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Great trails very well marked. Will be back to do again

A bit dodgy on signage /trail markers and the Vogel map doesn’t show all the creek crossings

Other than that, awesome hike. Beautiful Nov 25 2018 day

Loved just about everything on this trail but do agree it needs to be better marked. some intersecting trails are confusing. Spent several hours in this park Thanksgiving day. Will certainly be back again. The canyons are amazing but as before need to be better marked. At the end of the day we only had 8 miles and was expecting 10+. The way the loops meet and cross and being unmarked lessened the mileage.

This was an awesome trail! Spent part of Thanksgiving Day here! The only drawback is trail markings, not as clear as it could be, but overall this is a fantastic trail venture!

So much fun and absolutely beautiful

Always have enjoyed this hike. Preachers Rock has wonderful views, and because of that can be crowded. Don’t let it scare you though, it’s worth it.

1 month ago

Amazing tree color!

Really nice section of the AT. Hike up to Preachers is nice, view at the top is great! I went past Preachers and down to the Dockery lake trail. Out and back about 6 miles. Don’t miss the other overlook past Preachers.

1 month ago

Would definitely do this trail again.

on Heritage Park Trail

2 months ago

very relaxing but good cardio.

The hike was great. We arrived around 9:00 a.m. Not too many people there until we hiked back. The view was spectacular! Would do it again

Best trail in the park

Somewhat mixed feelings about this trail, but overall it’s definitely worth trip. You start up near the interpretive center. I went on a weekend with the dog and the start was a bit of a circus because the two main park trails are slotted onto the same lane. Once you get to the canyon floor the red trail splits off, which is what you take. They seem to do a good job maintaining the trails. Clearly marked and not a ton of debris. I went after a hurricane and the crew was out there setting things right and even once I got ahead of them things still went pretty smoothly. The first part doesn’t have a ton of excitement. It’s a quiet forest stroll which isn’t bad. Just don’t expect towering canyons right off. Eventually you turn onto a ridge and pass some campsites. Once you get to campsite 2, there’s and option to keep going straight and cu about a mile off. We did that because things had been getting somewhat monotonous. Up until that point I was a bit disappointed. Then we turned up the canyon. The fences are a bit nanny-state like, but you get still get some pretty rad views. Shortly after the trail reconnects along the main drag and you can take in the rest of the canyon.

The Evans mill trailhead has a small parking lot but it’s typically never full. Maverick, my dog, loves to play in the river. There’s is a cool old barn and there is some exposed rock from Arabia. Sometimes the trail has tons of spiderwebs so pay attention. I have never come across anyone else on this trail during weekdays. Overall it’s a good trail and I would recommend trying it out!

We loved this hike! Definitely a workout but we worth it! We went past preachers rock and there was another stunning view. We hiked about four miles in and then four miles back. Well worth the hike.

Agree with other reviews...moderate hike, decent workout, KILLER view.

Quiet, easy trail , nice

This was a beautiful, moderate hike! Our weather was great. If you walk a little past preacher’s rock to where the trail splits - take the trail to the right with the blue blazes and you get a second, beautiful overlook.

The views from Preachers Rock are gorgeous! Could have stayed up there all day. The hike up, while not extremely difficult, did get a good muscle burn going on. The hike is dog friendly if they are on leash. I brought one of my pups along for it. He had a great time. This trail is pretty crowded through and through. I did go on a Saturday, I'm sure that didn't help.

So the actual hike wasn't difficult. The views from Preacher's Rock are pretty awesome. We went early to try and catch the sunrise... but what we actually caught was a nice walk in the clouds. The temperature was very pleasant and the added moisture from the clouds was nature's A/C. However the map from Alltrails was a bit misleading. The was our first trip so I relied solely on the app. It had us walking an extra mile thinking there was more to see... There was not. So unless you are planning on hiking to Blood Mountain don't go past Preacher's Rock.

2 months ago

Hiked today, 1st and most important is this is a 6 mile hike not 5.2 Mostly flat, not too steep but the inclines are long, the worst part was the last bit heading from Helen to the Lodge. up,up and up. But one of the best hikes we have done in awhile took us an Hour and 10 mins to get from Lodge to Helen. And the wife was slow.

Take trekking poles for the slope right before the falls

3 months ago

Not the most scenic route until you get to the end but good exercise. Overall I think it rates easy but there are a few elevation changes that are some work. I did it in under three hours with a 20 minute lunch break and some water/picture breaks. I would recommend having a walking stick or grabbing one from the trail, mine saved me from walking through at least three banana spider webs! Much of the first mile is a sandy creek bed so be aware it’ll be wet, especially after it rains.

Hiked this trail with my 8 year old and we loved it. Lots of flowers, butterflies, rocks and roots to make an interesting hike. The view at preachers tick is amazing. Only bummer is the lack of parking.

easily the best hike to a waterfall in the state of Georgia...

This was a Tray Mountain, Brier Creek Bald and Rocky Mountain Trifecta. (all 3 part of the GA 4000 Challenge) Started from Indian Graves Gap at 8:15am. Hiked the trail to Tray Mtn. Couple campsites, one water point and three nice views but in the summer views are limited. Back down Tray to Tray Mtn Gap and headed north on Corbin Creek Rd to Brier Creek Bald (wonder what century Brier Creek Bald was actually bald?) Left the road at Whetstone Gap on an old Jeep trail to about 330 yds from the summit then followed a faint herd path almost to the top and bushwhacked the final 75 yds. The summit is very distinct and there is no doubt if you're on it. There is also a small rock cairn at the top. Back down the way I came all the way to Indian Graves Gap and then up a little over a mile to the top of Rocky and back down again to Indian Graves Gap. If you're tired, the hike up Rocky is a killer (I was tired) and coming back down it's brutal on the knees. It was a long drive to the trailhead from Big Canoe and I wasn't going to make that trip again just for Rocky. GPS says 10.10 total miles, 5:01:20 total time, pace 29.51 min/mile including all stops.

3 months ago

The sweet lady at the ranger station informed me that I would take over 4 hours to do this trail. I absolutely surprised her when I was done in 2.5 but I did also hike the trail backwards. even on a dry day it will be super wet and certain areas. you actually end up walking in part of a very shallow creek. it was very enjoyable majority of it is wooded but for about 1 mile is very scenic.

arrived abt 4pm parking lots on both sides were jammed packed. trilhead not clear on the particular blazes. surprisingly not crowded and enjoyable the entire way. my husband and I with our 2 teen boys and two dogs enjoyed the peacefulness and the well maintained trail. the view at preachers rock was gorgeous and some people congregated to chat. the dogs loved the ups and downs and couple switchbacks broke things up. I even appreciated the bathroom when getting back down! the little joys....

I grew up here in the area. I’ve hiked this trail several times. Love the adventure, the solitude and yes it’s a strenuous hike but well worth it. Currently the trail is closed per USFS due to storms recently.

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