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The hikeing trail to the falls is in quite good shape for what is said to be "not maintained." Great, quick hike for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of LA and replace it with the beautiful sounds of running water and pretty views. Even though the waterfall is down to a trickle, it's well worth the trip.

Be smart and aware of your surroundings as the drop offs on the way there and back are steep.

There are no trash cans past the parking area. So as always, remembering to pack out what you pack in will help to keep this place beautiful.

it was a great hike!!

1 day ago

What a great hike. Certainly challenging. The last mile or so up the side of the mountain is the most difficult stretch. But the payoff is totally worth it.
The waterfall was beautiful.
Be prepared for multiple creek crossings this time of the year.

1 day ago

So far one of my favorite hikes. Nice scenery and the sound of the water was awesome ! Loved it!

beautiful!! my 10 year old son did it with me and he loved it. micro spikes needed alot of snow and ice.

Amazing hike but definitely heavily trafficked

Great trail, made for a wonderful day. We went after a rain so be prepared to get wet if you do (4 crossings to/fro; 8 total). Not as many bums/homeless as mentioned in other reviews, couple of tents hidden at the start of trail.

3 days ago

This trail is definitely more trafficked than lightly. I would put it moderate to heavy. The waterfall is beautiful. Last mile is the hardest

I've done this trail a few times along with several of the other nearby ones. It's a nice change of scenery on Palomar Mountain from the desert below. It's a shame Scott's Cabin has not survived, but the apple orchard still being cultivated is really neat.

4 days ago

one of the most beautiful falls i've been honored to see.

these are the exact coordinates to the trailhead:
34.305323, -118.255444 (34° 18′ 19.2″N 118° 15′ 19.3″W

you need an adventure pass, parking is limited mostly just alongside the road.

there's a clear sign towards the trailhead. there's some cabins at the beginning so be mindful of noise and trash since residents live there.

follow the trail. you will hit a sign that says "trail not maintained by forest service" but it's pretty well maintained by hikers. you'll have to cross the stream a few times. depending on what time you go (whether it's rained recently or not) is how high the water in the stream will be. we never get rain in socal, but it had rained 2-3 days prior to our visit so we figured we'd take advantage and i'm so glad we did.

if you keep following the main path, it leads you to the top of the falls. there's a downward path to the right a little bit before the top of the falls that you can take that leads you to the base of the falls. someone tied a rope to help you climb down and it helps so much.

loved it so much we did it twice. we took our six month old pup and he had no problem. he loves climbing rocks and crossing streams. it really was beautiful.

8 days ago

Beautiful hike. Felt like I was going through different climates at certain stages. The rope down to the falls can be iffy but once your down there its gorgeous. There was some water on the falls but not gushing.

It’s amazing.

Awesome hike, lots of snow.

Easy hike, mostly flat with little climbing involved. My Fitbit measured it to be 11.3 miles in total. You’ll definitely get wet when crossing the River a few times, so bring water shoes or a change of shoes/socks. Water was up to my ankles in early Jan. Took us about 5 hours in total.

it was one heck of an adventure.
from beginning to end, crossing the stream and climbing over rocks. definitely not for beginners as I heard a lot of people complain lol and short of breath.

Kind of anti-climactic at the end just going to the saddle, but overall a really great hike and lovely views along the way.

I am visiting from the east coast and decided to give this hike a try. Pretty solid overall and the many stream crossings kept it interesting. I completed it in just under 4 hours with a short break at the bridge for pics. It is difficult to follow the trail at times but rather easy to get back on point. The trail notes in AllTrails were very helpful.

My garmin had it at 10.24 miles.

One oddity is the number of homeless that seem to make the trail home. There appears to be a rather large camp close to the beginning and then I saw a couple more along the way, including upon my return own actually had a fire going. It just seems like there is lots that could go wrong and I am not sure why the rangers allow it.

4 stars for a great hike but the homeless and lack of trail markers keep it from a 5 for me.


Great hike with variations over landscapes, vegetation, and elevation. Wish to see more water falling in my next visit.

Amazing views! A little icy but manageable.

beautiful place , Great work out.

Beautiful trail with ever changing landscape. Only 4 stars because all the homeless people camped out is a little unnerving for people hiking alone. While we had no issue, it was the first time I’d experienced a trail with people living on it.

Took my 7.5 year old chocolate lab Winston up to the saddle today. Great hike and great weather. A little bit of snow on the trail up to the 3 mile mark, and then snow consistently from there up to the saddle. It wasn’t icy, but it is worth taking micro spikes or some good boots if you plan to go above the snow line. There was a couple in basketball shoes that had to turn around.

This is my first post and someone I met on the trail today told me about this app. Hopefully the update on the conditions helps someone out.

the road was closed

I absolutely loved this hike!
Beware of the advice and notes on this trail however, it is probably inaccurate. It rained a little bit a week or two ago (we aren't in the throws of our biggest rains yet), and the river and trail has moved by sheer force of nature. It is evident that this trail changes, constantly.
This is good and bad, it's a new adventure; but it also means to be prepared for something new.
The river was full and we had to cross the river in places where in now hugs the cliffs, and the water was so deep that I think in only one place were we able to stay dry.... prepare to have wet socks at least when the rainy season starts.
The grade is easy, so it's a moderate hike despite the distance. There are a lot of yucca around and on the trail, so also prepare to get poked, a mild ouch.

this hike kicked our butt we measured it with Strava at 11.2 miles round trip had to cross the river six to eight times each Direction there's five or six spots that are pretty treacherous if you don't pay attention and the cactuses or yuccas are sprouting and we got stabbed about six times so be careful and you're going to get wet there's just no way around it cuz the water is up so in my opinion you're better off walking across the river then trying to balance yourself on the rocks overall a very challenging hike it took us six hours and 45 minutes but we took our time I don't recommend it for beginners but if you're in shape give it a go

Awesome hike. If you go with snow on the ground make sure to wear spikes. The switch backs up to the saddle can get slippery.

Creds. AllTrails Pro - amazed people hike with out Pro version. Pro version bulletproof for not getting lost. Extremely easy to get lost on this trail without Pro version. Only $30 annually and no internet required. There is no internet service when you enter the Angeles National Forest. Yes trying to make a point.

10.4 mi, 1,699’ El Gain, 4:45 minutes travel time.

Adventure Pass required. $5 one time or $29 annually (the one I have)

Parked 8:am Saturday 8 Dec 2018. Gorgeous day with significant flowing river %85 of trail from rain 2 days ago. Expect to cross river 3 to 4 times getting wet up to knees (I’m 5’8).

Definitely doing this hike again!

Really fun hike! Has lots of great scenery and it's definitely a place I am going to go back to since we never got to finish it. I recommend for anyone to keep on checking your app/map to make sure you are going on the right path, it can get very confusing at times since a lot of the recent rain has washed away quiet a bit of the trail and the main big trail is blocked off from rock slides.

It was a very fun hike with beautiful views of the river and surrounding mountains. You do have to cross the river a couple of time which might result in you getting wet. The bridge is really nice and you’re allowed to walk on it and underneath, they also offer bungee jumping for $120 if you’re feeling spontaneous

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