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This is a really great trail especially now with fall colors! Trail wasn’t very crowded but has some spectacular views! Both lakes are really cool and you can continue to a third if you please! Lots of camping room by the lake as well! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.

3 days ago

Trail is short and steep, but well maintained with built-in "steps" and no rock scrambling or off-the-beaten-path "climbing" required. Falls and pool at bottom are gorgeous and provide a chilly, refreshing swim! Several deep ruts in side road to trailhead required us to park on main road and walk 100 yards to trailhead.

This was our first trail using all trails app. The trailhead was easy to find and has a bathroom. The hike starts off a slight bit steep but levels off nicely toward the top. The lake was really nice. We tried to walk to the second lake but the trail was a lot harder to follow and we were running short on daylight so we turned back. All in all great hike.

A great hike with amazing views the whole hike. Would definitely recommend bringing bear spray, although the only critters I saw were some cows. Trail is very well marked and easy to follow. Not much shade towards the top though so bring sunscreen and lots of water! Great hike! :)

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up doing this hike. After reading promising reviews, and seeing gorgeous pictures, our experience trying to get started was nothing short of ridiculous. We drove straight to the trail, and immediately upon driving off the main road towards the trail head, a patrol guard stoped up and threatened to send us to jail for 6 months for not knowing we needed a permit to hike here. We went to the Cenex aka the local gas station, to get our permit and saying they were unwelcoming is an understatement of the year. They continuously warned us about the difficulty of the hike, the abundance of bears (rudely noting we would have needed to bring some bear spray because they didn’t have any for us) and that we would most likely be lifting our dog over boulders only to be greeted by a grizzly bear on the other side. Needless to say, we left. Heading back to Missoula for more pleasant locals and a better experience!

5 days ago

Great waterfall and good distance for an easy day hike.

Beautiful moderate hike. Good camping by lake.as well

Hiked this trail on Sept.8th. the onset of Fall was beginning to appear. It was a little smokey but made for beautiful photos. This trail was rated as difficult and I somewhat agree with rating. Falls were gorgeous, Took the left fork and crossed the creek. My dog loved it. Clocked trail time at 6.5 hours to lake and back.

9 days ago

Beautiful trail, unique scenery between the river, canyon walls, berries, meadows. Crossed the river three times. Some people returning from hiking ahead of us said that they saw a huge rattle snake though.

one of my favorite hikes so far! me and my partner and our 3 dogs hiked about 2.5 miles in until we got to a small waterfall. i really loved this trail because of the constant change of scenary. beautiful mountains on either side. as you walk you go through dense forested areas, boulders, a river and some sweet little wetlands with lush green grasses. we hiked back out during the sunset and it was beautiful! some small inclines but nothing crazy. a lot of rocks on parts of the trail so just watch your step. i wish i had time to hike a little further!

11 days ago

Majestic scenery on the way up and a beautiful lake. One of my favorite hikes around Missoula now. If the trail were easier to follow and less bushwhacking was necessary, I would give this hike 5-stars. It is very steep in parts and some scrambling up big rock faces. Lots of climbing over trees, as well. Navigating in parts can be difficult— we got lost off of the trail multiple times.

Note: I would NOT recommend DOGS. There are a lot of cliffs and huge boulders. My pup made it to the top but only because he is athletic and we were able to pick him up to get him up rock faces and boulders. I wouldn’t bring him back.

The directions on here were wrong for me. They took me up an old logging road which ended up being closed when you can just go straight into superior and follow the signs off the exit to the trailhead. Getting to heart is easy and then getting to pearl and dalton is a little more intense. Heart to pearl trail is a little overgrown. Keep on the trail going around pearls and the trail to dalton is very visible. I did this as a day hike. Had some fish nibbles in heart, skipped fishing and pearl, and had big fish nibbling and jumping at Dalton.

Great hike! Wonderful scenery. Waterfall is beautiful and you are pretty much along the creek the whole time and you can hear the water. Beautiful!

14 days ago

Beautiful trail. last mile in was the hardest, but with a few switchbacks it makes it very doable!! We base camped at heart lake 3 days and took day hikes up to Pearl lake and Dalton lake, and also to the state line ridge and hidden lake! it was Absolutely beautiful all of it! We camped at the south eastern end of the lake. Awesome spot!! fresh water near camp and goats to entertain us....although they did get abit too curious! Just had to clap and stomp and they scared away...

Not that difficult. The challenge is the rockfall area to the pass from Sheep Camp to Happy Camp but is short lived. The challenge for me was the weather. Torrential rain and wind hitting me sideways. Streams on the CANADIAN side were challenging as water level did get high but doable. High winds blew me into a few creeks.
Will come back to do the Canadian side as the scenery is simply breathtaking. Beauty beyond belief. Clean toilets and Lindeman Camp had their two cabins heated with the wood stoves going. Three days of rain and soaked to the bone. Lindeman gave us a chance to dry out things.
Love love love the Canadian side and travel thru that terrain was simply awe inspiring.

What a beautiful hike! Be careful to pay attention to where to get back on the trail head if you traverse up the rocks to the summit. We had a few panic moments trying to find the trail head out after we came down off that gorgeous peak. There were not a lot of cairin's built ... maybe build a few on your way up through the rocks and closer to the trail head especially.

15 days ago

Well maintained trail. Thumbs up to both the USA and Canada. Beautiful and scenic! I recommend this trail to anyone. The push over the pass is strenuous but doable for most hikers.

The trail was easy to follow. It was a climb and took us over 2 hours to get to the lake. hiking shoes definitely recommend

Such a beautiful, shaded hike. Will hike this trail, again and again.

17 days ago

Fun trail, great views

Beautiful, rained the entire way but still so beautiful

18 days ago

Reservoir is very low but still worth the hike. There is still a lot of greenery to be seen with some hints of yellow and red starting to appear. I saw moose and wolf tracks at the reservoir.

18 days ago

Lovely hike. We didn’t go all the way to the lake and this hike was easily 8.5 miles round trip. If you go to the lake add another 4 miles. I’m sure it’s worth it. Waterfalls and nice woods throughout. Enjoy!

Beautiful, crystal clear lake at the end of a easy 2 mile hike. First part of trail had some fairly steep climbs but nothing really tough. Low 70’s & no bugs or fish.

19 days ago

Wonderful hike! The amazing views, fascinating history and super variable terrain was the highlight of our 3 week Alaska and Yukon vacation! The rating of "difficult" is certainly accurate though and I would suggest some serious training for anyone planning to hike this trail!

20 days ago

Fantastic hike! Fairly easy hike up multiple switchbacks to the overlook. Great vistas!

nature trips
23 days ago

Very beautiful and very well kept. The hike is worth every step!

Short, steep hike but definitely worth it!.

great hike for kids!

Make sure to go past the first (and on this app, final destination) waterfall to second, very impressive waterfall 1/2 mile farther. Hike alternates between black rocks and forest. When you reach the bridge, look up to granite arch on top of the ridge. Nice mountain views.

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