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Beautiful hike today. Trail is in great condition. No water sources along the trail so be sure to bring enough.

Well maintained, light traffic, beautiful and not a huge commitment. I had trekking poles but didn’t hugely need them. No sign of bears, just an odd amount of slugs drying in the sun. Easy parking, free and no way to get lost.

on Heybrook Lookout Trail

8 days ago

Up, up, and up. It seemed to never end. I have done longer hikes with more of an elevation gain, but this one hits you very fast and strong. Someone else suggested poles, I agree and wished I had brought mine.

Did this one back in may, beautiful wilderness area, lots of switchbacks..

Went the end of July, bug spray and watch out for horse flies.. Went over night hike, it was very enjoyable. We also started to do the other trail first the bald mountain trail, not maintained at all we got to
The point where you had to make your own trail. Also with fresh cougar tracks we were ok turned around about 3 miles into it. Yas the road sucks to the trail. No need for a forest pass although it’s always a good idea to have.

Doing the trail again nice little hike to do with friends and kids easy and enjoyable.

Nice short hike, great view! Would do again!

Hiked today (8/5), sunny and in the 70's. No snow.

We arrived at the trail head at 2pm and had no trouble finding a parking spot. We only saw a dozen people and had the trail to ourselves on the descent.

SO.. first off, the trail is actually 8.2 miles round trip (add it to the list of inaccurate distances in AT). I have to be honest, I hated this hike for the majority of it. The first 70% of it is switchback after rocky, rooty switchback until it opens up towards the final ascent. After that, it was more enjoyable and the views are, indeed, beautiful; 360° of surrounding peaks and enough room to enjoy a secluded snack at the top. We saw a few mountain goats in distance too! Then back to the unrelenting switchbacks...
All in all, I probably won't don't do this one again with so many other options in the National Forest with similiar, more attainable results.

Closed for Search and Rescue.

Looks like a beautiful trail. However, it is closed for SR. I hope they find her safe.

We did this with the kids. They are 8 and 10. They loved it. We saw Bear skat and tons of fell trees. I suggest bringing bear spray or carry a bag of cayenne pepper just in case. The view is incredible!!! Great family hike!

21 days ago

My car was broken into at this TH, nothing was taken cuz there was nothing to take. What a waste.
Trail is rough.
Views were beautiful at the lake.
Saw a plane take off.
Heard zero humans all day.
TH is a bummer.

25 days ago

THIS IS NO GEM! The trail from the road is easy to find and it is just a turnout (it is one of those high maintenance turnouts though so you do need a Discover! Pass). The first half of the “trail” is just a logging road. The views in the distance are great, but up close is nothing but clear-cut hell. Getting onto the real trail is VERY difficult. I found several cairns in incorrect locations, so I think that some jerks are messing with people. The first part of the trail runs along the worst clear-cut that I have ever seen. It most have been the worst loggers in the world to have left such a mess. I have never seen a chop job like that. No person should feel proud of participating in that destruction. The rest of the trail is steep, but pretty. The lake is nice, but not worth all the effort and ugliness that you have to endure to get there. There are many other options in the area that offer better lakes and better views.

Amazing hike, micro spikes not necessarily needed. You can miss the trail about a 1/3 of the way up as it was covered in snow (being first one in the trailhead) hard to find fresh tracks, but it's an easy find back to the trail. Unbelievable views from the top though.

Went on July 9th 2018. Lots of snow still and very slippery. Never did find the lake and assume it was still covered in snow. Very beautiful though! We want to return later in the summer for sure.
Lost the trail many times because of the snow.
The tree that is down over the road mentioned by other reviews is passable by driving down into the ditch and under the huge tree. Did it with my 2WD Ford Focus no problems. Also saw a regular pick up truck fit under it as well but it was tight.

it was easy to spot this trail-head. And also quite short kind of a hiking for me.Just a few switchbacks and you will be there in a heartbeat.
View top of the tower was beautiful . Renting out top portion of this tower can be great idea but that will be the only reason i can come back to this trail again.

29 days ago

Amazing view Hikes on Saturday 7/21/2018 not too hot bugs are friendly this is our second time .
We stay for lunch for almost two hours pictures and video, we slow Hikers 6 hrs RT ( plus two hrs stay for lunch) it’s worth it

29 days ago

It’s a pretty hike but I probably wouldn’t do this one again because of the road. We thought the previous reviews were exaggerating how bad it is. They aren’t. Parking wasn’t an issue for us on a Sunday morning.

There’s a nice boardwalk throughout much of the trail, and the bugs weren’t too bad once we put some bug repellent on. Lots of blueberries and salmon berries to snack on along the way too!

This should be considered a Moderate trail.

1 month ago

Hike at your own risk.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy solitude.

This is an unregistered trail and is not maintained.

Pack it in, pack it out.

Leave this magnificent place better than you found it.

Thank you.

1 month ago

The hike is hard, especially with the steepness and steadiness of the switchbacks, but much worth the view! We hiked in June and there was still snow on top, making it hard to reach the summit without proper gear of grapples and ice picks.

on Mount Dickerman Trail

1 month ago

Always a challenge! July 15th, 2018. Started at 1pm. Back to the parking lot 9pm, spent a lot of time on the peak, absolutely stunning views, peaks, snow and green. One regret, forgot insect repellent! The trail is well maintained l. A little snow in the end felt good in hot humid day. Bring a lot of water, mosquito repellents. One note: it’s for sure longer than 5.5 Miles. My phone says over 11 Miles

1 month ago

This hike did not disappoint. The 40 switchbacks were strenuous but worth it. The path is well maintained and I did not experience a lot of bugs, only one mosquito bite and I did not need to use bug spray. Bring your suite, the water in both lakes is perfect for swimming!

This is way harder than expected. The entire first half of the hike is straight up and then you have to go straight down. Bring your poles. Beautiful view but exhausting.

1 month ago

July 8, 2018: Ah yes, bugs, snow, and VIEWS!!! The snow patches' well beaten paths are passable without spikes or poles; just be cautious of the water below the paths weakening the snow, not that you'll fall to your death or anything, it'd just be an inconvenience. One dead end path to note, but it was an easy remedy.
Other than that it's pretty straight forward. I would call it the lower end of a hard rating.
A clear day like today provides amazing views of Baker, Glacier, Shuksan, and even Rainier.

Great hike with a view! Parking is easily accessed from the freeway, had no issues with finding a spot. Trail starts to the left of the parking lot and has a sign-in board. Be prepared to work your stair-master muscles as the trail is loaded with what seems to be improved steps from stones and logs. Dont be afraid! The trail isn't too technical, just a few switchbacks. Along the way you may notice the traffic is quit heavy depending on the time of day you decide to head out. I decided to catch the sunset so I started at 1900 to get some, hopefully, good pictures. After a mile of up-hill I came upon the tower and another couple on the very top. Scaling the stairs I was anxious to get to the top but noticed that the access was closed off to the top portion. I didnt ask the couple on top to open it as I assumed that they were renting the tower for the evening. After an hour of waiting I was able to get my setting and snapped a couple of shots before deciding to head back down. Other than the highway the area is virtually quit and the added ambiance of birdlife is very abundant. Which of course adds to the overall greatness of its location. Overall, with an out and back of two miles total, the hike is worth the view of the ranges. Very kid friendly depending on their skill level. And if age is just a number and not a factor take the time to hike this trail. I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy along it's way. Cheers!

Parking is directly off the freeway trail starts out with a decent incline the whole way. Was somewhat overcast day but still enjoyed some peakaboo sights. Great hike for beginner or with dogs.

1 month ago

I feel like you can’t start a trip report from Ashland Lakes without talking about the road. Yep, it’s every bit as bad as every other report says it is. For reference, I drove a Toyota Tundra to the trailhead. One of the potholes was big enough to fit the entire truck. Seriously. All four tires were in. It was also filled with water so it was like driving through a pond. That said, just drive slow. Most cars can make it.

We arrived at the trailhead at 11:00 on a Saturday morning and there were no parking spaces available. So I kept driving and found a pullout about two hundred feet further down the road with room for about two vehicles. Speaking of parking, remember that this is a Washington Discover Pass trailhead. I noticed about half the cars were sporting Northwest Forest Passes hanging from their mirrors, even though there is a giant sign as you enter the parking area reminding you that you need a Discover Pass. Kudos to the guy who had both a Northwest Forest Pass and a Discover Pass in his window. Way to cover your bases! And shame on the two vehicles that didn’t show any pass… may karma and a ranger catch up to them.

Anyway, hitting the trail, the first half mile or so are easy going. You’ll come to a nice sturdy bridge crossing a creek. After that it starts to climb a bit and the trail becomes rougher. There’s plenty of slippery boardwalk (I slipped twice over the course of the weekend), exposed roots, and slippery rocks. I was with a group of Boy Scouts ranging in age from 11 to 15 and they all navigated it like they were pros.

The first lake is Beaver Plant Lake, it was my favorite of the three. There are a couple of campsites here, but none are suitable for a group so we had to keep moving. But if you are looking for a nice place to camp, there is an especially nice site for just one tent that’s next to the creek at the outlet of the lake.

It’s a short and easy hike from Beaver Plant to Upper Ashland Lake. Upper Ashland has more campsites, and they were mostly full when we got there. So we decided to head down to Lower Ashland. The descent was relatively steep, so we were hopeful that we’d find a spot to camp there since we weren’t looking forward to carrying our heavy packs back up the hill the same day. We were starting to get discouraged when we got to the lower lake and found the first campsite taken. It was a fairly large site that had exactly one tent in it. We kept going and found a much larger campsite just down the trail.

For reference, we had five tents in our group. Later in the evening a large family came in looking for a spot. We shared the space with them, they had four tents. We probably could have fit two more tents in the area if needed. So if you are hiking with a group Lower Ashland Lake should be your destination.

Sunday morning we hiked out, and when we got back to the trailhead the parking lot was even more full than the day before. On our way back down the mountain we passed seven more cars headed up. Apparently being featured as Craig Romano’s Hike of the Week have given this hike some new popularity. Then again, it was nothing like the mess at Lake Twentytwo that we passed on our way home…

1 month ago

Great hike! It was steep, which turned it into a challenging workout for the short distance. I really enjoyed the lookout tower at the top because it led to a beautiful view. Parking was free, but heads up—don’t expect to turn into a street that leads to a parking lot. Parking was right on the side of the highway, so be careful when pulling in and when leaving. All in all, I enjoyed this hike!

1 month ago

Wish they hadn’t clear cut so many trees. Great Mountain View from the logging road, then very steep once on the trail which is hard to follow. We got turned around a few times. Probably 10 logs or so you have to go over or under, a bit overgrown. The lake is nice, but was very windy, so we hung out on the rocks by the top of the waterfall instead, which was pretty cool. Only passed one other group which was nice.

1 month ago

This is a pretty easy hike overall. With only 600 ft or so of elevation gain I think it is a stretch to call it moderate. My GPS cloaked the out and back at 4.5 miles.

The trail itself if easy to follow and is well maintained overall. It was raining pretty good when we went but if the weather had been clear then I might have tackled some of the smaller lakes along the way as well. Maybe another time? We didn't see many people out hiking but there were a few groups camping near the lake.

The road up is another story; I wouldn't recommend tackling this unless you had 4WD or AWD. Lots of pot holes on the way up to the trailhead.

Overall, I'd recommend this hike.

Gorgeous views and not too difficult, nice campsites near the lake with fire pits. Road is gravel but I made it just fine in a low clearance sedan. Lots of bugs at the lakes so if you want to stay up there to camp BRING BUGSPRAY

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