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4 days ago

It's a heavily traveled trail and a great one to start on. We usually hit this one in June each year for an overnight experience and the fishing in the upper lake is usually pretty good! Keep an eye out for moose and deer!

6 days ago

Nice short hike up the hill. I’d do it again, as just a fun date.

18 days ago

Great weekend backpacking destination.

This is a great little nature hike. We take all our visitors who like to see our area. A good hike for all ages.

One of my favorites. I often continue on to the falls.

Nice winter hike

3 months ago

Good for a quick dose of nature

A pretty easy trail. Something you can take your time with and enjoy the view.

on Corral Creek

4 months ago

Great trail. Lots of incline. Really no River just a small Creek at the start of the trail.

5 months ago

This hike is so pretty and not hard at all! It was super snowy today (October 8) but extremely beautiful and enjoyable. I will definitely be doing it again and look forward to trying it in the spring.

Great trail for kids. Well maintained. Nice views. Today the leaf color was at its peak: orange and gold galore!

on Cress Creek Trail

5 months ago

This is a great little hike. It is quite short, but nothing is left short when it comes to the experience. This is a great hike to go, especially in Late September and October to see the colors change for Autumn.
For someone who is just starting out in hiking, it is doable but it can be tough with the inclines it provides. It is possible to hike with kids as well.

Very short, easy hike. Limited shade. Steep in some places but very manageable.

Absolutely Beautiful!!!

We just went to the lower lake. Really fun trail. Gradual incline to the lower lake. Plenty of places to rest. The trail is mostly in the shade and has beautiful views the entire way.

rock climbing
6 months ago

BRUTAL. 'Nuff said.

Nice easy trail, beautiful views.

One of my favorite hikes in the area. Not only is it a rigorous uphill battle with some nice exposed class 3 scrambling, at the end you find yourself at the highest point in the state!

I'd recommend going in August, and starting at the trailhead early in the morning before daybreak. If you can make it to the tree line in time, you'll see the shadow of Borah creeping across the valley below. Also, an early start will get you to the top before the heat of the day arrives in full force, and give you time to get off the top before any afternoon thunderstorms arrive.

Chicken Out Ridge isn't as bad as it sounds. As you ascend the ridge, travel up through the obvious notch, after which you can traverse around the right side until you reach the transition between the brown rock and the grey rock. At that point, stick to the top of the ridge (avoid the temptation to try and traverse around the ridge on the right side). The downclimb to the snow crossing is simple, as the holds are obvious and bomb proof. There will be a well beaten path across the snow by August. Earlier in the season an ice axe and maybe crampons would be advisable.

The last push to the summit involves some mild scrambling, and there's a lot of loose material - so watch for rocks dislodged by anyone ahead of you.

6 months ago

If you're looking for a quick hike with some younger kids, this trail is OK. The first third of a mile up to the creek is handicap accessible (which means it is no problem even for the little kids). The loop portion is a little steep in places, but nothing too drastic.

This trail is heavily used, particularly during summer weekends. Parking can at times be tricky.

6 months ago

First of all, when the description says heavily used, it's not joking around. The first four miles of the trail (to the lower lake) will see a lot of traffic on the weekends in the summer, mostly due to the relative ease of the trail and the views along the way. Beyond the lower lake, the traffic drops off quite a bit.

The first four miles offer views of the creek. Mountain goats can often be seen on the canyon walls. The lower lake isn't anything too spectacular, though there is a nice resting area.

Between the lower and upper lakes, keep an eye out for moose in the marshy areas. At roughly six miles in, the trail splits. If you enjoy water crossings, you can continue on up Palisades creek. Otherwise, you'll cross the bridge and take a few switchbacks to the upper lake.

The trail along the upper lake will have you in the direct sunlight. However, once you reach the far end of the upper lake, there are several great camp sites. The forest service has even installed a vault toilet.

If you've come this far, the additional three miles up waterfall canyon is worth the effort, particularly in the late spring or early summer when the snow runoff produces a second cascading waterfall on the opposite side of the canyon. One can even take the waterfall canyon trail up to the top of the basin, where it connects with Austin canyon (which can take you over toward Big Elk Creek) and the Waterfall Crest trail, which at the crest connects to the Sheep Creek trail and the Lake Canyon trail, the latter taking you back down to the Lower Palisades lake (caution: this trail will likely be overgrown and GPS is strongly recommended).

Liked this hike. It follows the stream the whole way and is very scenic. Elevation gain is gradual. You can fish the stream if you want

beautiful hike, the upper lake is totally worth it and the water is great to swim in during the warm season! took us about 5.5-6 hours to complete with lunch included! bring sunscreen and a camera, you won't regret either!

7 months ago

Kicked my butt, but loved every minute of it!! So worth it!

Great little hike. Made it all the way up to the top where there are some rocks you can sit on and have an even better view.

Great for a day hike or an overnighter.

Very nice hike; the trail is well maintained and mostly in the shade, which is very nice. All stream crossings have bridges. Quite a few others on the trail today, but it is a Friday.

7 months ago

Fun little hike into the hills. Great to do with kids and the creek is nice to soak your feet in the warm water. Nice vantage points of the South Fork, a beautiful riparian cottonwood forest

7 months ago

Awesome trail up through a canyon following the creek to 2 lakes. Great fishing and camping, some prime Idaho backcountry. It is a popular trail but there is a reason for that ;)

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