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perfect for bringing small kids. we brought our 6 and 3 years old and they did well. It was no problem for the 6. the view is spectacular

on Cascades Trail

2 days ago

Combined this trail and Tompkins Knob for a nice hike that was not too strenuous. The only difficult part of this trail is the stairs down to the falls. The rock steps are uneven and the hand rail has eroded or is broken in a few places so care has to be taken. Because we have had a very wet spring this year, the falls were beautiful-much nicer than some of the pictures I have seen of them taken when it was much drier. The steps lead to two viewing areas do have a substantial rock wall. Because of the sheer steepness of the falls these are not the type you would want to even attempt to wade in areas above them.. The return trail meanders along Fall Creek is lovely.

Easy hike with an excellent view. Saw two bears.

Great trail, lots of wildlife, beautiful waterfall

Great waterfall!!! The track back is challenging but so worth it, the waterfall is lovely.

8 days ago

This was a beautiful trail. I started in Rice and walked all the way to the bridge. Be sure that you take the trail down to the river as well. Totally worth it. Backpacked a lunch and enjoyed it by the river. The main trail is very wide and has crush and run so it’s good for those who need more support and stability. Bring sunscreen as the mid day sun leaves no shade.

Really nice hike for a family of four with a 9 and 5 year old in tow.

Great family hike, enjoyed the falls! Easy walk down, a little bit rough on the way back out.

Nice fun trail with awesome scenery.

10 days ago

We took our dogs walking on this trail to the lake and back. Saw a couple horseback riders.
Found lots of ticks on us afterwards in 2017.

11 days ago

Very Rocky, overall a great challenge.

Fun 4.6 mile trail. The swamp and ridge part of trail has a lot of tree cover and stays cooler even during summer days. The river side of the trail is rugged and can get hot due to comparatively less tree cover.

This trail was a lot of fun for an out and back trial. There are a couple waterfalls with lots of stream and cascade views. Fairly flat and anyone of any physical ability could do it. I will probably be doing this one again as well.

A great little hike that is often far too crowded. If you go early you can miss most of the rush, but otherwise you may not even be able to park at the trailhead. It seems easy on the way down but it's a good grade and the return trip can be hard for novice hikers. Even with the extra height, you can't skip out on going to the base of the falls - it's amazing. If you want, bring a towel and take a dip along the way. The COLD water will get you energized!

Good trail but you can easily add more distance by adding additional trails. The swamp trail is nice because I rarely see anyone else on it. It is perfect for avoiding all the crowds of the towpaths.

12 days ago

This is more of a short easy walk than a hike. Regardless, the waterfall is very beautiful. I would post pictures but it have been well covered by others previous to me. I read in the West Virginia visitor's guide that these falls are the most photographed place in all of West Virginia. Although the falls were out of the way from any large cities (thankfully), the entire park was clean and it is definitely worth visiting when in West Virginia.

12 days ago

This is a must see for any WV visitor. As mentioned in other reviews, I would call this a short, but moderate hike due to the stairs leading down to the falls. Hike this after some major rainfall for an unbelievable, powerful, waterfall experience. Note that there is handicap access from the other side of the park. The view is a little farther away, but still spectacular.

A good hike to do on a hot day. It was in the 90's but next to the river and in the shade, it was very cool. A nice short hike to swimming holes and enough area that it doesn't feel too crowded.

Scenic but can be crowded by the falls at times. A good one to stretch your legs a bit when driving all of skyline drive in a day

short and sweet. however the closer to the falls you get the steeper the trail gets. i found that people with bad knees or backs had some trouble making it to the falls.

18 days ago

Very nice and pretty. Nice waterfall at the end!

22 days ago

I loved this hike so much. The walk back is not easy, but so worth it.

22 days ago

We are not in the best shape, so this was a great hike for us. The view is just amazing!

This was a nice, leisurely hike, and well worth the view from the summit. We started at the Stony Man parking area (near Skyland), and just followed the trail. Wide and relatively flat, although it was a bit rocky at times. Pass the crossing Appalachian Trail and you will approach a fork; we took the right fork but either way meets again at the summit. The views were fantastic. (On the way back down we did cross on to the Appalachian Trail an on to the Passamaquoddy trail, which is a much different hike!)

Absolutely gorgeous!

Beautiful falls! Fairly easy just lots of stairs.

beautiful hike, lots of fun. It's a bit of a climb but I did not find the trail particularly difficult. Would definitely recommend.

Absolutly Beautiful falls, State park is kept in excellant condition.

This is worth the stop. Although i would not review it as easy because of the incline and steps.

With everyones different skill level i would definately call it moderate.

27 days ago

Beautiful waterfall! Worth the quick stop. Just 0.3 miles down, almost all stairs.

Trail was not overly crowded, plenty of shade and trees on the entire trail. Waterfall was beautiful.

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