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It’s worth going to the lookout towards Sedona. Breathtaking!

2 days ago

excellent climb

3 days ago

the hike was beautiful and the swimming hole at the end looked like it would be amazing in summer. totally worth it for the scenery itself though. there were quite a few small non biting bugs by the swimming hole though.

4 days ago

Good initial trail all up hill. Camped on the mountain after the trail split to the falls. Set up our tents then scrambled to the falls that were trickling. If you see the juniper tree camp site open, grab it up because it is by far one of the best spots and makes hiking out much easier as well

I just hiked this trail in mid-January. It started out kind of flat with not much to look at. Then, the trail began to gain a little elevation, slowly by slowly. As the elevation gained, the scenery just kept getting better and better. After about the first mile or so, the red rocks rose right in front of me as the sound of the water was heard below. There was not another soul in sight as this became one of the most magical hikes I have done in a while. After about 3 1/2 miles I reached the pools that this hike is known for. I did not expect such a stunning sight. I strongly recommend this hike.

Hiked this for a second time and loved it! Definitely one of the more scenic hikes in the PHX area.

13 days ago

This was a very secluded trail for an overnight backpacking trip. Fun scramble to the falls, which were frozen. Climbing out was tough. watch the cactii---they are "biters" but worth every footstep since there was a dusting of snow everywhere. just lovely.

My favorite hike I've taken in Tonto Forest/Superstition area! I absolutely loved it. Parking available across the street in the Marina lot (the trailhead/hiking spots are nearest to the fence/road). Super varied trail with phenomenal panoramic views of the lake, Four Peaks, Battleship, Weaver's Needle, and Superstition area. Was moderately crowded on a Saturday, but thinned out the further we went. Agree with other hikers - trail was well maintained and well marked, just be sure to pay attention to the rock cairns at the river bed near the end. There isn't any specific "end point." If hikers want to try this one out but are intimated by the "difficult" rating or other reviews, I'd recommend trying it out and going the first 2-2.5 miles or so. You can always turn back whenever! The incline was the perfect workout. The only difficult part, was just the length and by the time you're coming back up on the return, you've already been hiking for 6 miles or so. Overall though, it's 100% worth it. There's also a steamboat tour at the marina and the Goldmine/Ghost Town on Route 88/Apache Scenic Drive. Not hike related, but would they seem cool if you wanted to add other nearby activities to your day.

Gorgeous even in January!!! Be prepared for the road to the trailhead. High clearance is definitely the way to go! The road takes a lot longer than what you would think. Wear layers, it was freezing then warm then back to freezing..... expect to get your feet wet too! Super fun and just beautiful hike.

15 days ago

Beautiful trail! Amazing views for a short distance! This trail has it all! We completed it in 3.5 hours with a nice lunch break by the water!!

One of the best places in the US to visit

Great trail. Somewhat challenging and until I hit Pyramid trail I pretty much had the trail to myself.

19 days ago

Arduous hike, great vistas. Easier if hiked through from the lake to First Water instead on in and out.

19 days ago

Beautiful hike and destination. Good pup hike too.

Lovely view of Sedona at the top.

Once in a lifetime, must see and do hike!!!! There’s nothing more to say about this place.

Not a lot of elevation except going in and coming out. Didn’t see anywhere to summit. Going into the canyon is absolutely gorgeous. One of the prettiest hikes I’ve ever been on. The hike is long. I went there in December so bring multiple layers of clothing. At times, I was hot depending if I was in the sun and other times I was cold when in the shade coupled with the wind. When crossing the river beds make sure to look for the rock cairns to guide you to the trail. It’s pretty easy to get lost here. I’d highly recommend using the GPS map here on AllTrails. Per my GPS, this hike was a total of 12 miles in and out.

22 days ago

Parking for ~5 vehicles east of 43rd Ave at Estrella. 1/2 mile to San Juan Lookout, then chose your trailhead to Alta or National Trail. Did the full loop, 9.76 miles, ~2,150’ elevation gain, took about 4 1/2 hours. First half of Alta Trail the most challenging with steep hills. Trails fairly well marked and groomed. Lightly traffic (saw ~12 people). Good hike and enjoyed

One of the most beautiful places on earth.

28 days ago

Further you go on Bursera the less people
You see. Once you hit the National Trail will see few people at all. Use app to find trails to cut short of you don’t want to go to Pyramid. Most of the time on trail you get cell signal. Great work out and better views!

28 days ago

This is a great hike, awesome views of Canyon Lake and the Superstitions, and Weaver’s Needle at the top. Park in the marked spots closest to the road at the marina at Canyon Lake, trailhead is across the highway and well marked. I’d say I’m a “moderate” hiker so this wasn’t as difficult as they make it out to be. Take your poles if you have one or two. Lots of rock, steep in quite a few parts but I took my time and made it easily. Only went to the flat part at the top, will continue on the trail into the canyon next time. Going back down you have to pay attention to your footing because of loose rocks and gravel/shale in parts. Some great spots to stop for photos, so it took longer because of that. Take lots of water, especially if it’s hot out, and snacks to have to sit and look at the views! Traffic was light on a weekday afternoon. Definitely going back to do the whole thing.

First time I’ve done it, and loved it. Endless views of the mountains. Not an easy hike due to the distance, and elevation dips and inclines but well worth it.

1 month ago

It is definitely a good one but can be difficult at times. This may not be for everyone. I’d recommend those who are in shape & have maybe done some hiking or backpacking on some more difficult trails before. Would recommend this hike to anyone as far as beauty and escaping from life goes. Oh & be sure not to miss the turn off for the falls trail, it can be easily missed.

What a gorgeous trail! I loved the aspens and the green meadows. A hike that's well worth the effort.

A beautiful hike with incredible views of Battleship Mountain and the Superstition Wilderness. Trail is really well marked and taken care of!

1 month ago

Favorite hike in AZ! Ends at a swimming hole with some great spots to cliff jump at. Pretty long hike but all worth it once you make it to the water. Probs too cold in late fall/winter to get in water but great for Spring/summer.

Once again a great hike with absolutely beautiful destinations! Sadly there seem to be more people not taking their trash and other items out with them. Some people left behind an air mattress, shoes, dirty clothes, bottles, cans and other trash. if you hike it in, hike it out or don’t bother going. It is a disgrace that some humans ruin things for others. I would agree that if you were going to have your belongings packed into the canyon for you that you should use the helicopter. There are still several horses and mules along the route that had bleeding saddle sores and other injuries. That stuff aside, it’s a place worth checking out if you are lucky enough to get a permit.

Hardest hike ive ever done! But i went a little off trail going up and ended up rock climbing (i crawled up the mountain) and then i took the trail down!

This was the most fun I have ever had. climbing down a cave then realizing I have to climb down using chains and then there's a huge ladder thats wet from the mist of the most beautiful waterfall. I faced my fear of heights. then we take the trail and get to take off our shoes and socks and make our way across the water not once but 3 times on this hike (and 3 times on the way back) when it seemed to never end we got to those final ladders to get up top above Beaver Falls and that feeling you get is just so worth the hike. Amazing view. Amazing feels.
Not ok for kids, adults only

Amazing!! We are two fit people (male and female) and we did both the whole of this one and the Sedona lookout part up at the top as well. It took us 5 and a half hours and my Apple Watch clocked the whole thing at 12.38 miles. Breathtaking views at he Sedona lookout part at the top. The actual end of this trail lookout is much less spectacular. Honestly barely worth it except to say you did it. Going down was much harder than coming up due to the rocks moving all around. Including stops at both top lookouts we started at 10am and finished at 430pm. So we spent about an hour enjoying the views. Note- the first part to the First Bench marker is the hardest part. Smooth sailing from there.

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