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Highly recommend this trail. Scenery was great. The creek had water flowing the whole time with some small water falls. The view of the ocean and the mountains behind were amazing.

Did this for the first time after some rain, so the creek and waterfalls were flowing (but not too high to make crossing difficult). Going clockwise worked well— up the steep part, with good shade, then down the longer, more gradual part with stunning views. A great workout for me as medium-fit. Highly recommend!

on McMenemy Trail

3 days ago

5 days ago

great hike beautiful view. just a couple wash outs along the switchbacks nothing that would turn someone around.

Best to do the loop clockwise so you get the beautiful views coming down Old Romero Road. Only problem is that it’s easy to miss the trail going up the canyon — make sure you are checking the app during the first half mile or so from the trailhead and read other people’s reviews. Loved this trail!

17 days ago

All Trails is the best. This is a very sweet and charming hike— seems like someone opened up their back yard with a statue garden.

mountain biking
24 days ago

For an novice XC oriented rider like myself, I found Gridley to be quite challenging. While the elevation gain itself on the smooth sections was moderate at best, the frequent technical sections of the loose gravel and rocks combine with steep/short punchy climbing sections made the trail quite difficul overall. I completed this with a 120mm bike with a dropper but with XC geometry.

The scenery around the immediate trail was fairly boring as it was all recently burned, the distant view was satisfying.

On a side note, from an avid hikers perspective, this would be a nice "moderate" level hike, not unlike other trails in the area like Sisar Canyon or Chorro Grande Trail. Once you top out on the ridge, hang a left and head to Nordoff Peak to make the hike really worth your time.

great trail to break a sweat wide trail and great views of river and ocean you can make it as hard or easy as you want

Awesome loop...can do a lot of different options. Really nice hike this Thanksgiving!

30 days ago

Beautiful December hike that was 6.53 miles according to our garmin watches. We took the wrong turn (to the left) at the first fork and went up a super steep fire road to the transmission towers but found the tiny trail that is there (it's marked with a stake). The trail took us back down off the ridge to the trail that goes up along the creek (watch for poison oak in places). The creek trail was beautiful and a continuously up for 2 miles; parts were steep but the footing was good. The trail crosses the creek several times but wasn't an issue as there wasn't much water in the creek. Got to the intersection with all the other trails and then headed to the right "towards Bella Vista Road". The old Romero fire road had lots of cyclists but everyone was polite and there is plenty of room to step aside. Road is very exposed so be sure to bring water. Footing was good although there were parts near the bottom that were a little slippery due to it being very dry gravel. The views were great. We would definitely do this hike again. I agree that it should be rated 'hard' if you are going up the creek trail.

1 month ago

Trail isn't marked, and it's easy to make the mistake of going in the wrong direction once you reach the first true fork (see previous review about winding up underneath the power lines; the trail is to the right, the power lines are to the left).

I took the reverse route in order to avoid the wickedly steep climb through the stream valley...phenomenal views of Montecito and the surrounding hills once the trail gets above the valley. It's a healthy climb with full sun until the trail winds back into the interior, where you get a little shade until you're in the back of the canyon. On a Friday afternoon, there were very few people on the trail -- more bikers than hikers.

When you're hiking through the valley, note that the red recorded track on your AllTrails map deviates, sometimes significantly, from the actual trail...especially toward the end (or, if you take a left when you start the trail, toward the beginning)...at a couple of points the recorded track is on the opposite side of the stream gorge, so use your app if you start to lose the trail as it's tough to climb out of the gorge given that there is still a lot of loose Thomas Fire ash under the brush.

Overall, great hike and appropriately characterized as Moderate (especially when you go in reverse).

1 month ago

I accessed this trail by parking at Cold Spring Trailhead off E Mountain Drive. I actually started on West Fork, then to Cold Spring Trail, then to the peak. Yes, there are signs that say that Cold Spring Trail is closed, but I chose to ignore the signs and press on. The trail is actually totally fine and completely accessible without worry.

I brought my pup, who I had off leash the entire time. The lower part of WFCS and CS trails were moderately trafficked. Once we got to the first top out (Edison access dirt road), it changed from moderately trafficked to light trafficked. I think that's typically where people stop, take in the scenery and head back down.

We continued on the trail and actually passed the unmarked narrow trail to get to the peak. We ended up at the top of Cold Spring Trail, at the other entrance for East and West Fork Trails (off E Camino Cielo). So we headed back down and I guessed at which unmarked narrow trail it was. Once you leave Cold Spring Trail to continue onto the peak, the trail is SKETCH. It's not maintained by any means, definitely a forged path with lots of loose rocks. I would caution anyone who doesn't have the proper shoes. But the sight is definitely a sight to see. I was very happy to be up there and see all of SB and even as far as Carpinteria!

I definitely recommend this hike to anyone. We had a blast :)

Took the mountain side, went left at the beginning. Super steep, couldn’t make it the entire loop. It should be rated as hard. I work out 3-5 days a week and would consider myself fit.

Updated from 2 stars to 4: apparently we took the wrong trail last time. Started at the wrong trail head so if you end up by the power antennas you’re on the wrong trail.

This time we took the right path that went along the ocean for a few, circles back a bit into the canyon and saw the dried up waterfall which is probably amazing when there’s water.

We went on a Sunday and there are many mountain bikers. We stepped off the trail to let them pass and they were very friendly. Some warned us more were coming. Most bikers had bells so you could hear them coming. It could be a safety concern as some are going pretty fast downhill.

The trail itself is moderate, only a steep part at the beginning once you’re past that it’s pretty mellow the whole way. It is ~6 miles so plan on 2-3 hours when walking. If you have the time it’s beautiful, highly recommend. I didn’t give it 5 stars due to the crowds but it was on a Sunday.

1 month ago

Started at the end of Gridley rd and headed up the trail. Made a right at the road and continued the steady climb to the springs at 2.8 miles. Rested we continued up the steady climb, 9 switchbacks to the top at 6 miles. Decided to go bag nordoff peak while we were there. The views were amazing! Well worth the pain of 7.2 miles of downhill pounding.

All Trails has taken me to places I did not know existed!

2 months ago

Started out at the Oso trailhead and crossed the creek. After the creek headed uphill towards Rice canyon. Unfortunately the bridge is burnt down and access was fenced. I headed down the paved road until wills trail crossed it. I couple of mountain bikers suggested an alternate. Once you start on the wills trail after about 1/10 of a mile there is a single track trail headed uphill to the right. Follow the single track/mountain bike tread uphill. Steep climb in parts, but good workout. You drop down to Rice Canyon and make a left to follow it to the creek and back to the parking area.

2 months ago

Started at the top. There were a couple washed out sections that were sketchy to pass coming down. Trekking poles and grippy shoes helped. The views of the ocean were beautiful! Much of the vegetation shown in the photos is gone from a fire but this opened the view up even more. Trail disappeared once we reached the creek but it was fun to make our own trail along it.

2 months ago

The Cold Spring trailhead on East Mountain Dr. is closed. Not sure how people are hiking this, unless they accessed the trail from another point?

One of my favorite hikes in Santa Barbara. Great views all throughout.
Moderate hike

this trail needs some love. very loose surface. 500ft from the top there are 2 slides that are 10-15ft across and extremely dangerous to pass. we turned back. not safe.

Moderate hike with some shade in sporadic areas. In mid-Oct it was pretty warm, about 75*F around 9:00am.
Came across quite a few hikers so I wouldn’t say it’s a lightly trafficked area. One small area had a row of light brush overgrowing the path but it was easily passable. Mostly single track and beautiful even though there were some burn scars from the Thomas Fire last year.

Delightful but more challenging than anticipated with some steeper inclines. But we were rewarded with fantastic views and the length was perfect for us (took 2 hours with a couple of short breaks).

Trail is open.

when i would go here the fence wasn't up, i stopped going for about a year and when i went that fence was up. i love this hike and would love to take my family. whos property is it?

Did this hike last year, attempted today but the trail is closed. You might be able to push through but from what I saw it isn’t worth it. Hopefully the trail will be open by the end of the year.
Again as of today, the trail is marked as “closed” when you get there and the road is closed on your way there as well.

5 months ago

Would love to finish this hike!

I hiked the shortcut up and it is hard and steep
Got off the trail twice
Fortunately All Trail got me back on course
1.5 miles up about an hour non stop

Down was very moderate to easy
4 miles an I mostly did a trail run down
About an hour fifteen down

No snakes
Very buggy on the way up

This was my second time hiking this trail. From the road and going in the main entrance you can take a left and take the short route following the creek or you can go right to do the Oceanview, I took this route. About 4 1/2 miles in I missed the shortcut route coming down and ended up doing 6 miles almost to the top. Thank goodness I ran into other hikers thar shared I had passed the shortcut path but followed them down. Steep and a bit challenging since the mudslides and gets a little confusing with the new markers. Did 7 miles in 2:45hr. Great hike highly recommend it! Just be sure to pay attention to the shortcut if you’re looking for it!

5 months ago

Great trail.Amazing view.

Both trails that run along the north and south side of the creek are CLOSED. Nothing indicated when they would reopen.

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