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The view up top is amazing!

excellent hike! the initial downhill descent was deceiving, but it gradually climbed from there. Great hike through the trees, the path was nice and wide. I did not donthe final climb to thr viewpoint, only to the too of the first. I found it to be difficult but once at the top, the views were great! did this hike round trip (including stopping for lunch at the top) in 5 hours. My fitbit calculated this hike to be 15km (without going thr extra distance to the viewpoint)

7 days ago

This was a good hike. Well marked trail, beautiful views of the mountains at the top. When you get to the last little trail don’t stop! It looks deceiving but go for it! It’s worth it. It wasn’t too hard but you will get tried on your hike back up to the parking lot.

Loved this hike! Get on the trail and power it up! Definitely some character building moments but those make for the best summits! Mountains 360. Highly recommend this hike for those considering a solo hike

Wowzers! This one was a challenge for me! I’m getting back into being active soo this one was tough tough tough.. I managed to make it to the switchbacks but turned back before climbing further! Going is not so bad but coming back is brutal. A lot of downhill on loose rock path. Definitely got a workout coming down and of course as you come back and get closer to parking, you have to go up the really big hill that you came down starting. Keep that in mind when hiking. Save some strength for the end! I managed to get through all the while dealing with foot pain (prior injury) however.. the hike is beautiful! Will definitely going to be coming back and concur the mountain up to the fire lookout!!

great hike, lots of ups, downs and flat spots so you can pound it out pretty easily. rewarding views.

What a beautiful hike. Worth the reward once at the fire lookout at the very top. A bit of a rocky hike. Took us 4.5 hours.

Pretty easy hike at first gets harder at end but great for beginners. The look out is nice and nice views.

18 days ago

Great hike, beautiful views and not difficult. The uphill near the end was discouraging. But otherwise very manageable and well worth the effort.

Beautiful day. Great hike. 2 1/2 hrs up. Layers recommended and good hiking shoes for the rocky terrain. Fantastic views.

Great hike

horseback riding
22 days ago

We've taken telephone to both Snowshoe Hare and Hostel and found all to be good well marked moderate trails with beautiful scenery.
We have found going later in the day (on weekends) is better for our horses as there are fewer cyclists. (My horse is terrified of them as the first encounter with a cyclist here also included his labradoodle bounding out of the trees barking at us and bouncing wildly) - but all of the cyclists including that one have been extremely kindly in slowing down or stopping as we ask to pass safely. FYI Dogs are allowed off leash deeper into the trail.
There is a fair amount of traffic during the day (weekends) (but by no means, crowded) but everyone is very friendly and conscientious.

25 days ago

What an awesome hike! Has a little bit of everything. It took us about 5 hours to complete it with a 30 minute break at the peak. 3 hours up, 2 hours down. Amazing views during the entire hike, especially at the peak! But beware of the false summit...! There’s still a bit to go.
One of my favorite hikes so far

26 days ago

Pleasant hike. Not too steep so it's easy to keep a steady pace. Stayed at 'fat-burning' (heart rate) zone the entire time. Great workout. Took us 5.5 hrs from start to finish and that includes a 20-30 min snack break. We took Telephone Trail up and Long Distance trail down.

There are a few areas where you can look down at the valley. No marked look-out or spectacular views. But there's something about being in nature, surrounded by greenery that always does the heart some good.

Only saw one couple starting the hike as we finished; the rest were all mountain bikers. We went early and except for the few bikers that passed us as we started and ended our hike, we were mostly alone throughout.

trail running
26 days ago

Good variety of terrain from long inclines, short flat spots and steep slopes. Nice wide trail with lots of people. Would recommend.

Arrived early as got a parking spot. Did this as a solo hike as I knew I’d be ok as this is a busy trail. First 5km easy then a little more challenging up hill, lots of people taking it steady. Beautiful views from the top. Take boots with ankle support as very rocky. Last 1km to parking lot is uphill. Passed loads of people hiking in on my way out.

Loved it! A bit of everything. Did this hike solo. All kinds of weather so bring layers. Beautiful views! Go early ... passed a bazillion people on the way down.

Gorgeous hike, from start to finish (I don't think Yang and I were on the same hike). Prepare for wind and no shade due to summitting above treeline. Skipped the top of the summit...didn't wear the right shoes, but next time! The final haul back up the hill made me want to cry a little. One of my new favourites, would give a 9/10 and do again in a heartbeat.

Beautiful, moderate hike for the first 5 km or so, quite strenuous for the last bit up to the top, but very rewarding view and plenty of space for a lunch break. Heads up for anyone who doesn’t like heights, It is a bit sketchy coming down as it’s quite steep and a bit of a cliff on one side. As mentioned below, there is a long hill near the beginning of the hike which is nice enough to go down when you start the hike but absolutely sucks to go up on the way back.

Great physical hike. It took us 4.5 hours with about a half hour on top! Good workout. The last hill on the way out it is a bit of a thigh burner :).

trail running
1 month ago

Beginning of the hike can be a little boaring, but the view is amazing at the top.

1 month ago

I did this with my 14 year old son, 12 year old daughter and 10 year old daughter. It was our first hike together. We had a great time. We started hiking around 7:45am (first ones there) and made it back at 1:45pm. It was very scenic once you get to the scrabble. It was some nice scenery in the woods as well. Not much in the way of water in the trail if you wanting to purify water. Some cool rock forts and rock formations around. We all had a great time and we were tired when we got back but we did it :).

Fantastic view that changes as you go around the summit. A bit strenuous, especially during the last stretch

1 month ago

After reaching the top,the view is breathtaking!

Once you are up there It’s a bit like a moonwalk. The view is fantastic and absolut amazing (on a clear day). The trail is easy to find, but walking on the loose gravel for a couple of hours is a bit tiring.

1 month ago

Good moderate hike. Last leg go up was strenuous and last leg to reach to parking was also strenuous. Beautiful view on top and you will get chance to see some wildlife as well.

Some magnificent views at the top, but a dull stretch to start and finish.

I m not a hiker by far... I did this hike yesterday and had a great time. The views were amazing at the summit. On the return the last incline before you get back to the parking area is a really leg burner so be ready for it.

Excellent views, nice hike.

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