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We camped near a waterfall and hiked to other falls, nice area with several trails

Loved it! Beautiful trail and I was very fortunate to have gorgeous weather.
There were many people out, including families. It seems to be a popular spot, not exactly secluded if that’s what you’re looking for.

3 days ago

Nice trail to the top also can go to the left of the parking lot to take the trail towards Shortoff mtn. Go as far as you want and turn around

Fantastic! Last part a little tricky but not bad. Wonderful!!!

this is a relatively easy moderate Trail with beautiful views. It's nice to do the hike up over the Ridge and get away from the loud sounds of the river and end of The Quiet of the forest. the signs are pretty good at showing the way.

Well worth the drive. But the gravel road is very bumpy and barely wide enough for two cars. Without an SUV, that road takes a lot longer to drive. It took us an hour to drive it. But it was a beautiful hike with great views.

17 days ago

Short hike with great views.

We had a great time making this a two day trip and camping. Only negative experience was since a recent rain a lot of the trail was swampy.. but that is my only complaint! had a great time.. even in 36 degree wet weather! thanks! I would have a map for a couple areas, we hit a couple different trails to see things.

Beautiful. Moderate walk with superb views, especially at the top. Bring a lunch and a camera.

25 days ago

The hike itself is beautiful. Steep and definitely kinda difficult, but short enough that it's not a problem. HOWEVER, only go if you have a car that can handle a bumpy gravel road! You'll be on a dirt road for about 15-20 minutes before you hit paved road near the very top, and the dirt road was difficult to navigate for our VW Beetle. If we had a sturdier car it would've been totally fine, but instead it was quite nerve-racking!

We hiked the loop counter-clockwise. The first 1/2 of the trail is poorly marked and our AllTrails app with the download trail was referenced frequently to ensure we were on track. The trail itself was fairly easy to see but there was one 300ft section on an uphill ridgeline that we could not see a trail at all. Once we got to the top of Bee Mountain the trail was easy to follow to the end. The last 2 miles have several creek crossings. This fall the water levels are a bit higher than average and rather than take our boots, socks, pants off for each crossing we new it was only about 40 minutes of hiking in wet to get to the end. Even picking the "easy" places to cross the water was calf to knee high and pushed on you pretty hard... doing that barefoot on the slippery rocks would be tough. We finished the hike with wet feet, tired legs but a big smile.. would do it again!

One of my new favorite hikes in the Smokies. The trail starts out fairly wide and meanders along a stream (Lynn Camp Prong) while inclining steadily. This trail offers a little bit of everything: beautiful views of the stream, interesting rock formations, and relics from days gone by that give hikers insight into how this area was used in years past. In fact, most of the trail follows an old railroad bed—when the Smokies were logged, the last logs were hauled from this area of Tremont. Pay close attention to catch some of the pieces of history along the trail (including an old cadillac, an old chimney, and stone walls), as there are no official markers, just helpful indicators left by fellow hikers. The trail gets a bit more rugged beyond the junction with Panther Creek Trail at mile 2.3. Be aware that the side trail to Indian Flat Falls (approximately 4 miles from the trailhead) is not an officially marked trail, either, so keep your eyes peeled for a side trail to the right when the Middle Prong Trail swings left. If you hit the junction with two other trails, you've gone too far.

After driving down a gravel road for a while it will turned paved again and follow it until you reach the parking lot. Takes roughly 25 minutes to ascend. Great view

good trail, work the hike

Great hike but you won't be able to find much isolation during weekend days. Very popular and accessible so you will have a lot of company. Probably one of the most scenic trails on the East Coast. Overnight camping should be included in your plans. Sunset and sunrise experiences are a must. Be prepared for damp weather, frequently encountered.

Perfect for a quick yet not easy hike with awesome views!!

awesome hiking with wonderful views

I’m afraid I’ve ruined all other North Carolina hikes! This was my first overnight backpacking hike and a perfect trip! The sunset views were incredible. It rained on us overnight and we woke up in a cloud so we missed sunrise and will have to go back. By far the most beautiful place I have been on the East Coast!

Make sure you bear left at the beginning of the trail over the bridge. Beautiful waters.

Incredible day today on this trail! A little crowded at first, but just like everyone said, the further you go, the more the crowd thins out. Rewarding views with each step!

1 month ago

I am not sure this should be an easy if you do the entire trail. Yeah the wide flat part is super easy, but there are climbing parts that are more like the low side of moderate. I enjoyed this trail and did veer off the path some. Total distance for me was about 7 miles. The side parts of this path are nice and more lightly trafficked in the AM. I arrived early and saw much more foot traffic when finishing up around 11 am. I did the path solo so did bring a clicker to make noise as well periodically. It was only needed on the less trafficked parts. Evidently I wasn’t making enough noise though as I still walked up on a deer before it got startled. At least it wasn’t a bear :) The waterfalls were great as well. Definitely a great hike overall. If you use all trails just be sure it updates as mine struggled on this path (showing me accurately) and I had it downloaded.

Great trail! River pools to swim in and multiple river crossings. One of our favorites!

awesome!!I would do it again!!

Totally worth the hike! We went after a bit of rain and had several water crossings at mid calf. Beautiful waterfalls and rapids! We added Hunts Falls onto our hike and I'm glad we did! Tough but not killer if you are in shape. I recommend that you use GPS or record your loop to stay on trail bc the timber ridge portion has NO markers and intersects with several other trails. Even the trail head is kinda difficult to find and stay on.

We hiked this trail last week and absolutely loved it. Long trek but very easy hike. If you are into waterfalls and small cascades this is the trail for you. The 3 big waterfalls also have swimming pools at the bottom to cool off in The hike is right along the water most of the way. We also found the skeleton of the old Pontiac off of the trail. The only reason we did find it is previous hikes had made an arrow out of branches pointing towards the small trail to the right. It was really cool! I also saw a bear run across the trail at about 2 or 3 miles in. So keep your eyes peeled. My boyfriend is a beginner at hiking and did this 8 mile hike pretty easily. We will definitely be back. Would have added photos, but didn’t have the option to.

2 months ago

absolutely beautiful views. Well worth the hike! A must see

Great family hike if it’s not the first time your kids are going to hit the trail. For perspective, our boys have hiked all of Stone, Grayson, and Crowders and are 8, 5, and 3: we didn’t have any issues. 8 year old breezed through, and it was just enough to push the 5 year old and make him feel like he really accomplished something. Packed the 3 year old on my back.

We started at around 10:45 and told the kids we would break at Jane Bald (the 2nd of the 3 balds on this trail). It was a good stopping point as most of the rigor in this trail lies between Jane and Grassy Balds.

The views are wonderful and are right up there (if not better than) the views at Grayson Highlands. Lots of great rock outcroppings which make for fun obstacle courses for the kids. It is a balds hike, so bring your sunscreen.

Bottom line: if all you’ve got is an ergo baby and this is your kids’ first foray into hiking, there are better starter routes that are less demanding but still fun. But if they’ve got a few reps under their belt, this is a trail that everyone in the family can really enjoy.

2 months ago

Beautiful right before sunset!

Amazing scenery! Many different species of plants. I think we saw 3 different species of goldenrod alone. Azaleas and blueberry plants were awesome.

2 months ago

We didn’t hike the entire loop. We took the trail to the left from the parking lot and walked up to Juney Whank Falls then that led us down near Tom Branch Falls and we followed that trail to Indian Falls and then we turned back. It’s a relatively easy trail (minus the walk up at the start). We stayed down the road at Deep Creek Tube Center and Campground and had a great time tubing in this part of the park as well.

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