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is the Gaspereau River trail still closed-and why is it if it is?

Canada Creek loop was absolutely gorgeous! Plan ahead with the tide schedule, but well worth it.

this is not a moderate home anymore. 30 years ago it was a cut and maintained trail and was easy, but the ocean and severe weather has turned it into a home that requires sturdy shoes, and had some tricky spots. watch your fitting on the rocky shoreline. amazing views and one of the best hidden beaches you'll find anywhere.

Just a logging road—no particular view or anything. Lead to a power plant and I honestly felt like I was trespassing. I personally wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

We did 18.5 km loop starting at northern entrance and not doing the escarpment offshoots , nor the spots in to camp.
The trail was under tall old growth trees for the majority of the hike. It was lovely! We crossed several streams , two rivers & unknown number of creeks (dry and moist).
This is not a hike for people wanting flat walking surfaces or cell service or even terrain . There were several climbs and descents every hour. There were trees to climb over, go under or walk around (at least three/km of trail). The views were of mossy forest floors, ferns, old trees, plethora of fungi and tonnes of toads. Some were so small!!

We easily did this hike in two days -1 overnight. We are not fast walkers, but steady. We cooled off in the Brookes and rivers. The hardwood stands felt like the rainforest with the amount of humidity they gave off.

Overall, totally worth it, but not a walk in the park.

I also hiked the devils elbow round trip to the falls and back. Definitely not for beginners. A lot of elevation changes with some fairly steep inclines. Take your time and bring lots of water. I'd definitely recommend though.

26 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Strenuous at points given the drastic ups and downs but well worth the climbs. And every spot to camp is a 10 out 10 for sure. Everything from sandy beaches to riverside coves.

Great trail ! Awesome workout

1 month ago

Fantastic Trail. Started at Big Salmon River, and finished in Fundy National Park, and that took us 3.5 days. Trail is well marked with white blazes although white moss on many trees made it interesting at times :). Lots of ascents and descents as you successively go from brook at sea-level to hill-top over and over throughout the journey. Great views and significant hiking in the woods to shield from the ocean winds. Next time I intend to try reverse direction.

Continuation of the Salt trail. Amazing with cycling!

1 month ago

Great hike ! Do it soon before it’s gone !

Went with a couple friends! It was a lot of fun! A little wet because it had rained the day before but defiantly worth it!

Trail was a lot harder as you have to walk a lot along big wet rocks. Waterfall was beautiful

Great trail, but a little rough on the edges. It was maintained by the Bowater Mersey pulp company but after a takeover by Resolute Pulp, the trail was abandoned and all the trailhead signage was removed. The trail interpretation signage and bridges remain however and are in pretty good shape. There are cool remains of an old logging camp in the middle. Avoid in early spring as the Hiking Trail Road can be rough on non-4WD vehicles until it dries out and the trail can be icy. The first stretch on the historica Old Annapolis Road is an ATV trail and thus is rocky and eroded but the trail soon soon branches off and becomes a nice forest and lakeside path.

Nice short rugged hike. The the orange flagging at the lower trailhead on Shore Drive now leads down to Admiral's Cove on the Basin with some nice rocky perches to look across the Basin. The uphill trail is harder to spot. The upper trailhead offf Snowy Owl has more parking spots. It seems to get a fair bit of night time use by teenager party lovers so the first lookoff at Eagle's Nest has a lot of grafitti and garbage. This tapers off and the rest of the trail was unspoiled - very little garbage.

Great trail good view

2 months ago

Great hike could be better marked from hwy as it looks like somebody’s driveway at first. View from the top is beautiful. Easy hike if for your fur baby’s also. Would be amazing in the fall colours time.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Great trail with lots of granite, new entrance on Alabaster way is nice with easy access. Lots of options for almost every level of rider. One of my favourites around Halifax.
Nice to see a fair amount of work is being done on the trails.

2 months ago

I loved exploring this old Town.

Trail closed. June 2018

Very pleasant hike, we completed in 2.5hrs including the Read Head look off trail, well marked trail, a few wet spots and some elevation

3 months ago

Good hike - we went as far as we could in our car and parked - walked the 6 km into Roxbury from there. Definitely bring fly spray. Keep in mind - the walk in is basically all uphill going up the mountain, and the walk back out is downhill. There were black bear tracks in the mud all over within the Roxbury Settlement. Signed the guestbook but did not stumble upon any geocaches - if they're still there. Didn't specifically look for them though. No foundations or houses/buildings of any sort still there that we could find - pretty uneventful. Took a look at the 2 cemeteries - of all the haunted folklore of Roxbury - we definitely didn't even get a haunted feeling - just a very calm and peaceful place, deep in the woods. Also took a look at some wells and walked to the pond. Saw a few camps but no one was around. Thought about walking as far as the lake/mill site, but after walking around several mud holes in the middle of the road, we finally came to one so deep and wide that we couldn't even get around it without going through it so we used that as a turning point. Had several ticks on us as well but that's to be expected. The only formations we saw were basically rock walls lined the Roxbury Settlement after the mailbox (guestbook) and the wall stretches for quite a distance on both side of the road - - definitely very old. Dexters is still doing a lot of clear cutting work the whole way up Roxbury road so beware of heavy equipment and men working. On the way back out from Roxbury, you descend the mountain and get small views of the north mountain across the valley to show you how high you are. It was a nice hike, however with not much to see I wouldn't do it again. It's a very neat place to see with a very interesting history.

Great hike. Definitely need proper footwear. I would pack differently next time and go earlier in the day. I think the falls at the end would have been much more exciting in the spring or early summer. Definitely do it again.

3 months ago

I love it up there i just dont like the fact they cut all them trees down and cleared all that land and now it just sits there and they are doing nothing with it....there were sooo many good trails up there until they did the clear cutting...I like going up to the big open marsh land up there where the round little pond is

3 months ago

Heard about and saw signs for the trail. Finally tried it last Tuesday, was not expecting such an amazing trail! Certainly recommend.

Wicked hike. Moderate to difficult terrain. Lots of steep climbs on a well-marked trail. Took us about two hours at a relatively quick pace and two short breaks.

great little trail with scenic lake views. It's pretty wet and icy in early Spring and sometimes washed out.

Amazing views! Great for snowshoeing or cross country skiing.

This is a lovely trail for a good 5-7 hr hike, depending on your pace and number of stops. Is long but not particularly difficult for experienced hikers. There are a few nice rest stops at 3 waterfalls, the salmon river pools, and near Gully Lake. The trail is very well signed at intersections and with trail markers along the route. Highly recommended!

Good spot for a quick hike and beautiful waterfall

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