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Great hike. Gradual incline due to multitude of switchbacks. Moderately strenuous for a weekend hiker. Incredible panoramic view. Make sure to pack a lunch and plan to stay a while to enjoy the view.

Nice climb. My first goal-oriented hike. Consistent elevation rise.

Really pretty and short - but definitely moderate (not easy) hike between the climb on the way back and the uneven surfaces. We were mostly alone mid afternoon on a Friday, but as we left we passed at least a bakers dozen of college students on their way in with (open on the trail) cheap beer, so perhaps less delightful late in the day on a Friday!

on Looking Glass Rock Trail

6 days ago

As other reviewers have mentioned, the main highlight is reaching the top and getting the spectacular view of the mountains! I found it to be worth it for a day hike. There are tons of switchbacks but nothing too difficult. The trail was nice and well-maintained. Lots of shade as you are in tree cover 99% of the hike. Even though I did see what looked like a few places to camp not far from the top, I am not sure I would want to overnight camp there. Only saw a handful of people either way. Its a hike worth doing to see it for yourself!

best waterfall trails in the state...two great falls on this trail....bring your shorts so you can get a swim in at turtleback

Beautiful falls! Worth the hike!

Very clean trail, I love the hike going up. The summit is one of the the best I have seen.

Extremely easy walk along a paved path from the parking lot. Seemed like a ten minute walk at most. But the waterfall is beautiful and you can see it from an observation deck.

not easy. 1/2 mile but either up or down, no flat.

11 days ago

A super short hike if you’re trying to do something easy. The stairs are long in the beginning but immediately after that it’s flat ground and then you’ve made it. Went pretty early in the morning and still ran into quite a few people.

11 days ago

Ahhhhh... Back in the Appalachians. Despite my relatively high ratings of trails in (flat) Michigan and Florida, this one is qualitatively different. Superb. The system needs more than five stars so that I can nudge those others down a bit, but this is a real five-star trail. Pretty, well maintained despite its popularity, hilly, green and alive with a variety of flora and fauna, and punctuated with a lovely waterfall that’s a great place to watch people, to get wet, to picnic or hang a hammock, and to marvel at Nature’s creative paths and tableaux during her slow march forward. P.S. Remember to enjoy the drive along the Bluegrass Parkway with plenty of time for stopping at overlooks.

12 days ago

not very scenic

12 days ago

Great trail, beautiful waterfall

Wonderful trail! Very rocky and wet in places, but I had fun!

This is a steep climb to a nice view of the southern Smokies! Did it Labor Day weekend when trees were green, but I bet the view is even better in the fall. I also bet it's an easier climb in the cooler weather. Could be worth packing a lunch to eat at the top!

16 days ago

nice waterfall!

the views at the top are amazing. can see sylva and th surrounding mountains. the "Pinnacle park" is fun you can walk down to about 3-4 different rock faces all with amazing views. the hike is tough!!! straight up no breaks! when you see the start of the trail behind the gate, it stays at that incline basically the whole way. I started at noon. got to the Pinnacle at 2. left at 2:30, back at trailhead at 4. beware tho, I saw a few people turn around and couldn't make it. it's a hard trail. it follow a forest service road. it has a fire campsites at the beginning next to the creek. also one at the top, but man, I personally wouldn't want to lug my gear up that incline ! lol there is a short "bridge" trail. take it to the right it looks like your going behind someone's house. it's a nice trail , not forest service road, that follows the creek and you pass over a few small bridges. it's a nice trail. nothing spectacular but the creeks are nice. good for dogs. the hike to the top was worth it though!! I was going to do a 7mile loop? but got confused and tired.

17 days ago

The trail is definitely on the moderate to hard end of the spectrum. There were people of all ages on the trail. My husband and I are in our late 20s but I saw children, as well as elderly making the trek to the top. The steady incline gets your heart pumping and sweat dripping but the view at the top is well worth it! I can’t wait to go back in the fall. I didn’t see anyone in the reviews comment on this, but don’t miss the little crystal pebbles/stones along the trail! I didn’t catch them until our way back down.

Absolutely wonderful. This trail will challenge your muscle endurance because it is quite steep. The view at the top was worth it.

17 days ago

It’s a tough one but has my favorite secret camp spot! I’ve done it twice and was able to camp there both times and only saw one little group of day hikers over there. Aside from that, the end of the trail is awesome but sketchy- no rails between you and the steep edge of the rock! Don’t set your water bottle down! It can get crowded though, because there’s not much room on the edge.

We wanted to camp and swim but it rained almost the whole time we were there. The gates close at 8:30, so if you changed your mind about camping after that (because of rain) you can’t get out. Also, all but one campsite had been reserved- the vacant one had had bear sightings! The actual trail tho is very well marked and maintained. There are lots of cool mushrooms and flowers along the way and the river/falls are some of the best I’ve seen! There are signs posted that say swimming is prohibited due to dangerous currents- we even saw a memorial to a dog who’d been swept away! There are small pools to wade in, however. I want to go again when it’s not raining!

This hike isn’t too difficult and the view at the top is 100% worth it. Switchbacks I considered to be slightly gradual. Did see a good sized snake on the trail on the way back. Well maintained trails though- went early in the morning and it started to get pretty busy on our way down.

Awesome hike — I recommend going to the top of the falls and walking out on some of the bigger rocks that approach the edge. We picnicked up there and it was great! Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit for once you get to the falls, too.

Fantastic views! Went after a few days of rain and parts of the trail were completely underwater. But this made it an adventure! The trail is very well maintained and the switchbacks are super moderate and covered in rhododendron, making for a shady beautiful hike.

It’s a good hike to it but the terrain is kind of hard specially if you got kids with you! It takes a while to get to it! ...

This is not an easy trail if you are starting at the foothills trail. It was a challenge with my 4 year old climbing over some of the rocks and the path was pretty narrow at times. Nevertheless, the view of the falls was beautiful.

I gave it a 4 because of the view at the summit. The downhill on the lower east side is brutal. There are no bathrooms at the trail head. The waterfall was very small. The 1st 2 miles up is steep but when you make the turn to see the pinnacle ridge it is a nice stroll. I would recommend knee braces for the decent if you are not in top shape. My knees were shaking the whole way down, not to mention the obstacles. I enjoyed the work out.

18 days ago

We didn’t hike the entire loop. We took the trail to the left from the parking lot and walked up to Juney Whank Falls then that led us down near Tom Branch Falls and we followed that trail to Indian Falls and then we turned back. It’s a relatively easy trail (minus the walk up at the start). We stayed down the road at Deep Creek Tube Center and Campground and had a great time tubing in this part of the park as well.

19 days ago

Fun little trail, very rocky as to be expected. Nice and scenic swimming area at the end. Fun but very, very crowded.

Difficult trial and very rocky but nice scenery.

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