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Great for kids and the whole fam.

Easy enough for kids but not the best terrain. Its basically a gravel road the majority of the way set at a steeper incline. After reading through some reviews we may have missed the proper turn off, but it seemed like all of the shootoff paths were "blocked" with logs. Our kids ranging 2-6 had a blast exploring the teepee!

9 days ago

nice easy shaded trail for a quick getaway.

Hiked this trail two days ago, very easy with a pretty view at one point.

21 days ago

Our family loves Lisa Falls, but it is very disappointing that people have tagged the rocks. Very disgraceful!

Fun little hike, short and sweet! Rock trail so ankle support shoes recommended.
Downside to the hike is when you make it to the falls there is inappropriate graffiti all over the rocks.

Super Easy with young kids.

Great quick hike. I would enjoy this a lot more on a mountain bike. Restroom at the start.

Edit: Walked this again last night for a quick hike and I came within 4 ft of a rattlesnake. He saw me before I saw him on the trail Bamberger(sp?), which I assume is the main trail. Just something to keep your eyes out for.

1 month ago

The elevation and length were good for a beginner. But everyone else is correct, the trails are very difficult to follow. Even with GPS, we got lost several times. However, since it's an easy trail, almost entirely in the shade, it was quite fun getting lost and exploring. A couple notes: If you start on the north trail, you'll walk for a while on an old jeep trail, following a pipeline, and then you'll hit a fork in the trail and see a sign that has an arrow to the left. . . you actually need to go right! You'll walk up a lot of pebbles and boulders and then on the south part of the loop this is where it can be difficult to follow the trail. You'll hit another fork and you can go either right or left and you'll make your way back regardless. If you go left, you see a neat cave, and then have a steep decline to deal with. If you go right, easy peasy. Either way, you'll make it back to your car. Have fun!

My husband and I completed this trail on July 7.

This trail is conveniently located, and easy to follow. Since it's paved, it's wheelchair friendly, but there is a steep descent at the beginning, so you'd need to be careful. We didn't see any spectacular wildlife, but it was a decent walk nonetheless. And afterwards, we ran through the splash pad that was right next to the parking lot.

Would recommend this hike for anyone looking for something easy and close by.

Beautiful but the graffiti was disappointing on the boulders near the falls...

Great trail for families and for a quick jog. It is all asphalt and has restrooms, a park, and a splash pad. It also has a beautiful view of the mountains.

1.2 Mi loop I don't get that. Nothing is labeled as 1.2 miles anywhere. Not kid friendly as an easy hike.

1 month ago

great for beginner/intermediate mtb. quick short and easy trails for after work

Only hiked up to the base of the first waterfall. Don't have any experience rock climbing or scrambling so I didn't even consider trying to get to the upper falls. If I ever learn I will go back and attempt the full hike. If you want a short, shady hike with a waterfall then try this one and just go to the base of the first waterfall. It was pretty nice just sitting on the big rocks at the falls. If you want some more hiking you can go across the road too and hike around..... pretty nice river down there.

on Lagoon Trail

1 month ago

Great family walking trail that we've been using for years. Wide and paved, can be used for strollers and bikes. Added bonus, passes by a section of the Lagoon zoo. Wild berries and fruit trees along the way. A couple of bridges over a stream with no water access. Great place for a photo shoot.

Good if you want something easy for small children. Well shaded and short.

1 month ago

The views are great, but it was hot out there! The terrain was a little rocky, which was murder on my ankles. Otherwise, it was a nice little hike. It may not be the best for small dogs, as mine got worn out.

1 month ago

We found this fall to be very beautiful and peaceful. Up to the fall I would rate it Moderate. There are some steep areas, and it is a lot of rocks you have to climb. I was able to do the hike by myself with a 7 year old and a 4 year old. I would reccomend this hike.

We climbed up a bit off the trail to watch sunset and that was indeed very beautiful. 2 stars because it isn’t very clear what is and is not the trail ... there are so many offshoots that aren’t really the trail it’s hard to know what’s the trail and what’s not. Also, the evening we were there there was a huge group of teenagers/college age kids having a party back in the woods, every turn smelled like heavier weed and cigarettes. Evidently back in the woods is a party place. Gross. Not fun when you’re just trying to hang out in nature.

Great hike for a beginner like me. The view of the valley at the top was beautiful! I started around 6:30pm and it was still pretty hot - there is little shade on the trail...

1 month ago

Not easy. The first 3/4 mile was a somewhat steep, rocky climb.

nature trips
1 month ago

I took my 5 and 2 year old on this little hike and they loved it. We even did the loop a couple times. We have gone back and I’m sure we will again. Great for younger kids!

1 month ago

It was pretty. It has gorgeous views of the mountains as you were hiking up, and beautiful views of the valley as you hiked down. Lots of bugs and lots of loose rocks and gravel.

Cool hike but nothing too special. Not sure we this is rated hard. It’s rocky but they are big and easy to get up. Somehow this is rated hard and Lower Bell Canyon is rated easy but this was way easier than Bell Canyon?

1 month ago

Good, shady, short hike to the water fall.

The waterfall was neat, but the boulders were a little too big for my kiddos 5 & 3. The boulders also went down the side of the mountain pretty steep.

There was an INSANE amounts of kids (mainly older) pushing their way around. The topper was the graffiti all over! We maybe stayed 15 minutes before leaving.

1 month ago

Lots of cotton! Like coated everywhere, looks like spider webs, and being next to lagoon it sounded like people dying screaming! Kinda hysterical except my 2 yrs Old was scared!

I was glad there were posts here to say how easy of a hike.it is to the bottom of the falls or I might have not checked out this amazing waterfall and passed it by. It was a super short hike to the bottom, but such a beautiful unique waterfall. The drive in Little cottonwood canyon was also just stunning. just make sure you don't on off hours so you don't have to fight the crowds. Check out my post for a 360 degree visual of the hike. https://shaunasadventures.blogspot.com/2018/06/360-adventure-little-cottonwood-canyon.html?m=1

Walking trail not a hike. Well shaded.

1 month ago

Did the loop trail starting on the south route and coming back the north. Great trail on the south route. North is loose rocks and less interesting. Kids (4-11) loved the two giant teepees. Seems the rope swings are down. One of the supporting trees came down. Used to be a fun place to stop for a bit. Still a great quick hike.

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