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Great challenge and view.

I’m very sorry to be writing this review, especially about such a beautiful trail that is so accessible right at the center of Phoenix.

The hike unto itself is great: a good workout, beautiful scenery, and amazing city views. The thing that ruins this hike is the people. It is understandably busy, being in the middle of the city and all. Nonetheless, a large contingency of this mountain’s hikers are constantly so rude. I’ve hiked this hike four times in the past year and a half. Unlike every other hike I’ve ever hiked, people on this mountain yell at one another to get out of the way, trail runners nip at your heels, and people blare music on portable speakers despite signs telling you to use your headphones. Of course there are plenty of friendly people, but sadly the bad outweighs the good to the point that I’ll sadly never hike this hike again.

If you’re looking for a similarly tough hike, try Camelback. If you’re looking for another hike in the area, try literally any other hike in Phoenix Mountains Preserve. They’re all beautiful with far friendlier people.

A great sub-hour run for those good on rocky terrain looking for a short trip outside and feeling fit. Otherwise a pleasant use of part of the day with some scrambling to keep up the Interest. The top views are amazing.

Cool trail but very easy to get lost There are no markings or cairns. I’m pretty sure we did get lost but somehow found our way back to National Trail thanks to GPS after climbing over and under various rocks The hidden valley feels like another world. The trek up Mormon trail to get there was quite the climb

Good workout and great views of the valley from the peak. Watch your footing if you are not accustomed to rocks.

Hard hike, but worth it!!

was a great hike but a sign was facing the wrong way and got us off track by 2 miles

Very fun but difficult trail, steep with lots of scrambling. Great 360-degree view of the valley from the top.

This is a great trail! Be prepared for a lot of people and some steep inclines.

Very rocky trail, it is only moderately difficult in my opinion.

Challenging and fun trail. There were many others on the trail, all enjoyed the mountain.

Great hike get there early

5 days ago

Amazing hike with challenging points throughout. We went early in the morning (5:45am) and it wasn’t too crowded. Quick a few sections needed hands to climb up but the climb to the summit was beautiful! Took about 45 mins to get to the top doing a relaxed pace about 4.5 mile return in total.

If you are afraid of heights, I would suggest not going. I saw a couple of people turn around because of that. It’s a fun hike but the only thing challenging is the amount of people. You just have to be mindful of other hikers and make frequent stops. The hike itself wasn’t too bad.

6 days ago

Very special trail.

This was a fun, challenging hike. We also happened to have the best weather possible, 69 degrees with a cool, light breeze. I highly recommend this trail to everyone!!!

This is a fun hike. I'm 60 years old and in average shape. I took my time, resting when needed, drinking plenty of water, and always looking for the easier way. If your joints are ok and you have average strength, you can do it. Go slow, be smart, and have fun!

Extremely beautiful area, easy to miss turns on trail though. Ended up back tracking to find the right spot. Climb is tougher towards the the last half mile, had to climb switchbacks to get to the two bit summit.

Second time I’ve done this and I have to say I was pretty underwhelmed. It’s pretty much like walking up paved stairs most of the hike. The crowds are insane and people seem to have no hiking etiquette at all. Not even that attractive of scenery on this mountain, so I don’t get what the hype is all about. The view at the top is nice- if you can find a square foot of space for yourself to enjoy it. This hike was not difficult at all, I’d say it was barely moderately difficult. It’s not a hike I will come back to.

its challenge, some turns are poorly marked.

Steep incline but can be done! Some handrails to help. Go early when not too hot! Worth the scramble over boulders to get to top! Awesome views!

Gorgeous views with rock scrambling! This trail was unlike any other I’ve done with the valley. Lots of boulders around, and some that you have to climb over to stay on the trail. Certain parts of the trail are not clearly marked, so use the app map to stay on track. Cool photo opps on this one and nice views of the city! Downtown Phoenix is visible in the distance, and all in all a great workout that isn’t too strenuous.

Didn’t make it all the way up, a little too much for this novice, but continued along the moderate freedom trail on the shady side of the mountain to finish off...which was also a challenge. Start early and bring twice as much water as you think you need. Parking fills up early on my weekend visit (like before 7am)

Great hike. Tough, but beautiful! Panoramic views of the entire Phoenix valley from the peak.

I have ZERO hiking experience unless you count the parks in burbs of CLE. Read a ton of reviews before my husband and I attempted this. Still didn’t know exactly what to expect. I am 50 and in decent physical condition.
LONG story short- it’s very physically demanding and at times scary. My short legs made an easy act of stair climbing difficult. The stairs appear to have been made for GIANTS. When you get to the first section of rock climbing, there is a railing you can hold on to but you are still hoisting yourself up and using lots of arm strength. I believe we made it about 1/2 way and threw in the towel. In front of us was an incredibly intimidating third section of rock climbing. And that would have gotten us maybe 2/3 the way there. Other who we spoke to said the last 1/3 was even harder and steeper. Hell no!!! The pool was calling us!!
So advice for the first timers and virgin hikers out there...
The good news: even if you only make it as far as we did, the views are INCREDIBLE!!! I would recommend tons of water (dry heat makes your mouth feel like sandpaper even if you are not thirsty or sweating.) Tennis shoes were ok, but I could see how hiking shoes with better gripping would make some slippery rocks easier to navigate. TAKE YOUR TIME. Go at your own pace. GO EARLY! We didn’t get there until 8, and by the time we were back at our car two hours later (we took tons of pics) it was only 80 but felt like 90. If you are using the railing during descent, turn backwards like you are repelling. IT IS ROCK CLIMBING at times. STEEP rock climbing. Hard on the knees going down. We saw tons of people taking little little kids up there. Insane if you ask me. Just because of the rock climbing saw two people on our way up beings carried down due to injuries. Don’t want to stop anyone from giving it a try, just know what you are in for, take your time, be careful, and be proud of yourself for however far you DO make it!!! Have fun!!!!
PS- some guys who were done at the same time as us said they made it up in 27 min. And they met a girl who did it in 22. once you experience this, you will realize how INCREDIBLE that is. Maybe I’m not as “fit” as I thought :)

Good hike with a few technical sections for bouldering... we did this hike with our 9 and 13 year old sons, a lot of fun.

Bring plenty of water and consider gloves. Views are spectacular throughout the hike.

Great way to wake up in the morning. The crowds are no joke. At 6:30 am I barely got a parking spot. It was steep, but a good hike.

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