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Super fun hike! Prepare to jump the stream many many times till you get to the falls. I recommend waterproof shoes for sure on this trail. Lots of jumping from rocks and branches. Enjoyed it very much.

This is really a local hike. I wouldn't drive out of the way to see it. There hasn't been very much water in many years. When there was, there was a running creek, and it was much harder to get there. The trail has zero bathroom/water facilities and I often find hikers allover the area (sometimes miles away) who either can't find their way to the nonexistent waterfall or can't find their way back from it! There's also a lot of poison oak, so good to have pants and sleeves if you go anyway. Rangers have been known to write tickets to people with dogs.

Great afternoon hike with breathtaking views. Be prepared to get your feet wet, as you will cross the streams 10+ times by the time you get down to the waterfall and back.

11 days ago

Great quick hike for a nice view of Bay Area and City all in one.

Great day trip that is a nice drive out of LA and mostly shaded until you meet the cliff portion overlooking the canyon below (and beyond). The early part of the trail is almost flat and follows the creek until you make your way up and around the actual falls. You will eventually come back down along a relatively steep trail that will follow the lower part of the creek and finally to the falls. You can scramble your way up along the edges of the canyon to pools above the falls and in the summertime I would imagine that it would be crowded. Our rainy, Sunday in March kept the masses away and made this more enjoyable. Turn around and head back the way you came in but not before a side trip down bear canyon for more solitude and some more pools. The steep section of the trail that brings you back up will give you a (Very short) workout until you reach the flat and sheer cliffs up above. Perfect Sunday trip.

Beautiful, well-shaded hike through a canyon alongside a creek. Lots of trees, and the waterfalls were pretty cool. Not a challenging hike for me, but that was fine given the scenery.

15 days ago

Beautiful and relatively easy trail along a beautiful creek. Last third of trail is very narrow if you take the upper path and steep as well. Best to stay left along the creek which will take you to the falls. Will do this one again before it warms up.

Fun area with lots of trails and beautiful views. I recommend it and will return.

Not dog friendly. No bikes. State park. So the area below (the field) can have dogs on leash. But no dogs allowed on the trail sadly :/

Love this hike! Beautiful the whole way through different terrains. Has a steep hill coming back up but super fun. Good for dogs and although there are a good amount of people they’re usually nice and not too annoying. Good for groups, kids, and picnics! Will come back again and again

There was very very little water. However, my four kids (ages 9-13) had a great time climbing over rocks and boulders to get to the trickle of a waterfall. My 40+ chubby self even made it! I imagine that with significant rainfall....this hike could be pretty tough to navigate boulder climbing while it the stream.

Great hike with awesome views of the mountains. Lots of shade and you follow a creek the whole time. Really enjoyed this hike.

1 month ago

It’s a great walking trail. If you’re looking for hiking trails, you may be disappointed, but if you’re thinking of a great walking trail for all age, families and dogs, this is the perfect place! We walked our dog along the trail and really enjoyed the scenery. The wildflowers, the ocean, and the birds are the best company alongside the trail. Moreover, the natural center (the Point Vicente Interpretive Center) has the whale watching event right next to the trail. We spotted about three whales when we were here! That’s such a surprise for the day since we didn’t expect to see whales at all! I see this trail doesn’t have lots of reviews on AllTrails, and I’d like to highlight it since we really had a very delightful and pleasant experience there.

great track. I love it! we were here today (Saturday) and it wasn't busy. I haven't seen any bugs...

It was harder than I expected as this was my third small hike. I didn’t make it to the falls and I would not rate this as easy. The incline was challenging for me. Like I said I am a beginner and am also hiking for weight loss so those can also factor in but all in all grateful I did the hike.

Love this hike!

Great trail for families. Limited parking in the two lower lots, so go early or mid day hoping to catch people leaving. Need to buy a pass which I think you can do at the top of the hill of the main road.

The trail itself is well maintained and beautiful.

Bugs are bountiful. Bring a bug net if you don’t want them flying up your nose and down your throat. Water levels are pretty low for this time of the year given the lack of rain, but there are still a couple of stream crossings

This is a mountain bike trail. We hiked 5 miles and never found the falls.

Pretty decent trail. Lots of traffic even on a week day. Make sure to stay left at the junction.. that'll take you to the falls. As some have said, there are some drops so watch your step. Lots of creek crossings so be prepared to navigate your way thru them.

very short trail. disappointed it was that short. can follow trail or can go a little off and climb over some rocks. easy hike. nice rope u can use to climb up one area.

A fun, doable hike with a great scenery. A lot of shade and going in cool weather is ideal. Just make sure to be careful on the cliffs- some steep spots.

1 month ago

Very nice and easy walking alone the costal trail. You can also get to see some nice houses on the side. You can walk the dog with leash on. Watch a beautiful sunset on a lovely Saturday afternoon:) easy parking. Sometimes you get to see rabbits. Fun!

fun and pretty. very easy hike. good place for a picnic.

Not a sufficient work out

Nice family hike, including our dog. Would likely do it again.

2 months ago

Should Not be rated as easy. You have a pretty steep climb to get to the top and may need a few rest breaks if you aren’t in great shape. Wonderful views from the top! A fun, little hike. It says bikes are allowed but I wouldn’t recommend it! Overall, a cool hike that I would like to do again.

Definitely easy. - not really a “hike.” The view is spectacular. Once you get to lighthouse, unclear how to proceed.

2 months ago

The ground was soft today. Probably because it was 4 days after torrential downpour but still no landslide! Gorgeous views, not sure its worth my life again but once was good enough. I almost showed my teen this spot. I’m glad she slept in. Lol. We all seek beauty and peace in our lifetime. But it’s closed for a very good reason. Go with caution please.

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