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We went in the evening and saw a moose! Beautiful hike with incredible views the whole way.

Beautiful wildflowers, streams and forestry make the hike enjoyable and the lake is fun. There were a few ducks we fed and sweet little side trails throughout. I loved It!

1 day ago

One of my favorite quick hikes. We started late afternoon around 7 we got to lake Mary then kept going to Lake Martha and saw 4 Bull Moose!!! It was amazing! Then on the way down we ran into another one walking in front of us on the trail just before Dog lake.

For a bit longer hike and some great views, start at Silver Lake, up to Twin Lakes, and then over to Lake Mary. From there, out to the trailhead. It’s a quick road walk back to the Silver Lake parking. This provides a nice loop of about 4 miles and adds in some great views between Lake Mary and Twin Lakes.

Awesome hike with my kids. Beautiful aspen woods, meadows of wildflowers, and we even sighted a moose right off the trail. A few annoying flies and mosquitoes, but insect repellent worked well. Very peaceful and tranquil up at the lake.
A few slippery sections, so make sure shoes with decent grip (especially for kids) are worn.

The first part was a lot steeper than I expected, even with the tips on these reviews. My 3 year old needed assistance.
The bugs were out in full force and we all got eaten, even with bug spray. The lake was pretty and the wildflowers were amazing, but not sure if I’ll do this one again until the seasons change and it’s a big cooler.

1.2 Mi loop I don't get that. Nothing is labeled as 1.2 miles anywhere. Not kid friendly as an easy hike.

Still one of my favorites. Didn't see any moose this morning sadly. Lots of wildflowers and the trail has grown a lot since I was there a couple weeks ago.

This is kid friendly and my 4 year old just needed a little help making it on the steeper parts. The wildflowers are insane right now—so gorgeous!!

4 days ago

Views are beautiful and the flowers are stunning as you walk up the trail. However, we went around 7pm and there were so many bugs we had to start running down. Three of us went on the hike and ended with at least 10 mosquito bites a piece. Might be worth it to endure the heat rather than a night hike, but still my favorite view.

Super fun trail! Even saw a friendly moose.

This hike is not anything close to being as enjoyable as it used to be. The first two thirds of the gradual winding elevation following a babbling brook and shaded by tall pine trees has been blocked and rerouted to a miserable straight up the hill (providing no Sun) path looking more like a Jeep road than a hiking trail. Very ugly and very disappointing. My heart sank when I saw what they had done. We had a large family group of all ages and it was still doable but too much now is a climb of little satisfaction.

trail running
5 days ago

First little bit would be considered steep/hard, but one past that, you are on a flat path until you reach the lake.
We hiked up to the trees and hung our hammocks and had a nice camp fire going.
There are a lot of mosquitoes that will bite!
We saw 3 moose right before sunset and it was awesome, but one of them was about 8-9 feet away.
Very nice and easy hike after all. We loved it

Awesome hike!! Easy enough for the little ones ranging from 3 (with a little help) -10 years.

6 days ago

This easy to follow trail is good for the kids and a quick get away when time doesn’t allow for something longer. The flowers are in full bloom and the trees offer plenty of shade no matter what time of day you go. Be sure to carry plenty of bug spray as the flies are no respecter of sweaty flesh.

7 days ago

This hike is a quick get away. The lake is beautiful and a great introduction to the area. Steep but short.

8 days ago

Fun hike, took boys 4 and 10. They completed with some motivation along the way. There are steep rocky parts but not too bad. I would say lots of mosquitoes so plan for that, and wish people wouldn’t feed the wildlife the chipmunks are too friendly. Beautiful view!! ♥️

9 days ago

Nice, easily marked hike through the ski mountain. Some minor rock climbing at parts. Great view at top of the lake. There definitely are quite a few mosquitos up around the lake, may vary on the day/weather, but around 4pm on a sunny day we ran into a bunch - plan accordingly.

Nice hike...initial portion of trail requires some vertical climbing but levels out near the lake. Trust the app/GPS on some of the parts that are not well marked.

10 days ago

Great hike to do with large group of family. We had 12 people ages 4-57 hiking and everyone enjoyed it!

We climbed up a bit off the trail to watch sunset and that was indeed very beautiful. 2 stars because it isn’t very clear what is and is not the trail ... there are so many offshoots that aren’t really the trail it’s hard to know what’s the trail and what’s not. Also, the evening we were there there was a huge group of teenagers/college age kids having a party back in the woods, every turn smelled like heavier weed and cigarettes. Evidently back in the woods is a party place. Gross. Not fun when you’re just trying to hang out in nature.

11 days ago

12 days ago

Not easy. The first 3/4 mile was a somewhat steep, rocky climb.

13 days ago

Gorgeous hike. When going up, the right fork is steep and rocky but a shorter ascent, and the left fork is more gradual. We did not see any wildlife but it might have been the wrong time of day for them (late afternoon). We came down a different way than we went up to get the full experience, but we ended up going to the wrong trailhead and had to walk back up the canyon road to get to our car, so that sucked. Apparently we missed the last creek crossing, which you'd think would have been obviously, but oh well. Still a beautiful hike.

Great short hike, nice incline the whole way. Great spots to hang hammocks and relax.

13 days ago


14 days ago

I wouldn’t call this ‘easy’ if starting from the parking lot at the pass. The initial climb is pretty steep and rocky but the views at the top are beautiful. A hiking stick will be your best friend.

14 days ago

This is a new favorite! Has everything you’d want on a short easy hike: lush underbrush, tons of wildflowers (at their peak right now), aspens, shaded, ends at a beautiful lake. We took the left fork and followed one moose part way up the trail and then saw three more by the lake. They are young and frisky right now so we kept our distance.

14 days ago

My kids 7,8,11,12,12 did great on this uphill. Beautiful hike for the family.

Easy hike, beautiful.

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