a long backpacking trip like this before.
Day 1: Arrived at Condundrum Creek trailhead on Aspen side on June 14, 2018 around 9 a.m. Got to the springs by 3. Still a few parking spots left. Parking doesn't seem to be as much of a problem as I thought it might be due to people constantly coming and going on the trail. However, it was a Thursday, not a weekend day. It took us about 6 hours to reach the hot springs including lunch and other short breaks. The river you have to ford towards the end of the hike was not difficult at all but we did not see the rope that is mentioned in other post. The last 2 miles is the most difficult part of this hike with most of the elevation gain in this section. The springs were beautiful, clean and only had about 20 people in them that night. Didn't feel crowded at all. Most people chose the nude option when in the springs. No snow pack on the trail at all this time of year. Definetly a doable out-and-back with just a day pack but would need to start early.
Day 2: Hiked over Triangle Pass to Copper Lake. Started around noon and got to the lake around 5. The hike up to Triangle Pass was very difficult with about 2,000 feet of elevation gain in only 2-3 miles. You cross over 4-5 small streams, about 2-3 snow packed areas and 2-3 small scree fields. It gets cold and windy towards the top so bring warm clothes. From the top of the pass it is a 2,000 foot elevation drop over about another 2-3 miles down to Copper Lake. There are about 7 areas where you have to walk through snow pack and most of the way down is through scree fields. Not particularly difficult but very tedious and tiring especially after just summiting Triangle Pass. The whole trip took about 4-5 hours. The last hour or so was difficult as we were very tired. However, Copper Lake was definetly worth it. We camped out there that night and had the whole lake to ourselves. Would not recommend hiking all the way down to Crested Butte from Condundrum Springs in one day and unless you are a very strong and experienced hiker or started early enough to take a lot of extended breaks.
Day 3: Continued down Copper Creek Trail down to the Judd Falls Trailhead. Was only about 4-5 miles long. Downhill the whole way. Had to ford a few small creeks but was a very easy and relaxing hike to end the trip. Only took about 2 1/2 hours.
Overall, a challenging trip, especially for beginners. But the springs, the views and alpine lake made it all worth it. The challenge was just part of the adventure.

This is a great hike with beautiful views and a CLEAN hot spring at the end. Sorry, but this is easily doable in one day. My daughter is 27 and I'm 54 years old and we not only did it one day, but drove all the way back to Colorado Springs too. Do get there earlier in the day bc the parking lot fills up fast. Happy trails!

2 months ago

The six mile drive up Lincoln Creek Road can be a little dicey, but don't let it put you off -- it actually gets better toward the end. We have a Chevy Traverse (grocery-getter) and had no problem. The trail begins with a bit of a climb, but then levels out onto a valley meadow that follows Grizzly Creek all the way up to the lake. There are several river crossings, but none that need be wet (the first may seem wet, but if you follow the river up a bit you can hop across on the islands. The going gets tougher after the river crossing -- some snow, but didn't even need our micro-spikes. The farther you go, the steeper the climb -- that last half mile was tough. Throughout the hike you have beautiful views. My wife and I are 60, and we had no problems. One of our favorite hikes in the Aspen area.

Came from the Aspen side and got an early start (7:30am). I highly recommend it as the campsites fill up quickly. The hike is pretty difficult, but manageable. The last push is the hardest and you just want to get there. We camped at #8 and though it's up the hill, you have a nice "balcony" there to look over the hot springs. I expected it to be crowded, but it wasn't that bad. Even got some alone time in the springs. We were there at the end of August, and it got pretty cold at night. 32 degrees. Stayed 2 nights then hiked up to Triangle Pass and into Crested Butte. Now, about that...

We left too late (10:30) and the hike to Triangle is very difficult, especially with 35 lbs on your back. Once over the pass, the trail is a long hike through scree. No one warned us, so I am doing it here. It was very scary. We had to ford many streams down the trail and it got too dark to do that, so we ended up having to camp another night. Be prepared and leave early.

Completed last year. Tons of fun, excellent hike!!

Came from Aspen side, Memorial day weekend 2018: By the time we left the trailhead around 845am, the parking lot was emptier than I thought it'd be--about 50%. Much of the trail was very wet and muddy-- Goretex /waterproof boots were necessary (for me). The notable stream crossing after Silver Dollar pond was about knee-high at mid-day and not bad with some Tevas and a trekking pole. After that point, there were more stream crossings around ankle high--gatiers would keep your feet dry unless you can stand some water getting in above your ankles. Our campsite #9 was past the hot springs up the mountain. Much of it was covered in snow and unfortunately was quite sloping. The views were absolutely stunning though.

Coming from the aspen side. Trail was really easy to follow and a good hike. One part was really washed out but with trekking poles was ok. Snowshoes no longer needed. Many campsites still covered in snow. Maybe bring a shovel to dig yourself a level spot. Snow was mashed potatoes and lots of postholing. We brought snowshoes and didn’t need them except to hit our campsite (#11). Other than that, a good water proof pair of boots are essential. Sandals and trekking poles for the creek crossing. The water was about knee height and moving with some force. Pools still not very hot due to run off flowing in.

Hiked this may 26-27. Incredible trip. Only stayed a single night but the spring is well worth the effort. With an evening and a morning soak before hitting the trail, it was about as much as we needed. Truly incredible natural spring with views of the peaks and a stunning shot of the valley you came up. The creek crossing was a great addition to the diversity of this hike. Don’t forget your permits and bear bins - rules and regs here https://www.recreation.gov/permits/Conundrum_Hot_Springs_Maroon_Bells_Snowmass_Wilderness/r/wildernessAreaDetails.do?page=detail&contractCode=NRSO&parkId=156790

Coming from the Crested Butte side, things to know in mid-May: There is a gate three miles prior to the trailhead in which only locals can pass. The gate opens for a short 30 minute window each day if you’re lucky. Bring snow shoes, there is snow 3 miles up from the trailhead which gets as deep as five feet. If not, prepare for miles of postholing which will really slow you down. There are five water crossings. Two have downed logs to carefully walk across. The other 3 will get you wet below the knees. Once you’re above tree line, the snow covers most of the trail, making it slippery and slow moving. Don’t forget your permit, bear spray, and bear box as they are required.

Conditions report as of 5/13: Snowshoes highly recommended. The last 2.5 miles (starting at the pond) is waist deep snow. We did it without snowshoes, but we were post holing a whole lot. Most people without snowshoes gave up and camped in the snow, whereas most people with snowshoes made it all the way to the springs. Campsites are covered in snow, but there are plenty of grass patches if you want to set up camp wherever is convenient.

One of the most beautiful hikes in the Aspen area.....it’s the perfect trail that starts with a climb through the forest, than turns into a single track that slowly rises through a picture perfect meadow. A small stream crossing and a very pretty water fall. All followed up with a very steep climb through the alpine tundra.... this hike for us was both physically and mentally challenging. Pack water water water-bring salty snacks and sweets.... to keep your self fueled. We started around 10:30 and there were only 4 other cars there. We ended up being the last ones to hike out.....even though we left Grizzly Lake before some fishermen but they passed us on the way down. Kinda left me feeling weary.... I can’t recall being so isolated on a trail before... I would have felt better had I seen a trail box to sign in before the start of our hike. (Hiked mid August 2017)

Scenic and steady hike up. Perfect amount of backpacking-per-day. Springs were great, campground was dispersed. We thought the hike was quite manageable, but we found two texans stranded on the trail with no water and some pretty bad altitude sickness. Creeks are everywhere, so bring a water filter. High avalanche danger in the winter.

I don't recommend doing this hike all in 1 day. It's a bit much even for relatively experienced hikers. Even so, this was a great hike with a couple cool (but mild) challenges. Docking 1 star because the hot spring area wasn't that well kept and because I've been on better hikes.

It's already winter up there so bring your layers! Snowed 4 inches the night we camped up by the springs. Also there are free wag bags at the trailhead. Use them! You'll save the Forest Service a lot of unpleasant work.

The best hike of my life. The scenery was amazing. Wading the open stream and crossing the railless bridges were unforgettable challenges.

Hardest hike of my life because of the altitude, I'm from a sea level city and never been in the mountains before, but it was definitely worth the hike and experience. Scenery was amazing and the people you meet on the way were very nice. We camped over night and left early morning; to be honest I wish we could've stayed a little longer for the view and hot spring. Would recommend to anyone wanting a hike with great scenery.

We went from 8/18/17-8/20/17.
As challenging as it was, it was incredibly rewarding once you get to the top and soak in the hot springs. Bring flip flops/ water shoes (highly recommended) if you need them to cross water or also to use at the hot springs. Get there EARLY, and start the trail early to get a camp site at the top. Really be mindful of how you pack your load. Be prepared for the ascent up, it's not easy with 20-40lbs on your back. You cannot have fire at the very top camp sites so be prepared to bring freeze dried food/ or any type of food that you just need to add water.
Make sure to bring a rain cover for your pack and dry bags in the case there is a random rain shower (it really saved us from having wet everything inside our packs), especially since it gets COLD at night!
The hike was just insanely beautiful the whole way and back! Highly recommended.

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