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its uphill the whole way good times beautiful waterfall. beginners were at that are we there yet about 3/4 way. lolz. so worth it. well worn trail.

3 days ago

Good little hike with a waterfall at the end - entrance fees waived by a National Parks pass.

Not my favorite hike, but it’s nice. It’s a pretty busy trail but the waterfall at the end is fun.

We loved the hike and the tour! We took our 3 year old and 1 year old and they loved it.

Lovely hike to a beautiful waterfall. i enjoyed hiking by the stream and seeing all the beautiful little cascades of water and mini waterfalls. We started early but I can imagine when it is hot the first part would be a beast! The information we read said dogs were welcome if on a leash...I saw lots of dogs and none of them were on a leash! The dog poop along the trail left by inconsiderate dog owners was a real distraction to this beautiful trail! Come on dog owners pick up after your dogs or don't use this trail!

5 days ago

Definitely bring your dog on ODD numbered days so you don’t have to keep them out of the way of mountain bikers. There are a lot of bikers, runners, and hikers on this rail. Definitely recommend going in the morning (ie. avoid the heat and crowd). Per usual, there’s noticeably more cars/bikes/people as it gets towards 9am+. Pay $3 to a person in a booth on the way out (back toward I-215).

There are two parts to this hike. The first 0.7 miles is Rattlesnake Gulch- shaded and uphill. It’s a workout.

Take a left at the sign. The second part is 1.0 mile on Pipeline Trail with a nice view of the canyon and then the city/valley. Path is narrower and more windy (as in blowing air, not as in curvy), shade harder to come by. (You’ll see a Wasatch National Forest sign at about 1.4 miles total. Go another 0.3 to see a big metal tube thing and a place to sit and enjoy the view for a bit.)

Going up took us 45 minutes with short breaks going uphill. Going down took us 35 minutes with a bunch of stops to move aside for bikers.

Awesome hike to a 360 degree view!

One of my favorite hikes the way up is amazing and the caves are even cooler!

Great hike to a beautiful waterfall.

This hike was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it but I would try to go later in the day so that you can cool off while soaking in the hot springs. This was also a great hike for someone from out of state (Missouri) as it wasn’t too steep and felt as though I was hiking in Missouri (but better lol). We did see a lot of snakes while on this trail so be careful (but none were venomous). Also, the trail looks like it got washed away a little bit so be careful as it’s gravely and large washouts on the trail itself.
Trail: 5 stars
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Drive to trailhead: very easy paved road

trail running
11 days ago

Great hike / trail run. 3.9 miles from the Parking lot, 1.5 hours. Good workout

12 days ago

There are three parts to this hike.
Part 1: Walking up switchbacks on sand (!) with a city view behind you (also Bonneville Shoreline Trail)
Part 2: Very nice hike along Adams Creek in shade on dirt-and-rock path
Part 3: Do-able scramble up large rocks

It is about 2 miles from the parking lot to the falls and took 1 hour. (We are average 20-something Utah transplants and it was a lovely fall morning.) So in total, about 4 miles or 2-2.5 hours. It is incline the whole way in and decline the whole way out.

The reviews here that say 3.4 miles total I believe stopped at the first little waterfall that kind of runs through a couple large boulders. When we got to that, my watch said exactly 1.7 mi. — The others that include pictures at the base of an actual waterfall did the 1/2 mile or so large rock scramble that comes after that initial falls.

Our dog loved this trail. Going in the morning was awesome because it was the perfect temperature before it started getting hot, and the trail was noticeably busier on the way back. Everyone on the trail was super courteous and friendly.

The parking lot is really uneven and rocky, but was very nice to have and more than enough space for the 8am to 10am crowd.

14 days ago

Pretty steep the way up. Gets to a tree line and then all shade walking by the river. Keep winding up to a horseshoe turn right eventually and you’ll find the waterfall.

beautiful falls and shaded paved trail to the base of the falls. just pass the falls there is a bridge to the left with port-a-potties..to the right of the bridge is the safest way up the falls. it is dirt narrow trail that then turns to gravel and rock. Very narrow all the way up but not strenuous. Just nerve wracking that you could slip! We took our 12 yr kld daughter and I was so afraid she would slip. people were carrying babies and toddlers and i think they were nuts!! once to the falls it ia gorgeous and fun!

Love these hot springs. Especially beautiful in the fall. Avoid visiting them on a holiday though, if you enjoy solitude...way too many people visit the area on holidays to allow the outing to be enjoyable in my opinion.

Well, that was a mistake. First part of the trail was fine; well traveled, a bit rocky in places, but otherwise a normal trail for the area. Once you branch off to go towards the mine area, you quickly find that the trail is not much more than an overgrown unmaintained deer path all the way to the end. We never did see the mine at the end of the trail and all we took away were frustrations and cut up legs. Bring a machete and wear long pants if you are going to do this hike.

17 days ago

9.3.18 - this is a pretty easy trail. I started it at 8:15am and the lots and side of the road were so full. but the time I came back down it was a circus on the trail. there were so many people it was like bestbuy and Walmart on black Friday. lots of crying kinds and college kids blasting the music. I'd say do this trail during the week, very early in the morning. you'll enjoy it so much better.

I am a beginner hiker in okay shape and this was a toughie! For me this was on the harder side of moderate. It basically inclines steadily for 2 miles, then gradually for a mile, then sharply for .4 miles. First mile-ish is in the shade, then it's pretty much no shade until the top! Sunscreen is a must and I regret starting this trail at 10:30am. It took me 2.5 hours to get to the top, and much of this trail ended up being in over 80 degree weather and lots of sun. Bring plenty of water. A neat 360 degree view at the top. I won't do this again until I'm in better shape!

18 days ago

Great hike for children. Bring or wear Chacos, Keens, or other water shoes.

Great Lake hike with great views ! Steep incline but worth it. Dogs are allowed !

nature trips
18 days ago

Fun, short hike! Parking lot fills up quick, and it costs 6$ to get in. Fun for families, pets, as a date, etc

A beautiful hike! Definitely go early because we got there @8 and as we were getting back to the car @10:30 tons of people hiking up. Next time we would go an hour earlier but 8 wasn’t that bad

Great out and back hike. Falls at top are beautiful.

18 days ago

It is so beautiful!! it's a very nice place to take your family or yourself for a nice walk. No parking fee.

18 days ago

Great hike!! Went up early in the morning to avoid people and I was glad I did!! By the time I got to the waterfall, and hung out for 15 mins, the people started rolling in. I had very quiet hike to the fall, but going back was getting crowded. The pup and I will for sure be going back.

This is one of THE best hikes I have been on. The scenery is amazing. A beautiful running creek flows alongside most of the trail. The reward of this hike only gets better as you reach the breath taking waterfall at the top.

19 days ago

Lot of people driving up and down the road when my dad and I went so it was really dusty. The heat bothered me more than anything since there wasn't much shade. My dad complained about being out of shape after retirement on our way up, but it took us about an hour to reach the top and only 40 minutes downhill.

This was my first time exploring these mountains and it was prettier than I expected. The scenery during the hike was nice (once the dust cleared) especially with the trees changing colors. Saw a lot of chipmunks along the way and 3 hawks circling around above the mine once we got to the top. On our drive up to the parking area, I glimpsed something that looked like a young moose (dark colored, round nose, antlers that were beginning to come in), but I didn't get a good enough look to verify what it was. The mine itself was impressive I guess, I enjoyed seeing the surrounding nature more to be honest. Seeing the mine after seeing all the beauty around it was a bit sad.

I'm glad I hiked it, just to see in person the effects we have on the environment around us, but I wouldn't hike it again. Getting there was really easy, just drive up Butterfield Canyon until you come to a parking area that forks into 2 roads. It's labeled as Butterfield Peaks Trailhead on Google Maps. The road to the overlook is the right fork.

Well missed the turn off to go towards the mines so we ended up just hiking up the Mineral Fork Trail. Trail is pretty rocky for alot of it with a few springs throughout the trail. When we came back down ran into a moose and then found the trail to go to the mines. The "trail" was in the middle long grass and the trees. Take markers because the little distance we walked we almost got lost coming back. You will need the keep the map out to find the trail or you will miss it and continue walking up Mineral Fork Trail

clearly, my experience was different. after the split, the trail was full of underbrush that was very thick at times. near the mine, i couldnt find a viable route to tje mine. i periodically checked the all trails map and it showed that i was on the trail but clearly thete wasnt a trail. i was very disappointed.

trail running
19 days ago

Hard start, the first 1/2 mile is where you get the elevation gain. But was a nice short trail.

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