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2 days ago

Started with light rain. Trail has many spots that could use water bars. Lots of water on the trail. Bring your waterproof boots. No snow from TH to Lower Lena. Light traffic. Bring oxygen mask and TP if you use the TH bathrooms. Ugh!

No snow, no ice. it almost felt like spring. some water on the trail, but nothing anyone can't manage.

it's a nice place to walk. we went during the rain. some areas are slick but it's pretty safe.

Nice hike. Good if you want something that’s not too difficult. Winter so it wasn’t to busy but even still on our way back down we saw many people on their way up. Beautiful views of waterfalls and the lake is lovely. Only specs of snow at the moment.

This is one of my favorite nature walks /easy hike. Main trail to Beaver Pond to dow town Port Gamble and loop back. Muddy today but that was to be expected.

took the dog on a rainy day hike, trail was as reviewed moderate but mostly easy except for the rain made some spots tricky even with trekking poles.

12/30 What a gorgeous hike! Just a little bit of snow near the lake but the trail is definitely wet. Bring waterproof shoes! There's so much to see on the way up. The restroom at the lake was locked but someone had broken into one of the stalls. I feel guilty for saying this, but Im really glad they did.

Beautiful hike

great for a quick trail run.

Hiked the West Shore trail with my 4 year old son today. Nice little walk! Plenty of parking, though we went on a drizzly, grey day after Christmas. Very easy walk for adults, with a little incline on the way back up. Challenging for my toddler, but now he will nap great. (;

Pretty hike! I’d love to come back and camp sometime. Some bugs, not too bad. Popular trail, parking fills up fast.

1 month ago

Great trails that are clearly marked so you can wander without fear of getting lost. Trails are wide, and in most places are packed very flat and evenly. Good for walking, running, mountain biking. Only downside is you can hear lots of road traffic from Miller Road.

Great trail for a quick hike that isn’t too challenging. Nice wide trails with lots of mulch for even stepping. The only downside is it is very confusing with all the turns and it’s easy to get disoriented. I highly recommend taking a picture of the map at the trail entrance.

1 month ago

spent the night no snow yet

I hiked the Westwood Shore Trail, next time I will take the trail to the lake, so many possibilities! I ran into to some nice people along the trail! There was a good windy climb down to the beach, but it was worth it!

1 month ago

Stumbled across this trail on my way home while feeling a bit grumpy, and this trail turned my day right around. Definitely feels like you get transported to another place in those woods.

Hiked this on December 1, 2018. Beautiful hike and gradual incline leading up to a gorgeous view.

nature trips
1 month ago

This is a very enjoyable place to walk in the woods. interesting flora and fauna to take note of a few nice view points of the Hood Canal. We heard eagles flying above us.

Went at the end of November with a group. Would be slippery and more challenging in heavy rain, but today's light drizzle didn't cause any issues. We did have water running down the trail, so our shoes did get wet but not soaking wet. Beautiful trail, lightly traveled this time of year.

Stayed overnight, no snow yet, bathrooms are locked.

Beautiful hike despite winter storm warning. Lots of water running down the trail but the sun was shining when we arrived at the lake and just a brushing of snow on the mountain peak up above the lake.

Beautiful trail, but very easy to get lost in. Definitely recommend bringing a buddy and/or a map. Once you get deep inside, it is very difficult to find your way out. On the plus side of getting lost, you see more of this beautiful park!

Tougher climb than expected but the end result was beautiful. The lake is rather low this time of year but it was cool to see everything beneath normal water level. The switchbacks were killer. Rough terrain so watch out for loose rocks, water in some areas and stumps. Had the whole place to ourselves once we reached the top.

nice hike passed through a valley that made the hike mostly flat. it gets steep going up to the vista

hiked this trail daily when I lived in town, nice quite trail with many trails

nature trips
3 months ago

This is an amazingly beautiful place. lots of surprises!

Easy trail to access. It’s also very well maintained!

3 months ago

Great shoreline trail rambles through woods and ferns, then plunges to stony shores with great sunsets and view of channel.

It appears not as many people know of the shoreline trail (stay right) but it is much more challenging (not hard, though) then the rest of the trails at Gazzam.

As of 10/10/18 the road is open. Trail is in great shape. Wonderful fall hike.

3 months ago

Super cool place to check out. Easy hike too

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