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A nice climb up to the summit. The snow is almost completely absent from the trail at this point.

Like the previous report mentioned, there are a bunch of mosquitos, so be prepared. We also saw the same tracks in the snow, didn't realize they were mountain lions though.

Video of the summit: https://youtu.be/rdd75xw_Zbg

Beautiful hike. Did this hike on 7/21 with my family including an 8 year old and a three year old. I carried the younger. We made it very close to the summit but after the window/keyhole it got pretty sketchy with the little one so we turned around about 200 yards after the window. Bring lots of water, there is no where to fill up. My dog had a tough time because of the heat. She is in excellent shape but with black fur she was constantly hot and looking for shade. In hindsight I would have let her sit that one out even though she hates watching us leave without her.

25 days ago

Hiked this on 7/21 with my wife and dog. starts off in peaceful forest. Gets rockier the closer to timberline you are. Above timberline, you are awarded with a crater view, false summit, and incredible ridge walking. In hindsight, trekking poles might have been useful in one or two loose spots along the ridge. There is a scramble move required, about a 3 or 4 foot ledge to lift yourself up on. Overall the views from above treeline were fantastic. Bring water and snacks. I would recommend this hike and am looking forward to doing it again some day.

Amazing hike. It has views of crater lake, diamond lake, Mt Theilson, Theee sisters, Mt Shasta. There is a cinder cone and a key hole at the last one mile of the hike. Do carry bug spray. Hiked on 4th if July weekend.

1 month ago

Did this hike on June 22 there were only small patches of snow. We were able to summit the mountain in about 3 hours, and then another 3 hours down. Going over the ridge at the top was a little scary but well worth it. There is a flat sandy patch 2 miles in before you cross the 380 forest road, there were SO MANY mosquitos there. Also we did see some big mountain lion tracks so be careful! Overall a wonderful beautiful hike!

Great hike with lots of variety and beautiful views of Jefferson. We didn't see another person all day. It was easy to lose the trail in the burnt area, so be careful.

2 months ago

Did this yesterday 6-14-18. The road to the parking area is dry and clear, but there are some deep tire tracks to watch out for. The trail is clear until you get above the tree line. I was able to get over/around the snow in my trail running shoes. However, when I got to the ridge after what I refer to as “the window” looking at Diamond Lake and Thielsen, the snow piled up against the rocks and over the trail seemed too dangerous for what I was wearing. I would say July would be the best time to start this one if you’re not into snowshoeing, etc. The views were spectacular and the trail is very well maintained. I definitely recommend it. Bring plenty of water because the incline is gnarly the closer you get to the top. Happy exploring.

Great Hike with spectacular views on the summit. We did it in early May and the snow was still pretty deep(obviously) and so we wore our mountaineering boots and just slogged up it. We brought snow shoes too but found that just the boots worked best. At the top the trail drops around to the left of the false summit and you have to traverse some slightly sketchy snow field we brought ice axes for this part and kicked steps in. We stayed up on the ridge on the way back down, but be careful of the cornices! They were pretty large and looked ready to go. All in all it took us about five and half hours to summit and another three back down. You could probably do it faster but we were carrying training weight. I'm knocking a star off due mainly to the snowmobiles that drove all the way to the summit and then spun circles around it. Quite obnoxious and sorta ruined the serenity of the mountain top that I crave.

Wow this was a hard hike! Ali, Brandon, the dogs and I started at 6:35 am at Pioneer Gulch TH and got to the summit at noon. No snow for first 1.5 miles then we had our snowshoes on the rest of the way up. Incredible views of the sisters, Odell butte, Mt. Bailey. Only saw 3 other people on the trail. Did some glissading on the way down and ended up a bit off the trail, once the afternoon hit it heated up and the snow was very slushy with a lot of hollow pockets underneath. It was amazing but not easy and dangerous in some spots with the melting snow!

Great trail system, well marked with cairns for the summit. Lots of other options for trails off of the PCT with nice lakes in the area. It is pretty tough but well worth the trip. My group went from Rockpile Trail #3632 to the summit of diamond peak which was about 12 miles round trip.

very challenging hike... the last part is steep and very unstable. scree sucks! however, the view from there top is magnificent. AMAZING hike! will definitely do again! if you have poles, use them! and bring plenty of water!

Fantastic hike. Very steep at last section but well worth the views.

Friday, July 14, 2017

We made it up within a mile from the top. Snow became to deep and consistent to find the trail. Still worth the hike to see the views. Just disappointed we could not get past the tree line

Thursday, July 06, 2017

MOSQUITOS! Lots of stagnant pools. Wasn't prepared for that or the heat...Only made it 1 1/2 miles & turned back. Eaten alive! :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

major mosquitos, too much snow to even get to 2nd lake. and hot, hot, weird day but flat, nice trail

Monday, June 05, 2017

Still a little treacherous on the top of the trail. Should be snow free in a couple of weeks

Thursday, May 25, 2017

It's Memorial Day weekend and there is too much snow still just past Lucky Lake. Wasn't able to find trail

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Monday, September 12, 2016

Started at rock pile trailhead and happy with the decision. The road was rough but not as bad as the road to summit lake where you can take the PCT to diamond peak. In the middle of August there were a ton of mosquitos at Marie and Rockpile lakes, but they were still worth it. Missed the corner the first time up the climbers trail because it was sooner than I thought to look, but it's clearly marked by rock cairns. It's slow going up with the scree, there are multiple paths crisscrossing all the way up to the false summit, going down I had no problem finding my way down to the corner on them. I took my dog the whole way, through the gendarmes I was definitely a little nervous, but there was a safety net with the snow on the side and we took it really slow. Unless your dog is experienced, sure footed, and calm I would not take them, one tiny misstep could be fatal. The trail was pleasantly uncrowded, only a couple lone hikers reached the summit before me then a larger group came after. Probably my absolute favorite hike, a great challenge and unreal 360 views.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It's 9.4 miles round trip. Not 19.4.

Fun little in and out overnighter to Doris lake..Made great time getting in and out. Had the 8 year old in tow and he crushed it:) Lots of mosquitos out in full force. Opted out of hammock camping and decided on the tent instead. Recommend going out a little later on in the fall, less bugs and less trail traffic. Great spot to watch the stars and sun rise over the lake.

Monday, August 08, 2016

I read Steven White's review and, being in my early 60s, decided to start from the North side of Summit Lake. As I came from Odell Lake, this meant driving a bit over six miles on a "primitive" forest road (the sign said so!). I did use the four wheel drive part of the way, stopping in a few spots to map out the way through (I drive an old Pathfinder). Coming via Oakridge and Diamond drive is a better option for sure.

Parking at the trail-head, this made for a 4.2 miles pleasant walk on the PCT before starting the ascent via the climbers' trail. No real views to talk about (except beautiful forest and ponds/lakes) until just before veering off the PCT; the views just open at that point and a flat area with rocks provide a nice resting/snacking spot.

No sign to mark the turn to the climbers trail. Look for two small cairns on he left side of the PCT instead shortly after the view/rest spot. The ascent does require stamina as Steven noted; it is a good 45 degrees angle for the one mile or so from PCT to South summit. The trail is quite visible and varied: packed dirt , rocky path... and the required amount of scree. Once at the South/false summit, a .3 miles spine leads to the true summit. There are a few "gendarmes" on the way and I stayed on the East side of all of them (as snow fields provided a good safety net on that side). The summit offers sweeping 360 degree views ,including most of the Oregon cascadse peaks. The views of the Northern ridge and the SouthEast and NorthWest slopes/bowls are nothing short of spectacular too.

The summit area is fairly small and I had the chance to enjoy it all by myself for about 20 minutes ; after that, if felt a bit crowded when two parties (one of 2 and one of 3) joined me :-)

Final note: DO bring insect repellent if you don't want to feel like hiker-buffet for fierce stinging creatures, especially in the vicinity of Summit Lake

Monday, August 01, 2016

We hiked into Doris Lake for a night. Continued on to Mink Lake after reaching the PCT junction and spent a night at the Mink Lake shelter. Took the return route up to Cliff Lake and would have been happier to have spent the night there, but the lake was pretty crowded. We ended up hiking back to Doris and then out the next day. Many misquotes, as to be expected, and many other hikers. This is a good trail system with lots of options of beautiful swimmable lakes!

Thursday, July 07, 2016

I did part of this last week, but we went up the service road where it crosses, which I think was a mistake. was hoping for a spot with a good view of the mountain, but no such luck. it was still a really cool hike.
it's most likely more fun at a different part of the year due to tons of mosquito swarms haha.
late June/early July is kinda harsh.
overall an awesome hike though.

Monday, October 19, 2015

We hiked the first 1.6 miles of this trail to an outstanding overlook of Diamond Lake. The hike is moderate in difficulty as it's all uphill but well worth the effort. Once at the overlook ares, scramble a hundred feet or so up the embankment for an unobstructed view.

Monday, August 24, 2015

I hiked in from Summit lake on the PCT. The last bit of the road running S>N along the lake is very rocky and is better for high clearance vehicles. If you are careful you can drive all the way to the north side of Summit lake to the Trailhead. If not the PCT shadows the road starting at the South side of the lake where there is a pullout for parking a car or two. The actual summit trail is consistently steep up until the top ridge line and requires a certain amount of stamina, though I think is doable by most people. A couple in there 60's summited shortly after I did =) Great views all the way around and totally worth the trip.

The other hikers I encountered all came in from the Rockpile trailhead, so it might be the better one.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Took south summit from rockpile. Lots of mosquitoes but well worth it. There is a trail that goes to the summit that makes it a bit easier. Fabulous views!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Confusing at first since there wasn't a trail to took you to the mountain. Once we figured out that we found our own trail life was good. Very pretty hike. Storm came up before we got to the top and time ran ouy. Will definitely due again

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

No trail to the mountain.You forge your own. We started at corrigan lake trailhead and followed pioneer gulch trail and cut up toward the mountain. We scrambled over large boulders to the western ridge. Great hike.

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