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Busy trail, lots of dogs, but great views

beautiful setting, steep uphill climb. had a 7 and 10 year old on the hike, we had to stop many times as it's a long uphill climb. overall we really enjoyed the hike and views.

Well maintained trail, nice views.

hell yes

Nice trail to hike with oldest son and grandson!

Great hike, perfect length, great views and a variety. Storm rolled in at the top and while I was at the divide overlook, made the mistake of heading back instead of waiting it out - cleared back up in like ten minutes. Followed it up with the first little bit of Fowler. Decent amount of people (~11am on a Sunday) but I wouldn’t say it deterred too much

8 days ago

Easy hike with the dog (I have a pug and he did fine). A little more scrambling up rocks than expected but not hard at all. Perfect for something quick with the dog! This park fills up fast so go early if you want a spot. I arrived at 10am on a Sunday, the lot was already half full. I might consider going earlier next time. Not a lot of shade, so bring sunscreen and water!

Nice mix of history, railroad and views

Great hike! A bit strenuous at the beginning but well worth it. Make sure to take the Walker Ranch Loop down to the falls. Awesome views!

10 days ago

One of my go-to trails in the Boulder area with great views of Boulder creek! I definitely second the other reviewers - we were tracking our miles and ended up walking around 8.2 miles total so be aware of the added distance. I've done both the clockwise and counterclockwise route and would definitely say counterclockwise is the way to go if you're looking for an easier go with less steep terrain. Be aware that there will still be some steep parts, even on the counterclockwise route.

Went counter clockwise and boy it was tough. Trails are not well marked and accidentally went halfway up Gregory canyon again before realizing it. At least it was a nice scramble down. Overgrown with poison ivy everywhere. Long sleeves and pants are a good idea.

Not very good for bikes was very rocky with sharp pointy Rock sticking out. It was only my fifth trail on a mountain bike so I'm just a beginner.

Fairly busy trail but great views and not too difficult. Mostly shaded.

great trail! it took us about and hour and 40 minutes from start to finish. pretty heavily trafficked especially for a Wednesday

This hike took us 1.5 hours - we didn’t stop other than to walk around the hotel ruins and we decided to go up and to the left before we got to the continental divide overlook. There is a little unmarked trail to the left that goes up to a large rock - you can climb on top and the views are amazing. It’s dangerous as there is a steep cliff, dropping straight down. Great weekend morning hike!

Beautiful & scenic. The view from the overlook was great.

This trail is great. I completed it in the winter which added its own set of challenges - traction is a must!

Great views, half shade and half open. Good hike close to Denver. Definitely a moderate difficulty. We hiked with 9, 12 and 15 year old and they did alright.

Easy hike with the doggo.

A fun trail with a great lookout area (continental divide). Relatively shady and covered for a lot of the trail.

18 days ago

Quick and easy trail, and a great view of Boulder!

Entered from the south side (near Settler’s Park), so the hike up was a little strenuous, but totally worth it. Gorgeous view of the surrounding area and fun time climbing on the rocks. Do it!

Beautiful, well-maintained trail. Be sure to continue on to the Walker Ranch Loop (turn left at the sign) to spend some time at the falls - it’s a welcome rest stop before turning around. About 60% tree cover which is nice on warm summer days.

22 days ago

Amazing, but long hike. Beautiful views and diverse scenery. One of my favorite Boulder hikes.

This hike is actually more like 8.3 miles. Took us 3:15, hiking at a pretty good clip. Very pretty. Bring water.

I've been here multiple times & it's one of my favorite hikes in Boulder. South Boulder Creek is a great place to take a break for picture taking or have a lunch/snack or just take in the beautiful scenery. I tracked it at 7.6 miles. Beware...don't leave wallets or purses in your car! When I was getting out of my car, an older couple warned me that their window got broken & a wallet was stolen!

Steady incline for most of the trail, with a couple of nice spots that you can sit and rest, so it's not overly strenuous, but could be if that's what you want. The view from the Continental Divide overlook is stunning. A great trail, even for those who are afraid of heights as the majority of the trail does not have steep drop-offs. We had volunteers on the trail today, 7/20/18 warning of rattlesnakes, and spoke with other hikers who had seen one, so one needs to be cautious. Can be done in under 2 hours.

Hiked this trail March of 2017. Snow fell from the top of the mountain making it one of the most beautiful hikes I have done so far!! Highly recommend.

trail running
25 days ago

Going left: nice declines!! 7.8 miles. Not difficult :)

Great hike! It is steep in many spots and has some shade, but was hot already on a morning hike. The view at the top is very nice.

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