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Beautiful hike

2 days ago

Very fun trail up a slot canyon, lots of ladders or optional scrambling.

2 days ago

Great hike! Part slot canyon, part wide canyon, part open hike with views of the Salton Sea. Felt like I was in Zion. Here's an easy way NOT to get lost... prior to arriving (because you may not get service there) go to google maps and you'll be able to see the actual route. You may even want to download the area to your "offline maps". Follow the trail via google maps on your hike. I didn't lose GPS at all during the hike and you can tell if you missed a turn within about 30 feet.

Worth the climb! Amazing views from every angle! Great workout!

The boys (husky mixes) and I finally made this hike today. Gorgeous views & rock formations; I took so many photos of the boys standing on the rocks and looking off into the distance.
I average 3-5 miles daily with some elevation on run days and I really felt like this was a challenging hike; we took about 3 hours including breaks for water & photos and a long walk back to the first parking lot. Next time, I’ll park much closer to the trailhead. I couldn’t believe the number of people we encountered running this trail! I also was amazed at the number of kids doing this hike!
I brought 4 liters of water and we went through most of it- though I’m pretty sure I leaked as my pack & back were soaked when we reached the top. Thankfully, I had 2 separate bladders and the second was full for our trip down. Had just enough at the end to fill the boys’ bowls one last time and the stinkers didn’t even want it!
We started at 7:45 and managed to have much shade up until probably the last mile or so on the way down. We did not see any snakes, but the boys found a few lizards.
There were enough people that I felt safe as a solo female but, surprisingly, not near as many people I expected having read about this hike online. We did not stop for a chip photo, as we were solo. Like others, we saw some drones up at the top and heard an occasional speaker.
We didn’t come across any aggressive or unleashed dogs.
We found people we encountered to be polite, if not downright friendly. The boys got a few pets & ear scratches from new friends. We tried really hard to give way in narrow spots and others did the same.
We’ll definitely be back.

Super awesome trail! Make sure you follow the arrows. About 1/4 mile from the start is the first arrow pointing you up to the left up some rocks. Take this instead of going straight!

Amazing trail and great workout!

Excellent workout!...
Afraid of snakes but worth the hike. I will come back with friends, perfect place to meditate and relax.
This is where I realize that I must workout harder to be in shape " GOOD HEALTH ".
Enjoy life!......

Great location and fun hike.

10 days ago

We hiked this trail on a really beautiful Saturday afternoon, and were very thankful for he clouds that rolled in since it’s in the full sun. We were the only people on the trail except for one other man we saw at the trail head once we were ending.
The view at the top is great, especially for being so close to Poway.
This trail is not well kept past the first quarter of a mile. Overgrown brush makes the trail very skinny at many parts, including the very steep parts. It appears that much of the trail is directly where water runs off when it rains, so the path condition is not always the smoothest.
As many other reviews state, there are a lot of unmarked off shoots. If you use the GPS recording feature on this app it’s not too hard to pick the right way.
Overall, a great hike for some quick, but intense exercise. The incline and the view makes this under 2 mile hike worth the trouble.

10 days ago

This was a really fun trail, although it is a bit easy to get lost at times. It lost a star because some of the ladders were missing towards the end of the loop, so we had to turn back around instead of finishing the hike.

Good trail & perfect Apring temps yesterday. We did see a rattles Abe crossing the trail, so keep an eye out.

Good trail; perfect Spring temps yesterday. We did see a rattle snake crossing the trail, so keep an eye out.

Amazing trail!

Needed to wait in line for a pic on the rock

14 days ago

This trail is a hiker’s playground. I loved it!

Great trail run for uphill and downhill. Approx 2 hrs if you bypass the line up top to take a photo.

Great for trail running. A lot of different options here also. Look for "Cardiac Hill." There is 0 shade anywhere so make sure to bring water and wear sunscreen. I'll definitely be going back. I linked up with the trail that overlooks the 67, the ridgeline trail I think? I saw deer in the middle of the day. Very rare in SD.

18 days ago

Enjoyable hike. With the recent rain and snow (winter months) there was a fair amount of water on the middle bend; just a little pond. Going is pretty easy, all down hill. Coming is uphill, but not steep at all. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. The open planes are always nice to see when hiking this particular area of Laguna.

18 days ago

Even with the gps we got "lost"at times. Ended up walking way longer than we planned. It turns out there are ladders that are off the main path. So, when we saw a ladder and went up it we assumed it had to be "the trail", but it was actually a side canyon that we explored for a bit until we saw how far off course we were and turned back. We definitely want to come back here and explore more! The scenery is so unique and beautiful! And the views from out of the canyon of the lake are amazing! Our three young kids loved it too, although the 2yr old mostly road in the carrier.

Great hike. There is a ranger station to use the restroom and refill water close to the end.

A good workout for the day. The views are great but teenagers ruin it with loud music all the way to the top. Even at the top there was a small crowd (50+) waiting in line to climb on the rock. Still, the battle for whose loud music to overcome the other. 10am on top was not early enough.

Great hike. Really enjoyed these steeper climb toward the end. Lots dogs and lots of people. Recommend if you don’t mind a lot of traffic.

Really fun hike and shockingly not that crowded on a Saturday. From Poway lake to Potato chip rock it was 2.5 hours, just under 7 miles round trip. I would say a moderate hike but have hiking shoes and plenty of water. One crazy thing we saw was people with drones at the top. One guy on the potato chip rock had drone taking pictures of himself for about 10 minutes while other people were waiting in line! How about this- get on the potato chip rock take picture like a normal person and walk away?!

great endurance hike

Amazing hike! Definitely a great workout with a solid 33 pounds of baby on your back. Great views! Go early to get some shade and not have to wait long to get your picture on the chip ;). Bring plenty of water and snacks!

Amazing and beautiful! The drive in on the dirt road is bumpy but bearable in a sedan. The drive in the hills toward the trailhead is so pretty! The first few hundred feet on the trail is awesome, but looking up you'll miss some of the rock arrows on the ground. There is a giant arrow that points left to a pile of boulders. Without investigating, we assumed it was wrong because we didn't see a path, so we stayed to the right and took the trail counterclockwise. Going clockwise, you'd need to scramble some rocks and climb some ladders off the bat. In hindsight, this is probably the easier way to go because you go up the ladders instead of down, and it seems less likely you'll get lost. Alas, we went right, which I think ended up being the prettier route but we would have gotten lost multiple times if Google Maps hadn't been working on our phones. If you go this way, know that anytime you see a row of rocks clearly man made, it means don't cross that line or you'll go off trail. At the top of the loop, keep an eye for a long row of rocks across the wash. Here, look left and you'll see the trail goes up the hill. Coming back down the loop back towards the trailhead there are a couple of forks where you basically have to guess where to go if you don't have GPS. Our maps were useless because they didn't show these forks. Either way, this hike is AMAZING and is a must see for any able bodied person in the area!

Amazing trail. Great views. Definitely would do it again. Take plenty of water!! On the harder side.

29 days ago

Beautiful views. But very steep at times. Wear hiking shoes and bring a hiking stick for balance. The water seems to have washed out a lot of the area so you are climbing rocks most of the time going up. When you come down you are also sliding down rocks. I wouldn’t say this is moderate the whole time parts are hard if you don’t hike.

It was a fun and relaxing hike. Thank God for the arrows haha

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