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Awesome trail. It levels out after about 20 minutes. Lots of shade for the majority of it. Opens up to a beautiful field with trees if you want to hammock. Ducks at the lake are super friendly

Love the trail. Steep at first but worth the climb. Smithing special about hiking through aspen forests. Ducks are very friendly at the lake. Only reason for the 4 rating is because it’s a busy trail.

4 days ago

Hiked in Sept. and the colors were dazzling. Trail to lower mine was easy. I took a small trail just off the “road” for the first .5 mile for some variety. I then added distance and difficulty by extending the trail to the saddle at the end of the canyon.

on Willow Heights Trail

5 days ago

Really pretty and good trail

Great hike. Beautiful relaxing spot when you get to Lake Mary.

Pretty hike through aspen trees. The beginning is pretty steep, but the hike is so short it's really no big deal. The lake is pretty and if you sit there quietly you will see Moose! We saw 5!

Beautiful stop on the way to lake Catherine.

Easy, scenic hike. First things first, parking is along the side of the road, but it’s easy to miss if you don’t know where it is. Although it’s a quick hike up, it’s really steep. Basically no switch backs and just straight up. Even so, only takes around 20 minutes. Once you get to the lake (which is small), the view is beautiful. Lots of aspens and a good view of Solitude. The ducks here are friendly, they swam right over to me, I assume because they expected food. I also saw 2 huge moose, and I went around 1. Good hike if you’re looking for something quick and scenic.

Pretty steep until you get to the first lake, but it’s worth it!

13 days ago

Beautiful! We did a 2.8 mile loop. Started at the base of Milly up to Twin Lakes. Then hiked back down to Silver Lake and up the road back to Brighton. Steep, but worth it!

14 days ago

We did the shorter version of this hike. (You can start at Milly Lift) The trail is STEEP, but easy enough when it comes to footing. The true gem is when you get to Twin Lake. It's like stepping into a Thomas Kinkade painting. The water is glassy and the trees and foliage make this place a true Haven. If you're a true trooper you'll top it off by jumping in the Lake. Be warned: it's VERY cold.

15 days ago

I thought this trail(s) was beautiful, however, coming down the large road at the end, is very dangerous. There are loose pebbles the entire way and of course-I found the wrong one and fell and I sustained a pretty painful injury to my knee cap and side butt. You just have to pay attention and be careful coming down.

on Twin Lakes Trail

17 days ago

Nice hike. Twin lake located within solitude ski area

The getting to is HARD! It was really steep for a lot of the time up but the destination made it worth it. Lake Mary is very beautiful.

19 days ago

We took a 3 yr old and 5 yr old. They could make it. The three yr old needed some help getting up the steep trail if you stay right going up from the trail head. We came down the other path that ends up in the houses and it seemed easier. Not many people and we saw 5 moose, deer and ducks. We went at about 5pm and came back down with very little light so we caught all the animals coming down for water. It was amazing!

I really enjoy this trail and almost always see moose down at the base by Silver Lake. It’s a great hike that my kids and I like to do every Summer. It’s pretty steep at some points but not too long and the lake is fun to hang out by and throw rocks in. One time my kids brought nets and caught tiny minnows. (Then release them).

My favorite hike. I’ve hiked much harder trails and much easier trails but for some reason I keep coming back to this one when I think about my favorite one. My kids and I hike it at least twice a Summer. It is an extremely beautiful lake. Amazing wildflowers and lots of chipmunks and squirrels. We saw a marmot up there once as well. We eat lunch by the lake and let the kids good off and are always back before lunch.


Gorgeous trail right at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. We went this morning around 8:30am, and the temps were delightful and the views excellent. We went clock-wise, starting the hike on the west end of the parking lot. I think if we had to do it again, we’d go counterclockwise and start on the east side of the parking lot. Then the views of the valley could be the climax of the hike. The kids (15,12,10) loved this hike and enjoyed seeing climbers tackling the various routes like Bong Eaters Buttress and Mexican Crack. The leaves are starting to change ever so slightly!

incredible views.

Nice hike through aspen groves to a small lake. Some moderate but not too difficult inclines that our 5 & 7 year-olds were able to handle fine. Trail head was easy to find and follow.

Nice & easy

28 days ago

Thought it was really pretty with all the aspens. Make sure you take the time to pause and look around from time to time, you may be surprised what you see.
Looking forward to experiencing this trail in the other seasons as well.

29 days ago

Beautiful day, nice shady hike through aspen trees. Unfortunately no moose, but our kids loved the friendly ducks who are obviously used to being fed. Fairly steep at first, but flattens out for a nice walk around the lake.

1 month ago

love the fact that you can be in such a crowded place and find such solitude within just a few minutes of hiking. fish were small (5 inches or so) but this hike and lake Catherine just above it were phenomenal. I'd love to go back again when there aren't so many people on the trail tho. I had to stop quite a few times to let big groups pass by and it was just myself. great hike tho and some very beautiful scenery.

1 month ago

Great hike. The trail can be a little confusing but you should not get lost. We saw a moose.

1 month ago

This hike was all uphill on rocky terrain. I went with my two kids on a Saturday in August. My seven-year-old enjoyed the challenge, but my four year old had a hard time with how steep it was. The views at the top were stunning!!! We decided to come down using the trail going around the side of the mountain that meets up with Blood Lake trail. That was a much easier trail (less slope) and the lake was beautiful, but packed with people and dogs. I would definitely do that loop again!

1 month ago

Decided to do this hike with my two boys (8 and 10) after camping at the Spruces the night before. The boys complained about the incline going up from Brighton, but overall it really wasn't bad and was a great hike that I knew my boys could survive.

1 month ago

Delightful hike through the aspen trees.

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