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1 day ago

Took the first boat, then hiked to Upper Two Med and walked the south shore back, about 8 miles total hiking. A good moderate hike. Nice views toward and around Upper lake, and also along the west part of the south shore trail. The suspension foot bridge sways both up/down and sideways, and has only low cables as hand rails.

Awe inspiring views from start to finish are provided by this half dirt, half boardwalk trail. Hidden Lake Overlook gives you a great sense of the alpine habitat without too much stress and features an absolutely stunning view at the lookout.

The trail has two staircases divided by a quarter mile of flat terrain. Given the boardwalk and short distance, this can be enjoyed by the entire family.

This is a trail that requires you to pay attention to the weather. The trail begins at roughly 7,000 feet, and when we hiked the trail in mid September, temperatures were 10 degrees colder at the trailhead than reported by rangers. Moreover, visibility can be a challenge because low-ceiling cloud cover can completely engulf this area of the park, even if it is bright and sunny in the West Glacier area (the trail is on he mountain that essentially “blocks” the clouds from moving down through the valley).

Words are insufficient to describe the beauty of the place.

Views plus being close to a glacier makes one feel as though one is in heaven!

Wonderful views and a very peaceful hike. I only saw a handful of people when I hiked in September. Is easy and short. Great hike if you need a light day after heavy hikes the day earlier.

A nice hike with fantastic views for the last mile and a quarter. The rest of the trail is in the woods with very little scenery. The trail is also overgrown so morning hikes will be soggy from the waist down. Once you clear the trees and get to the steeper section near the top the trail is worth the effort. The trail is rated "hard" and I agree. I did the 12 miles round trip (from parking lot at Bowman) in 4.5 hours which was pushing it hard. If you take your time it wouldn't be as tough.

Great hike, with spectacular scenery of the mountains. The first part of the trail was heavily trafficked, up to a lookout point that has a view of the lake below. After leaving the lookout point the trail heads down to the lake and the traffic thins out.

We hiked this trail in September 2018 and loved it. The first part of the trail, along the south shore of Two Medicine, winds through forests and more open areas, and had a quite a bit of traffic on it. There is a rather wobbly foot bridge across a creek at one point that is fun to cross (one at a time). Most hikers the day we went were destined for Twin Falls, which we took a detour to see and we ate lunch there.

The best part of the hike, however, was on the way to Upper Twin Medicine, which is further past Twin Falls. Spectacular scenery on this stretch of trail, as you are surrounded by dramatic rocky mountain peaks and (in September) beautiful colorful foliage.

7 days ago

Great hike. Very popular in the beginning but head to the lake and it becomes less populated.

The beginning of the trail is a little busy because most people just go to the look out. We went all the way down to the lake. It is slightly strenuous coming up from the lake, but it only takes a few minutes. We saw a ton of hoary marmots just past the lookout.

Did this hike as a part of the tail end of a backcountry hike starting in St Mary's. Started off at Morning Star and were scheduled to camp that night at Old Man Lake and head out the next morning out of Twin Medicine. Got up to Pitamakan Pass and was convinced by other hikers that we could NOT miss out on Dawson Pass. Ended up hiking to Dawson Pass and caught the last boat of the day across Two Medicine Lake. Made for a bit of brutal hike with multi-day backpack, but still absolutely epic. Favorite hike in Glacier by far. Even beats out Highline in my estimation. A definite bucket list hike.

The smoke was not a problem, even though it was just over the hill.

The trail showed obvious signs of heavy usage, but was also well maintained. The signage made the path obvious. There was very nearly stairs all the way to the top. I saw plenty of folks over 60 doing the trail, even all the way at the top. Most folks turned back about halfway, but there were a ton of people. However, it was not too crowed. We found a parking spot at the bottom without waiting.

I think that this late in the season it is less busy and crowded.

The views are incredible, even with smoke. All the way up, there's an un-blocked view of the granite peaks. The glacier at the end is awe inspiring.

trail running
14 days ago

This is by far my favorite trail run I have ever done. It starts off with a boardwalk, that goes out to the lookout point, but you have to go down to the lake because it is amazing. The elevation gain is not too bad, once you get to the switchbacks it does get a bit steep, but always safe. There is a mountain goat that hangs out just past the lookout. The lake at the end is not too cold for a swim.

Get there early in the day, because the parking lot is mayhem!

16 days ago

Planning in Glacier is a bit tricky. With the fires and lots of trails having restrictions for bears, we ended up changing plans around while there last week which included doing the hike up to the overlook. Initially wanted to go all the way down to the lake, but it was unfortunately closed for bears. Overall, it was an easy hike up, with an AMAZING view of the lake at the overlook. Really loved the fields going up with small streams & bunches of flowers too. Saw some big horn sheep along the trail up as well. Bummed we couldn’t make it down to the lake, but I guess we will just have to come back. Also - recommend going earlier in the day as it was pretty crowded coming back down (we left to go up around 9 am)

16 days ago

The effort to rewards ratio is insane on this one. Beautiful views of the mountains all the way to the overlook and the overlook view is very beautiful. But the lake itself is something out of this world. And all this for very little effort.

Best. Hike. In GNP.

If you are capable, you MUST do this hike. We did it from Pitamakan to Dawson, which is apparently reverse, but the views are much much better this way, and the elevation gain is way easier.

I can not believe how beautiful this hike was. You get to see glacier from EVERY direction and I swear you can see every mountain peak in the park, along with tons of lakes and we saw bighorn sheep as well.

The top was very very windy, but it didn’t matter to us because the views are what blew us away (haha pun intended). Anyway, if I could only do one hike in the whole world ever again, it’d be this one.

19 days ago

Travelled from Washington State and spent the labor day weekend at Glacier National Park. Went to hike Hidden Valley on 08.31.18.

A beautiful trail, flowers are still in bloom. Prestine lake surrounded by mountains.

20 days ago

Well worth the work to get there. You’ll climb and the wind is very gusty. Interesting natural and cultural discoveries along the way.

Tips: sunscreen, hiking poles are nice, layers, something to cover your face from the wind

21 days ago

A friend and I hiked from the trail head (near the location where you can purchase tickets for the boat ride) to the Upper Two Medicine campground for a one-night stay. The most challenging part of the hike is a segment near the top of lower lake, but I don't think I would rate this trail as hard. You can take the boat to the top of the lower lake (and/or back) and skip the more challenging part of the hike, but you'll miss a neat hiker bridge and the best views on the route). The waterfalls are a nice stop and we saw a moose swimming in the pond below the upper lake and a bull moose visited our campsite. I would recommend this hike if you are in this area of the park or are just looking for a two-day/one-night out and back trip. If you hike the full route in, you can catch the boat on the way back to the trail head. We caught the boat around 9:30am after it dropped off its first group of passengers at the top of the lake. Many people ride up/back and make the 1-mile out/ 1-mile back walk up to Twin Falls. If you catch the first boat in the morning for a ride back down, you're sure to have a seat. You will likely not get a seat if you wait until later in the day as the seats are all taken by round-trip passengers heading back down.

We did this hike from Two Medicine to No Name lake for the first night and then from No Name lake to Oldman Lake for the second night. The trail was snow covered from Dawson Pass to Pitimakan Pass but manageable. Incredible views all along that stretch. Not a cakewalk by any stretch but the views are worth the effort.

on Hidden Lake Trail

22 days ago

2018.08 amazing rewards for little effort. mountain goats everywhere especially on the trail down to the lake and on the lake shore.

on Scenic Point

22 days ago

2018.08 was smokey, but still worth it. loved the silhouette trees. will definitely come back.

Tough climb, but totally worth it!

Got as far as the overlook. Great views!

We did the portion to the overlook, turned around early due to sleet!

Trail climbs up through a beautiful alpine meadow on a boardwalk, then levels off and switches to rock/dirt. Nice glimpse of the glaciers, and Hidden Lake is gorgeous! Even in the smoke from this wildfires, this was still very much worth the hike. A couple of hours is more than enough to get to the overlook and back with plenty of stops for pictures!

Also, the night before we did his trail we saw mountain goats just outside the visitor center. Such a treat!

Hiked this trail out from granite park chalet. An amazing hike with super views. It was a bit smoky due to the wild fires but still awesome. Lots of wild life. Saw a black bear. Can get windy in spots bring layers. You get everything from glaciers to waterfalls to lakes on this trail.

1 month ago

The first section is crowded but if you continue down to the lake, the crowds thin drastically. Worth all the people for the surroundings. Absolutely beautiful. The lake is freezing!

1 month ago

If you don't mind the crowds of Logan Pass (best of luck getting a highly coveted parking spot) this trail, despite the large number of people, is where I saw the most wildlife. Just above the visitor center was my first grizzly bear sighting. Then, higher and higher up the mountain you see their most frequent inhabitants, mountain goats, and on the way back down we encountered a large herd of bighorn sheep. This trail is stairs and boardwalk most of the way, and heavily used dirt paths and a snowfield crossing the rest of the way. Very enjoyable hike, and Hidden Lake was beautiful.

We did the loop counter clockwise per recommendations but I’m not sure it really mattered.
The trailhead starts in the campground of two medicines.

We had great views despite the smoke, and it was an awesome hike! We started about 8 we were finished around 3. Tough day, but worth it!

1 month ago

Perfect short easy hike for glacier. If you’re looking to get away from the crowds hit the Reynolds trail for a mile or two near the overlook of Hidden Lake. We did on the way back and went from passing people every 30 seconds to not seeing a soul around us, real quick. Views were obstructed from the smoke but still beautiful 8/15/18

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