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BEAUTIFUL place!!! Just a little tough but well worth it. Bring plenty of water!! There are plenty of places to rest and really beautiful over looks. There is also the remains of a plane crash about a half mile from mcdill point.

good day hike. remember to pack enough clothes with elevation change from bottom to the top the temperature and weather can change pretty quickly.

An incredible hike! Hiked to the top on 1/15 and it was perfect visibility (we got lucky). All ice and snow had melted and it was even comfortable at the summit. With the government shut down, we parked right outside of the gate, and easily hiked the extra .9 miles in. Round trip it was 6 hours, even with a solid 30 minutes at the top. Definitely worth whatever drive you need to make to get here!

great lower body workout! ((positive thinking will make you push forward and up

5 days ago

Easy/moderate depending on the weather. Great views of rural PA

Amazing views, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze! This was a game changer for me, my brothers and I completed it in 7 hours

great time . made a 15 mile loop from here

6 days ago

Great trail to take a dog on.

Amazing hike. Trail was very packed down and easy to follow. It gets really steep after you cross Phelps brook. The approach to the summit above tree line was very technical and needed concentration and skill. Very steep and icy at some points. Once you reach the summit the views are amazing but the wind makes it so you cant stay very long. Overall the hike was long but gradual and well worth the views.

This is a two part review.
The first part of the trail was from Flat Rock to Waggoners Gap. The trail was rugged and extremely rocky with numerous hills to ascend. Hiked this section on May 4,2018. A gallon of water was not nearly enough to carry, even with the fullest effort to conserve. Hiked all day and only made it about 14 miles before running out of light. With that being noted, we abandoned all hope to proceed and ended the journey at Waggoners Gap.
Just returned from the second leg of the journey (January 12,2019), which began where we left off at Waggoners Gap. This section of the trail was rocky, however, not nearly as the first trek. This section of the trail was MUCH easier, with numerous ascents and descents, though the trail seemed well “manicured “. During this trip, we hiked a continuous 15 miles, following the Tuscarora Trail into the AT at Miller’s Gap. As stated previously, this section of the Tuscarora Trail was ridiculously easier than the first section, and I feel somewhat upset about it. In all, we began this leg at 0545 and ended at 1600, well before running out of light.
In conclusion, the first leg from Flat Rock to Waggoner’s Gap is sheer, unforgiving Hell, while the second leg from Waggoner’s Gap to Miller’s Gap is more like walking a well maintained powderpuff trail.

I wanted to add some distance so I parked at the AT parking lot by the Pine Grove Furnace and followed the AT to the back side of the trail.

7 days ago

Breathtaking view from the top. Very very hard hike. Straight up. Was April but still felt like 100 degrees.

Very cool

This used to be called Harney Peak. We did it several times with children and my recollection is that there were many scenic vistas on the way up. Once on top, you know it. A great place to have lunch and enjoy the 360 view. The best hike in the Black Hills.

Such an exhilarating hike. Although government shut down is still in place we were able to access the park. We parked at the parking lot up the road from the national park HQ pinnery parking lot I believe. Its only an extra .9 miles to the trail head. Totally breath taking. Like others have said the first 1.5 miles are really tough and steep, but after that the inclines of the switch backs are quite moderate nothing too bad at all. A lot of false peaks. Winds were not too bad but there is still a bit of snow at the top. Nothing serious just take your time, and watch your feet. Completed 1/10/19 5hrs 15mins from the parking lot.

The North Rim trail was a good hike. The trail had a lot of big rocks in it. I'm glad that i was wearing my hiking boots because I could have had a few possible ankle rolls. From the cliff side I could see the forrest floor really well because it is winter time and there is no tree foliage. Unfortunatley, there was no critters for me to spy on from above.

I am a beginner with the hiking and adventuring. This trail was beautiful and was more than just a path. Lots of rock steps and inclines. It was not easy for me, but the accomplishment felt great. We went on a cold rainy January, so it was slippery but well worth it!

Awesome day hike. Pretty easy with amazing views. Plus my pup loved it. Can’t go wrong with this hike.

My boys and I headed to Campbell Hill from our home just north of Columbus. The highest point in Ohio and a drive up.It's located right off route 33 south of Bellefontaine. It was pretty cold and windy. We stayed for about 10 minutes and left. If you're looking to get some highpoints in this is about as easy as it gets.

This is a good hike,but be prepared. we hiked yesterday (8/1/18). We started at 1am and I would recommend starting between 12-1am (especially if you are planning on hiking at a 10 hour or slower pace!). The views are amazing and hiking with the moon is really cool. The way the weather is I would recommend leaving the top by 10. The 3.5 miles on the crest take a while and is dangerous when the storm starts. The last water is on switch back 23ish. It's good clean water right from a spring. If it rains the trail rivals any major water park. The trail will become a river. It rained while we were on the switch backs and you will get wet. The puddles are unavoidable. I had fun hiking and splashing on the way down in the rain. I loved this hike and would do it again.
This mountain is not a joke, if you are hiking do research, train before you go, and bring all the proper gear (a good rain coat) Be Safe and have fun.

11 days ago

Short hike from the lower parking lot but very steep. Really gets the heart rate up. If your looking for a good 20 min cardio then go for it. Add a heavy backpack to make it more intense going up. The coming down part is a bit tough on the knees, but that just me. It's paved the whole way. Beautiful view from the top.
Happy hiking.

Hiked up to the hut at the base of the ravine on 1/06/19, ended up in a mini blizzard but that was the best part, the beauty was breathtaking. Of course we had the right clothing and used spikes for the fresh snow. Lots of people to the hut, but most opted not to go on due to weather conditions, 105 mile winds reported at the top. Even at the hut they were about 30, the air changed right there and the temperature dropped to felt like 20 below. That was far enough for us!

11 days ago

Gorgeous scenic overlook. The beginning is straight uphill, and fairly demanding. It’s not an easy hike. The scenic overlook is amazing. Spectacular view of Harpers Ferry. This is a “must do” hike for everyone!

11 days ago

GPS takes you to the loading dock plenty of parking, but the trail starts a quarter of a mile away-- use the map

quite a bit of graffiti and trash sadly but we picked some up while passing, lovely view once you make it to the cave

Fairly challenging but a good length with a great view of the Harpers Ferry train bridge at the end. It’s quite steep at the very beginning and coming back up from the overlook at the end, but the elevation gain is mostly all in one place. The trail is manageable even when muddy.

My only complaint is that there isn’t much to look at along the trail aside from the view at the end and crossing the Shenandoah at the beginning.

A great trail, up to the saddle - at which point it becomes a search for the correct route. Be prepared for a couple of false summits and a glorious view from the top. If you hit it early enough in the summer (4 am), you'll have the whole mountain to yourself on the ascent. Round trip can be run with a bit of effort in under 3 hours, but it's nice to give yourself enough time to enjoy the views and allow for at least 5.

Great day to do the hike, especially since the state park was closed so not may tourists around. Total mileage was 12.2.

It’s definitely a challenging ascent but well worth it once you make it to the overlook. We watched the sunset and it was spectacular. Highly recommend

Hiked the trail round trip in about 7 hours. Beautiful trail and amazing view at the top! 95% of the trail is uphill, so bring plenty of water and be prepared for quite a workout.

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