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Me and a friend hiked this trail on an early Sunday Morning and it was amazing. The view was beautiful and the weather was nice. Not strenuous at all, you could even bring children along. Nice trail about 5 miles.

Great hike with beautiful views at the summit. Pay attention to the parking signs at the trail head.

I think it had rained the night before, and the the trail was very muddy. Some parts of the trail were impassable due large body of water. there was also dog waste everywhere. I didn't see any bins, so I think people were not picking up. it can be better maintained.

Really fun hike, especially if you go off trail for the waterfall. On the way up, just cross the stream then follow it to the right. There's an unofficial trail you can see forged up the side. We ended up following the AT north past the summit for a while before heading back to make it an even 5 miles. Lots of people around, but the trail was well maintained and marked.

1 month ago

It was a nice hike. The beginning section of the trail was flooded by a stream and hard to get around. Seems to be a common problem as they have made an alternate path a little higher up. My 5 year old and I enjoyed the 3.4 mile hike. Great for kids.

Hiked it in mid-November, with a lot of leaves on the ground. That made it hard to follow the trail. Otherwise it’s a great trail and a great time to hike. There were no other people on the Meadow View Trail.

** watch out for parking **

Great hike, but.....there is no legal parking. I was up there this weekend and a deputy was writing tickets for every car parked on the side of the road. Luckily he pulled up as I was parking and gave me the heads up. He didn’t seem to want to be there, but it was more as a result of residents complaining.

Parking under the power lines is illegal as well, but it’s private property and they won’t write tickets( but owner could tow).

Anywho, I’ve parked there several times in the past with no issue, so beware.

2 months ago

It was a nice hike. Not too difficult. Good for families.

Beautiful, quick hike. Heavy breathing on some of the elevations, but easy parts in between. You can do an extra hike to the top of the waterfall, but be careful, it's a puzzle.

Great Hike!! We started at 9:30am and didn't see many hikers until on our way back. If you walk to the stream and follow the trail to the right it takes you to a beautiful waterfall!! This made the entire hike worth it!

mountain biking
3 months ago

Nice spot for beginners like me, I try in the summer and mosquitos were in full force, will try fall and early winter to see how things go

I recommend hiking this trail in the late afternoon - the light is perfect and you’ll be one of a few on the trail! There’s a beautiful waterfall to the right of the trail (from the parking area) once you cross the creek for the first time. The views at the end are amazing and are easy to find at the top of the trail head.

Nice and flat. A few muddy spots and fallen trees (MTB obstacles). Good trail for intervals.

Great trail! Shortening the hike to just the falls for lunch and back is perfect for my 3 boys who don't love hiking as much as I do, but the full hike is a treat for mycologists. So many different types of mushrooms right on the trail! There are also 2 (maybe 3) paw paw groves that overhang the trail, so if you are a forager or just want to try paw paw for the first time, it's a great time for it.

4 months ago

Nice dog friendly trails

4 months ago

Not bad for my first hike in Virginia. The trail is easy to find. Locals jog in the morning or take the dogs to play into the water. If you like going into the “woods” for a while and forget about the city without going too far away, this is a good one. Simple, easy to walk it. If you follow the Google maps line, you can easily find the entrance to the trail and follow it.

Great for mountain biking but not your average bike ride.

5 months ago

Trails well maintained but upper trails to the view of the cliffs still closed because its private property. Fortunately I got to hike it and nice pics before it closed.

5 months ago

This is a perfect place to build your kids’ hike stamina. We are avid hikers and it’s important to us that our kids enjoy hiking as a family. We build our kids up to longer and more strenuous hikes over time, but generally follow the principle that kids should be able to hike 1 mile for every year of age. We just hiked this trail again today and our 23 month old hiked the entire green circuit (3.25 miles). Our kids (7, 4 & nearly 2) really enjoy this hike and it’s nice that there’s a great place to stop and play in the water and picnic lunch roughly at the halfway point. It’s also a boone that it’s not as popular as SNP hikes as far as foot traffic.

The road to the trailhead is gravel, bumpy and very narrow in some spots. A van was in the ditch, as they pulled over for another car.

The trail is wide, and rocky in 2 spots. The view would be better in the fall, it is partial obstructed by foliage.

The waterfall- cross the stream, turn your body right, so it is facing upstream and to the left you will see a rough path that parallels the stream. Follow it for about 0.1mile. The waterfall is great.

Corgi approved

My husband and I hiked this trail today. After crossing the stream just over 3/4 mile in we missed the turn off to go off trail to find the waterfalls. We continued on, deciding to look for it again on the way down. Enjoyed the hike on the way up, with the last portion to the overlook being fairly steep. On the way back down we found the waterfalls (coming down, go off to the left of the big boulder). There, we did some rock scrambles, which were fun, to the get to the top of the falls. This hike took us 3 hours, with about a 20 min. break at the top, 20 min. climbing the rocks, and about 15 min. stopping for a quick lunch.

Easy, flat hike. After the rain there is some areas that are muddy/watery. Lots of mosquitoes.

trail running
5 months ago

I live down the road from this trail and love it for biking and running. One of the best 3mi loops I have been on. Tons of scenery and a variety of terrain (rocks, roots, flat plains, etc). I am here 3 times a week. Adequate parking, safe, and multiple trail routes. The outer loop is the 3mi one I am reviewing.

Completed this hike today. The road to get to the small parking area is bumpy dirt road and as someone else mentioned in an earlier review, the address takes you to someone's house so you have to keep going about 0.3-0.5 miles from the address listed. Didn't see too many people along the trail, so it was nice and relaxing. The "waterfall" is more of a stream than what I would consider a waterfall, but still pretty. Most of the trail I would rate as easy with a few moderate sections. At Buzzard Hill there is a small overlook and right now the wild blueberry bushes are blooming.

6 months ago

Beautiful hike along the Appalachian Trial. We brought our dog along and we really enjoyed the nature and waterfall along the trail. The waterfall is about 0.8 miles into the hike. When going to the overlook, make sure you continue past the small camping site with a fire circle that is situated on the right (near the top of the mountain) and trek ~50 feet further and up the rocks to the left. A few hikers we came across weren't able to find it the first time around. We came early July and the temperature was high 70s and the shade was very welcome the entire hike!

The correct GPS address for the trailhead at the start of the hike is 39.072126, -77.912143. There is a small parking area on the north side of the road. White rectangular paint blazes (6 inches high by 2 inches wide) mark the Appalachian Trail.

The address currently listed (1948 Morgans Mill Rd., Bluemont, VA 20135) is a private driveway. The trail crossing is 0.3 uphill from this location.

VOF ruined this trail. First, the closure at the top which, let’s be real, was the only worthwhile part of this trail. Otherwise it’s just a walk on the woods. It was supposed to be temporary, it has been closed for several years now and “rangers” are indicating its permanent.
Also, even if you wanted to walk the other boring trails, they now close the mountain in the winter, sometimes during the week during other seasons, and don’t post or update websites.
Please take the management of this area away from VOF!

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