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They recently updated the trail with actual markers. You used to be able to walkthrough the bamboo then along the reservoir. It is now fenced off. There is now clear signage marking the trail. Directing toward the gravel road which is to the right of the parking lot. You will go straight back, the trail turns and you will see an outhouse looking structure with an astronaut. You cross a concrete dam thing and then the trail heads left through a swampy bamboo area and up through the forest. It’s pretty wet. You’ll pop out at a clearing and see the fenced off area to the left. Proceed back into the forest. There’s will be a dip that looks like a muddy former stream and climb up a small bank. Where you’ll see a trail marker pointing right to the regular trail.

The fencing and the new trail must have been put up in the last month.

Muddy at the beginning, and a little hard to find the right trail at first but the waterfall at the top was beautiful. Definitely wear proper shoes, you will be crossing the river several times on the way up!

Very muddy at the beginning of the hike but the large waterfall made it worthwhile.

So much fun! Lots of much & the water was amazing! So worth it!

One of the best hikes/climbs. :) In my first try I got to all three peaks thanks to the beautiful weather today. It's demending, relatively hard. It's worth the sweat and effort. Exhilarating, exciting!

Tired of the monotony of getting dirty and having near death experiences trying to reach some jaw dropping view? This peaceful and beautiful walk through the woods can help break that up. Sadly there was not as much garbage to pick up as I'm used to, until detouring over to the 'Ualaka'a loop, where people seem to find it a more suitable environment to leave their trash behind. Say hello to the cats and chickens living in harmony in the parking lot.

While there might be hordes of people on this trail during the weekend, it is still gorgeous and fun. Tourist confusion on where to go after the entrance can also be entertaining. To the right of the parking lot is a human size hole in the fence that leads down a gravel road which is a more direct path than what is shown on the map. Or you can zig zag through the bamboo and jump a fence or two.

The plus side of the heavy traffic is the large amount of garbage to collect along the trail, very rewarding.

Great hike! Definitely agree with some of the reviewers that rec. to go right to start with the steep uphill climb. At the top before going down definitely rec. to take the Moleka Trail. It’s a great out and back trail through a bamboo forest.

Was hard to get to, especially since there is some recent construction going on and they put up a few fences, but was an overall fun hike and the waterfall was worth it. Wasn’t very difficult, but you do have to cross the stream a few times.

Sweet hike. The initial approach has some scrambling and the views from atop are amazing. If you continue upwards, the trail eventually follows the ridgeline (which can definitely get a little bit scary). There are other trails in the same vicinity so will definitely come back to this one

9 days ago

Definitely a favorite. Unlike hikes where you can feel every mile, this hike felt a lot shorter than it actually was. Astounding views. Gets your heart pumping and your adrenaline racing.

You have to park a few roads away from where the trail begins. If you start to drive past the security booth, the guard will stop you and let you know that cars can’t enter but you can pass by on foot. You’ll walk a bit down the road until you reach the sign (very obvious) and immediately enter the forest, mud and all.

Soon the terrain switches to pine forest (someone must explain these elusive pine trees to me) and then becomes more rock-like, with lots of boulders, dirt, and trees to hold on to. The trail grows steeper and even though there were many ropes, I found that the terrain wasn’t quite as thigh-burning (90 degree angled) as others. The rocks you’d climb were at a 45 degree angle - nice and steep but more cardio-focused than muscle-focused.

As you reach the first peak, you have to boulder a little to get to the top, and then walk along a rock-ridge. The wind feels great and the height is exhilarating. It’s definitely not for children or anyone afraid of heights. Many people go on to the second and third peaks but from what we heard, the second peak is lower and less impressive than the first (it has an unimpeded view of the island), and the third is much more dangerous for a similar view. It’s a lot steeper than the first and unless you’re an experienced climber with your own rope, it’s not recommended.

We chose not to do the second/third peaks and instead enjoyed the first peak for a while, then headed down. We ran into numerous helicopters along the way (on this hike and others), at least one being a rescue chopper. They get so close!

I highly recommend this hike for people who love heights. Overall I’d say it was a moderate hike, took us about 3 hours round-trip including the 30 min. photo break at the top, numerous conversations with other hikers we ran into, and idle chitchat.

10 days ago

Such a nice little hike. Been looking to do this one for a long while and finally did it today. It was a nice day out and the trail was completely dry. Our car was fine on main road parking area, just don’t leave any valuables or anything in plain sight, just like anywhere else on island. The trailhead is the opening with 2 signs and the cement bench. There is currently a memorial there as well. It was a really quick hike but we could see how it could be a harder mess if it was wet. We did a bunch of exploring up top and could have spend more time.

12 days ago

Very short and steep hike. Make sure to brings lots of water! Climbing up we had no breeze, until we made it to the top. The views are breathtaking.

Fantastic hike
The second and third peak are only for experienced hikers

13 days ago

absolutely beautiful hike - trail was a little muddy but had good footing the whole way up to the first peak. we rode our bikes to the entrance of the golf club & locked them to a fence. when we got back they were gone so if you plan on biking be careful of the risk. would definitely recommend though! very fun and 360 views of the windward side of island.

16 days ago

Wow; the view, the perspective given the ledge and drop off, and an awesome spot for raw Hawaii surf. Definitely tread cautiously and if you can take the ladder down to the surf.

Really rad hike that follows the stream up to and epic waterfall. Lots of bouldering and off-trail hiking through bamboo forests along the way. Had a blast in the pouring rain!

Quick steep climb. My 60 year old pops made it up. Very slick. Great views.

I loved this hike. We done it Friday morning and it was great. a little slippery in spots but not too bad. I went to the ropes my partner wasn't with it. haha

Looking to do this hike between 2/28 and 3/9.
Anyone else out there interested???


I would not recommend this hike. There's a good reason this one is closed. Plenty of local legends talk about this being the place of a trickster demi god, Kamapua'a. And a horrible tragedy happened on Mothers Day back in the 90s. Many people have gotten hurt on this hike. It is a very eerie place.

I went with my siblings and it is quite difficult to find the proper path because there are misleading signs. But, when we went my sister kept hearing voices yet there was no one on the trail with us. Also, a huge tree branch snapped and landed abruptly only a few feet in front of us! It wasn't a small stick but a HUGE branch that could've seriously injured someone. And when we started the hike it was a gorgeous day but as soon as we found the stream that lead to the waterfall the weather turned sour. Eventually we all just felt very uncomfortable and didn't want to go through with the hike. When we went home we looked up the history of the place and realized that's where our tutu's childhood man-pig stories come from!!

This place just gives me the creeps! I feel like I'll listen to whoever or whatever was signaling us not to go there. Just would like to share my experience and thoughts. But if you do decide to go respect the land, be very cautious, and hope nothing falls on you.

23 days ago

One of my favorite hikes. It’s challenging to do all three peaks but well wort the effort. Parking is an issue so get there early. Don’t be fooled by the mileage noted. You have to walk approximately a mile to get to trail head on golf course from where you have to park. Gloves are a good accessory because there are lots of ropes. Thighs might be sore for a few days after. Views on a clear day are fabulous. On my iPhone it says 195 floors climbed after hike.

23 days ago

More of a short climb than a hike. We started our climb very early and made it to the top for the sunrise. Amazing views all around. Definitely wear some good shoes or hikers. I wouldn’t recommend this trail if it’s raining.

Definitely hard to find the trail, luckily found some locals but even they had some troubles as there have been some new fences put up to keep people out. Getting on the trail takes a little creativity and willingness to bypass barriers that were clearly meant to keep you out. First fence somebody already cut a hole in, second fence needed to climb around it. Tip: after the second fence up the stairs, stay to the right, the trail continues behind an abandoned looking old processing facility or something; don’t go left along what looks to be the main trail (this is a hunting trail)
Falls were pretty good. Lots of river crossings.

Hiked 2 days after a massive rain storm. Had to take a few detours and went way out of the way. Easy to get turned around but luckily there were several people we met who clarified trail. Tip: follow the stream up and know that you will cross stream several times. It was hard but a beautiful hike hearing songbirds and being in jungle.

We did the first peak today. Awesome views from top. One issue was that the directions given in this app lead us to park in a spot where we got a citation for parking on a sidewalk. Ugh, 3 stars for parking!

1 month ago

Amazing trail, do not attempt the third peak without high levels of climbing proficiency and the ability to lift your own body weight via rope.

Quite a paddle out, watch that surf...Moks are great!

2.5 hours to complete for us. We trail ran the first part of it and again on the way out. We had to do it twice because the view was of a cloud our first time. There were raspberries up top to eat, yum! A few ripe portions and stairs as well. Definitely moderately rated. One of my favorite hikes!

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