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great family hike. can be muddy at times and slippery in some spots. still a great and beautiful hike.

Wonderful wonderful hike. No snow to speak of on this trip. Views were spectacular. Ocean and Mountain View’s! ❤️

6 days ago

My favorite waterfall in Oregon. it's truly magical. The only downfall is the hike being so short.

A perfect example of the beauty of Central Oregon.

Beautiful forestry and an amazing waterfall.

Nice and easy walk. Nice and clean trail with a few falls. It's cool to be able to go behind the last one and just listen.

Elk on the way auto and on the way back down. Great views along the way of the coast.

pretty falls

The south side of the loop is the Tumalo Creek Trail portion of the loop and was the most scenic part of the hike up until you reach the falls. The north end is actually a road. If you want to hike through some alpine forest you can hike up past Tumalo Falls to Double Falls, but probably wouldn’t want to go much further without snowshoes. Spikes recommended if there is snow on the ground.

Beautiful trail with awesome view at the top. Perfect to do with dogs, lightly trafficked, just a couple of people on it. Easy to find!

hiked this trail on December 29. Majority of the trail is shaded by tall trees so even if its rainy weather, the hike isnt bad! Up near the top where the trail gets close to the road to the marys peak parking lot we started to feel the rain and wind pretty hard. no snow unfortunately. would recommend in any weather!

Great easy hike! A little tough when you want to go down to water , which is cold.. pretty busy on a Sunday, got to parking at about 1100. Water color is amazing!!! Would love to come back when their is snow everywhere . Highly recommend.

Beautiful hike, mostly dirt but where the canopy lightened there was a little snow on the ground. By the end of the hike the snow was mostly melted. The pool was beautiful with the snow falling, but don't expect a big waterfall this time of year.

16 days ago

I made the loop counter clockwise. I wasn’t that impressed until coming back.Absolutely beautiful trail along the mountain ridge with majestic Doug Fir and Sitka Spruce. Quiet,private,meditative hike. A must do again!! If you like being alone this ones for you.

I hiked the North Ridge Trail on Jan 1st, a cold but mostly clear and sunny day.

The route I chose starts from the North Ridge trail parking lot, just before the gate on forest road 2005. The route climbs to the summit parking lot, the summit itself, and then descends via the upper portion of the East Ridge Trail, before going back to the North Ridge trail (via the Tie Trail) and returning down to the parking lot. All said, about 11 miles round trip.

The trail is well maintained (the Tie Trail a bit narrower and more rocky) and I did not encounter a single blow-down on the way. There were very few roots/rocks on the way, making this an easy/non-technical hike.
Except for the open summit, the route in entirely through forested areas.
The views from the summit (on a clear day) is why I gave this route 4 stars (I could see Mt St Helens and Adams in the north and the Pacific Ocean over the Coast Range in the west).
As a road goes to the summit, there may be quite a few people when you reach the summit area... but there is enough room all around to not feel too crowded.
The way to the top starts by .5 miles out of the parking lot and to the foot of the climb/switchbacks. The steeper portion is actually a couple hundred yards right after the trailhead; the rest of the climb is well graded all the way through.
The switchbacks climb is about 3 miles long with about 8/9 'long' switchbacks (between .1 and .5 miles each) up the 45 degrees northern slope.
After that, a series of much shorter switchbacks end at the junction with the tie trail (you can continue to the summit or take the Tie Trail to then climb to the summit via the East Ridge trail). A bench at the junction can be a resting spot if needed.
From the bench, the trail goes straight south (no more switchbacks) for about .75 miles to the summit parking lot.
A third of a mile later you can reach the actual summit for 360 views. There is a LOT of space at and around the summit for a lunch break, a rest, or just soaking in the unobstructed views.
Crowds: not too many people around (more at the top - due to the road to the summit - than on the way)... but this is still a popular destination for folks in the south Willamette area and there were about a dozen cars at the parking lot when I returned (you can probably park about 30 cars near the trailhead).

Beautiful hike up and back (overnight). Will be doing this one again.

17 days ago

A really nice hike with some good elevation climbs, some beautiful flora at some points, and a perfect summer hike for some good exercise. I totally recommend this one.

17 days ago

It is a lovely trail. We took it into all the way into Yachats which is a good hike. According to my Garmin step counter, including the detour of the Yachats Ocean View Road, we did almost 7 miles - so know if you plan on hiking into Yachats for a meal afterwards, it's "a lot longer" than the 4.5 miles it seems to say. You walk along either 101 S. or the side trails along the road into town. We thoroughly enjoyed it for a New Year Day's hike.

17 days ago

What a glorious hike. Exactly what I was looking for.

When driving down the forest road keep going past the nature conservatory trail, and you will find the Hart’s cove parking lot and trail head (this road is closed Jan 1 until July).
Easyish hike in. Beautiful old growth forest. Barking seals. You do have to pass a little creek and will probably get your feet wet. The top is exquisite. The hike back is more difficult.
What a wonderful trail and experience. I will go back this summer when it’s back open.

Great hike for the start of 2019. Get there early as there is parking but it will fill up. Hike is easy and well worth it. Be prepared for lots of people. It’s a popular spot!

17 days ago

Omg! So utterly beautiful! Worth every step through the muddy trail!

Beautiful river and multiple waterfalls all along the trail. Beautiful, short, easy hike.

We did the trail to the falls out and back. It's about 7 mile without much incline. The only incline is the last couple hundred yards to the falls, so it's a pretty easy hike. It was very icy for the first mile and hard pack after that. We had spikes but there were other people who were hugging the snowy edges to keep on their feet. I personally wouldn't go without spikes until it snows again, just to slick. All and all a beautiful hike, the scenery is fantastic.

Easy trail. Beautiful falls!!! It started dumping snow on the way out. Roads were still ok, but would suggest a car with 4WD or chains.

19 days ago

made sure to go the last weekend of the year before it closed. very stormy but very beautiful. make sure you bring waterproof shoes!!

Easy walk to some amazing views. The water hitting the walls was so powerful and beautiful.

19 days ago

This hike was basically easy all the way until the switchbacks at the very end. At that point, I thought I saw Jesus coming for me. The mud on this trail is no joke, and the creek crossing was legit since I went on Dec 30, just days before the gate to the trailhead is locked for 7 months. The old growth trees are impressive, and the view of the cove and Chitwood Falls at the bottom are otherworldly. There were loads of fungi, but not too many critters out, most likely due to the time of year I hiked this. If you’re lucky you can hear the seals barking in the cove, but I didn’t actually see them. I highly recommend this hike, but be prepared for the steepness at the end. Good shoes are a must if you’re going to tackle this hike in the winter.

21 days ago

Gorgeous views with the chance of seeing elk along the way.

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