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This trail was a challenge but I loved it! Took my best friend with me and we had so much fun! I just love climbing rocks and walking in trails!

Fun easy trails. Good for family hikes with kids. Car wreck was an butt burner but the reward getting to top of the world was worth it. Pretty straightforward trails and a little too public.

The kids and I love this place! Not overly taxing, but a great time.. Kids love sliding on the big flat rocks!

7 days ago

This was a pleasant walk through woods, marshes, and beach. We walked for about an hour. We arrive two hours after low tide but still had to take off our shoes and socks to cross a marshy area to get from the beach to the wooden stairs to continue on the path.

8 days ago

Great hike! We started south and ended north. Not many fellow hikers at the start but by the end (closer to the north entrance) it got more crowded.

I've spent close to a decade hiking Dogtown and it's a beautiful area. It can be quite easy to get lost out there though, even with all the time I've been out there I still get lost. A few times I made it out thanks to my dogs. I've always hiked it with dogs though, abs haven't hiked it since the dogs passed away.

Don't be scared away by the lore, they are a really magical woods. There was a tragic murder back in the 80's but it gets sensationalized too often, it was a tragedy but an isolated one, and the killer was caught.

It's also very easy to end up in people's back yards in Dogtown. People are generally very nice if you're respectful.

30 days ago

Fun area to explore with lots of rampart caves and ledges. The highlighted loop goes around the Chasm, but it’s definitely worth checking it out during your trip. We spent about a half hour checking out the caves, then did a little hiking. The trails in the area are very well marked and maintained. My one warning would be to avoid coming on weekends since it gets very crowded.

Nice place to hike and exercise. Very scenic.

1 month ago

This is a large garden with trails. It's beautiful to walk here, and in the right season you can see lots of flowers (spring) or enjoy the fall foliage. The price is a bit steep compared with other locations you might hike, but you are paying for the upkeep of beautiful grounds. We enjoyed this place and came back to do a cart tour with my elderly mother. The cart tour is only a couple of dollars extra per person and is a wonderful private tour if someone in your group has limited mobility.

Easily on off my favorite trails to date. From the very beginning the trail offers a beautiful scenery of the ocean and beautifully designed houses that inspire me on what I would want someday. The trails have varying ranges of difficulty and also different types of scenery. When you start off you're on a hill where you can peer down into the valley on one side or towards the ocean on the other. As you travel you the trail transitions from rocky passage, to woodland passage. Afterwards you come to following a river until you finally come to open meadows. Honestly one of the best hikes I've been on and very good is for those looking to go on an adventurous date.

Hikers, be aware: there was a murder on this trail in the 1980s.
Spooky, historical hike. Dogtown was settled in the 1600s by 80 families fleeing pirates, natives, and other coastal bombardments. After the revolutionary war and the war of 1812, dogtown was abandoned, and became a ghost town that housed squatters in the abandoned buildings. Lots of rumors about witches and other such things, too. The numbered boulders signify where a house once stood.
Easy to get lost - multiple maps are needed.

A bit longer by my GPS. Nice trail overall, great for h King and okay for trail running. The moraine section was difficult, and the trail is poorly marked. Needed the map consistently and still made a couple incorrect turns. Great trail for his area

1 month ago

This is a great time to spend your day:)
The trails can be from easy to moderately difficult or you can make it a little of everything. We love coming here.

1 month ago

Quick and easy— or add to the loop for more miles.

always a pleasure. great look out rock

You can no longer go to cave. Nice clean beach

I love this place. So peaceful and the best hiking experience i have had.

Moderate woodland trails with beautiful views overlooking the chasm. Inside, there are a lot of great bouldering areas to climb over and through.

Great views of the Pacific Ocean to the west and Orange County mountains to the east. Santiago peak. Fun hike.

2 months ago

My teenage daughter and I had a great time on Cliff Walk. Highly recommend !

2 months ago

Beautiful walk only did a small portion of the walk. Still worth it

great place. always impressed by the chasm. Wildlife is super cool. kick over a rotted log and you may find a giant millipede

2 months ago

Great walk with beautiful views

This is my favorite type of hike. Rocky scramble, huge boulders and trees. Started counterclockwise on charleys loop(yellow), followed forest road trail (orange and blue) and chasm trail (blue). Chasm trail was the best with huge rocks to climb in under on and through. there's a trail but so many neat options on it! First trails were boring but the chasm more than made up for it! FYI - parking fee $5 for MA resident, $10 out of state.

This was one of the coolest places we have ever been to. Highly recommend it.

2 months ago

This is our favorite walk! If this isn't a 5 star walk, I don't know what would be

2 months ago

Beautiful walk on a Tuesday morning! Did the traditional route starting at Easton’s Beach and only passed about 15 people on the entire cliff walk (and all were going in the opposite direction). I would definitely say this is on the very easy end of moderate- they only remotely difficult part is that last 1/2 mike or so where you do have to scramble on some rocks, but it’s nothing too crazy and as long as you are paying attention to what you are doing it’s pretty easy. The sign at the beginning of the walk says it will take 2.5 hours for just the 3.5 miles one way of the walk, but I did the cliff walk and the entire walk back up Bellevue to my car in 2.5 hours (about 7 miles) with plenty of stops. Highly recommended if you want some fresh air and amazing views!

2 months ago

Do it every time I’m there. Different seasons are a must. If you want to do most strenuous and have less people do it “backwards”. Start at Reject’s beach. You can work hard at the beginning then relax and look at mansions at the end.

2 months ago

Great views, but double-back instead of looping on Pacific.

A lovely ramble alongside the salt flats! We saw no one during our walk but did manage to see beautiful trees, flowers, and wildlife. Had a nice sit on one of the many benches too. Cool muck to smell.

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