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11 hours ago

The best!

Nice, easy trail. Some beautiful foliage. Not great views of the lake, but some nice places to stop and relax along the way.

I have hiked this trail three separate times. The beautiful aspens, view of the lake and the Tetons make for a tranquil hike. Very heavily trafficked up until the lake, then moderately trafficked continuing on the loop. We went a few days ago and ran into a black bear. We made noise and ran into the woods. Nice easy hike.

2 days ago

Lots of nice trails to the lake. Went swimming when we arrived and it was amazing. Love the jumping rock!

Hiking is beautiful and moderate. Heard and saw lots of kids wading in the lake Water is pure and clear.

The cave is even more impressive than you imagine. When we went, the wildflowers were stunning. Highly recommended.

Fun climb and good cardio workout. Trail is in good shape and with it following the rim of the crater, it adds a little variety of terrain. Rock formations make for an interesting hike/run. Give yourself 90 mins, if you hustle a bit...

A great morning hike for my son and I. Hit the trail just before 8 and were done well before 10. Great photo spots for family. Morning reflection of Tetons off lake were incredible. Didn’t see any wildlife other than pika.

beautiful and scenic, easy strolling. what emerald glow!

This was a great trail with a beautiful lake. The only reason I rated it 3 rather than 4 is because I prefer trails with fewer people and this one is HEAVILY trafficked. Going clockwise be prepared for a fairly steep climb up on the backside of the mountain. My 7 year old got a little tired.

Great trail! Started at 8:30 am on a Tuesday in August. Parking was not a problem. Great views throughout the hike. Go in the morning to see the Tetons reflecting in the lake.

5 days ago

Beautiful hike and quick to get to. Hiked up with my daughter on my back and she loved the scenery. I wish we would of started earlier in the day. Beautiful weather until we reached the lake where it was windy and I should of brought my daughter a sweatshirt. Tons of horseflys!

I'm not really sure how the original Trail got recorded on to All Trails but I logged 15.25 miles on that same route to go up to the upper Palisades lake so I think the trail details need to be updated. Aside from that it was a great Trail beautiful views little bit longer than I had hoped but I would do it again.

7 days ago

Hiked to Rock Lake on August 6, 2018. First, the trail is not 2.7 miles - even one way. My GPS clocked it as 9.6 out and back, with a total elevation gain of 3,100 feet. This is from the gate on F-150A. The first three miles is an old mining road with a steady, gradual incline. The swampy area along the way is perfect for Moose. We believe we heard one but never saw it. And although we never saw a bear, there was enough fresh scat on the trail to keep us aware they were around.

The falls at the three-mile mark is beautiful. There is plenty of old mining equipment around. At this point, the trail makes a dramatic change. Just before you reach the falls, the trail makes a sneaky right, up the mountain. You'll probably pass it along the way. After you admire the falls for a bit, turn around, walk about 15 yards and the trail will be on your left.

For the next mile, you will switch back your way up 1,000 feet in elevation to the lake. I hike, often, so this wasn't hard for me, but those of us who weren't used to the climb had to take a few breaks.

The lake is beautiful. As you arrive, there are two camping spots. I crossed the creek and discovered a nice trail along the left side of the lake. I have read that there is a campsite on the other side of the lake, as well. The trail is not what I would call difficult. We had kids with us as young as ten and they did very well.

This is August, so the afternoons can be hot. I suggest that you start early. We were on the trail for 6.5 hours. That includes lunch and tooling around - five hours actually hiking. Bring bear spray and a little bug spray as well. Some of us got bit a couple of times. By the way, there was little if any smoke.

We did this as a day hike, but I could easily pack it in and stay two or three nights. There are several great peaks to explore and I have heard the fishing ain't bad, either. Me, I could take my Bible and my journal, have a seat on one of those rocks and be content for the day.

This hike was number 85 for me this year. It will certainly end up as one of my top 10 in 2018!

Love the Huckleberry ascent. Memorable changes on the way up - water, animals (early morning especially) shade, sun, flowers. Rewarding steep sessions and snow! Ridge section longer than expected but table mtn is a beautiful perch nestled under the Tetons. Complete with a friendly (and hungry) marmot to greet you when you get there!
Face Trail is pretty brutal going down , a few slips I must admit. Loved it.

We hiked in a party of 9, including. 4 year old. We all made it to the top. This hike was pretty steep initially but was well maintained.

We did stumble upon a large bear about 1/4 of a mile from the lake. He was standing up sniffing the hikers in the front of our group. He then turned and ran down the ridge. Carry bear spray!

The lake was beautiful but very windy. We didn’t stay at the lake long because it was really cold with the wind.

The trail head says 1.5 miles but it is farther than that.

Cool place! Went yesterday. Awesome trails! The jumping rock is great.

Absolutely gorgeous. Crowds annoying at the beginning and end but they thinned out near the lake.

As others have said, closer to 7 miles than the 5.3 stated here and elsewhere. Strongly recommend hiking poles for those going up to the cave - the last half-mile is a bit tricky. Beautiful and not crowded so well worth the drive.

Very mellow hike with multiple lakes and beautiful views. Highly recommend

There was a beautiful meadow of wildflowers and all around there was lush greenery. Got to see 5 bears, a beaver, a white tailed deer, a blue jay, and even heard woodpeckers in the distance! The lake was a gorgeous green color, reflecting all the trees and surrounding mountains.

Scenic and easy hike

Nice hike. Saw a dancing moose across from the bridge.

I've been wanting to hike this a while and it did not disappoint. Moderate or Difficult is a relative thing. It was my first hike in a while and that last mile up was not easy for me. However, my wife and son breezed right up. Good wake up call to get my endurance back and start running again. Anyway, it's a very nice hike with great views of Chimney Rock and then Harrison Lake at the top. You'll scale some flat rock face so I'd highly recommend good "grippy" trail shoes. No tennis shoes or open toed hikers.

Lake and mountains are beautiful and you will get great photos. Bring a lunch and enjoy the scenery.

This was a beautiful hike. We came from 8000 feet in CO, so the lower altitude made it even easier. We hiked to the lake where my husband caught (and released) 30+ fish in an hour, then we hiked back. It started to rain and lightening mid afternoon, so keep an eye on the weather as there are some very exposed sections of the trail. This would also be a great trail running trail.

Very nice for all ages. Bring water and lunch. A couple of nice places by the river to rest. Go to the end of the trail.

13 days ago

Easy hike with great views.

13 days ago

So beautiful!
You get to hike by the stream and then you can swim just below a waterfall, and all on your way up!
Me and my friend camped for 1 night by the lake and it was so perfect! Plus tons of huckleberries to eat on your way up! We also got to see s mamma goat and her two babies!
would definitely recommend this trail!

13 days ago

This hiking trail was a really fun one. It does provide a bit of a challenge, but it makes up for it. I only have four stars because there were so many people. It really slowed down our hike because we had to keep stepping off trail for others to get through. There also seems to be an issue with the fellow hikers not following rules by not keeping their dogs leashed (as it says right at the beginning to keep them leashed). This caused a lot of issues with the dogs running past us and almost knocking us over.

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