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2 days ago

1/1/19 - Lovely hike. Much less strenuous than one might expect. While we didn’t trek all the way to the summit (stopped and ate our lunch at the favorable bald of the Swag). 13.3m out to that point and back via my GPS.

on Table Rock Trail

11 days ago

Great trail with a great view at the top! Beware this trail is much longer if the gate at the bottom of the paved road is closed. It turned into a 4.1mi round trip with over 1300ft of elevation. No issues on the dirt road with a small sedan, but it does take nearly 25min of driving on the dirt road to get to the trail.

Spectacular views with just enough challenging sections! Great for either a day hike or an overnighter.

This trail is great for kids. My 5 year old is very small, only 28 pounds, and had never hiked before. She did the entire trail on her own. The views at the end are beautiful!!

15 days ago

Excellent track that provides equal parts elevation, exercise and excitement with multiple stream crossings that require some relative ingenuity and agility. We started from the HRSP parking lot, taking in the descent first. The way back up isn't exhausting for moderately-conditioned day hikers, and we found that the bathroom access at start and finish was worth an ascent finish. Surprised this trail isn't rated higher, with more reviews, but a 'Hard' designation at a state park may shy people away.

We visited in January, after a week of precipitation and while trekking poles weren't absolutely necessary, they were helpful with slippery, leaf-strewn trails and the crossings of Indian Creek (about 10 feet wide at their widest points).

One of the most diverse - and least-traveled - trails in HRSP. That should put it on your must-hike list.

This is a nice trail with some decent views. It’s good for a day hike if you live nearby. Lots of people, though and not enough parking for the amount of people. Trails are well marked- you definitely won’t get lost.

Fun, hard, sweat, laughter, the trail we took was from Spence Ridge to Little Table Rock to the Mountain to Sea trail out to the Chimneys, 5.24 total track. Lovely weather. Little Table rock is a tough one almost straight up. Views are worth it. Take your time a breathe you'll be alright!!

18 days ago

beautiful hike, a little muddy from the rain but not difficult. hiked with my 9 year old.

19 days ago

well marked, travelled it my a 9 year old

This hike was probably one of the best hike that I have been. The views on the way was amazing and the views at the top are specular! While I did just part of the loop (turned left at the Spence Ridge Trail Head rather than going on Spence Ridge Trail) it was still good exercise! The trail is not marked in spots so make sure you are aware of where the trail is. The group I went with make a few wrong turns but thankfully using this app on my phone and guidance from some friendly hikers we managed to find our way back to the correct trail. I am looking forward to hiking this trail again!

The 360 view at the top is amazing! Beautiful views going up as well. Take some short breaks and you’ll make it up with a steady pace. The trail isn’t marked in some areas but this isn’t a reason to quit, it’s worth the effort.

The hike was great, you do have to cross the creek several times (no problem for us), the trail is well marked (yellow paint on the trees), and so worth the hike. The water stays super cold even in the heat of summer and is so unbelievably clear. It's absolutely gorgeous! You won't regret the hiking adventure to get there.

went 7/10/18 Tuesday to Devils bathtub and it was so much fun! For being about a mile and a half hike(the left trail) it felt like forever but really only took an hour. The was was so clear and clean. Water was freezing to swim but so worth it! It wasn’t too busy, a few groups but not overly crowded. Definitely would go back!

Very amazing trail enjoyed every thing about it not
To hard to get to the top

The taller mountains were snowed in, so this was a great alternative! Lower elevation had great winter weather, and the views were still exactly what I was hoping for when we were planning this trip.

So beautiful! The beginning is definitely steep, but so worth it for the views! I did it with my 14 month old on my back and was a great workout! Would love to come back and camp here.

Great hike..... 1st half is pretty tough in spots, then your rewarded with GORGEous views of the Linville Gorge. Great spot for exploring and finding some excellent "off the trail" views. 2nd half up to Table Rock is much easier, and again rewarded with some 360 degree views of the whole area. My only complaint is the trails up are poorly marked. No blaze markers on trees what so ever on the trip up. Their were several spots that we had to guess which way the actual trail was. Most of it was pretty obvious, but not all of it. We enjoyed the challenge though! Highly recommend though! Will do it again for sure!

this was a great all day hike with family!

This trail should be labeled as hard. If you search table Rock trails in this app, table loop from Spence ridge trail will come up and it is labeled as hard. This trail is the same thing + the extra few mile walk. I assume it is labeled as moderate because the way down is easy and maybe the few extra mile walk is too. Spence ridge has no switch backs and is straight up. I would consider myself someone that's in shape but this was tough for me. My boxer/lab mix loved it though. I will be back.

trail running
1 month ago

Just completed a trail run here for the first time and will definitely be back. Even on a cloudy/rainy day the views were incredible. Plus it links up with the Mountains to Sea trail so you can go as long or short as you like.

The first mile is the most difficult - rocky elevation gain - but then you get to traipse along the ridge line for a while and it’s a breeze.

Fun first hike with my Sister

Awesome. Start at wolf pit go as far as you like. Great sunset

on Rough Ridge

1 month ago

Great hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway with amazing views.

Went hiking here a couple months back and was not disappointed! The road to the entrance is a little rough but I didn’t have any problems in my Jeep Cherokee. We went right after it had rained so the creeks were very swift and reached my mid thigh. I would recommend not going when it has rained a lot. Also, definitely bring extra shoes/clothes! Overall, it was a great hike and I would definitely go back.

I have wanted to hike this trail for over a year and finally got to tackle it today. It's rocky and muddy but manageable. The views of the mountains and the Linn Cove Viaduct are amazing! Well worth the trip.

2 months ago

Amazing views my 10 year old loved this trail. Bring your camera for great photo op!

2 months ago

Nice trail to the top also can go to the left of the parking lot to take the trail towards Shortoff mtn. Go as far as you want and turn around

2 months ago

A beautiful, short hike with lots of places to go explore. Many places to camp along the way.

2 months ago

The road/driveway to the trail head is so badly washed out that we nearly bottomed out in our Subaru Outback, even with very careful maneuvering. Please know that there is a stream at the start of the trail that must be crossed, no bridge, no rope. It was impassable for us due to high, fast water.

2 months ago

Very fun trail with amazing views! In my groups opinion it wasn’t very hard like the reviewers say (and we aren’t in very well shape like most). Would recommend this trail to anyone.

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