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6 hours ago

A grand few hours with my three year old lad. Pretty skippy at the bottom and we took our time coming down but we made it up and back safe and sound. Some lovely views and we only saw about eight other folks the whole time so it was perfect.

1 day ago

Great winter hike on a snow covered trail. Unfortunately, we did not get to enjoy the views at the top as it was very cloudy. A long-tailed weasel crossed our path with a vole in its mouth and we also saw a woodpecker. There were also several dogs not on leashes as well as bagged (and unbagged) dog poop littering the trail.

better go before more snow comes, only me and 2 other hikers were on the trail, and they luckily marked the way with their feet. Awesome views all around. Bring snow chains if in a small vehicle, I passed a sedan that slid into a ditch in my Nissan Sentra, i had no issue with chains on my tires. snow is about 6 inches at TH, more at the top, very quiet and a nice getaway

Well marked and great views at the top!

10 days ago

Be aware: the site CLOSED in October 2018, and it won't re-open until April 2019, so don't take the time if it's not open! You can find info on if it's open or not at elpasoco.com.

Very Short hike: 0.3 miles max. Not digging the graffiti

on Newlin Creek Trail

13 days ago

Excellent trail! It seems most don't make it to the top past the old steam engine. The last 1/2 mile is steeper than the rest but the views are worth it.

Recommend 4x4 to trailhead parking due to washout road.

Most of the trail was still covered in snow due to recent snowfall in October 2018.

AllTrails does not have a way to communicate with other outdoor enthusiast, I can be reached on Facebook Messenger if you have any questions about this trail.

Loved the hike and the variety of scenery. With the recent snow, the trail was a bit muddy in places,, but completely hikeable in tennis shoes.

17 days ago

I completed a night hike of this loop counterclockwise within the past 2 weeks. I don't recommend hiking at night here for 2 reasons: first it is closed after dark, and second, I was watched and probably stalked by a mountain lion somewhere in the last 2 miles. I had a staring contest with him for a good minute or so.
lastly, I would recommend the right hand section of this trail(during the day) up to the point where you summit the peak. after that the trail is lost for several miles while crossing probably half a dozen small streams.

21 days ago

It was awesome! But - keep your AllTrails app open the whole hike up - you can easily get off the trail, like others said, hiking poles would help, loose gravel but totally manageable. I started at 9am on a Sunday and there were a few spots left in the lot - there were some small streams for the pups too!

Beautiful trail nice creek to look at. Lots of different vegetation. Lots of cover from the trees so a little chilly in the cooler months.

Beautiful view of the Broadmoors 7 falls and zip lining course

Great payoff for the short hike!

29 days ago

beautiful short hike. I went early to get parking and was happy that the trail was fairly empty. there are a few steep drop off on the trail but totally navigable. views at the top are great.

Something new around every corner.

Other reviews mention the trail isn’t well-marked, but it’s not terrible. I got a little lost, but I didn’t go far before realizing I needed to retrace my steps. Trail is fairly well-trodden.
Views at the top are absolutely amazing.
From car to car took me four hours, but I am still acclimating and it definitely slowed my pace. Will definitely be doing this one again!

who knew such a little trail could hold so many views

mountain biking
1 month ago

Drove over an hour to find out this trail is now closed to bicycles.

Good description of trail and views. Mid October was very nice. Not too warm. Trail could’ve been marked better.

A gorgeous place to visit but they don't allow dogs any more. Which is kind of ridiculous. So only two stars.

The views and areas are great but I question the person who designated this trail as moderate. There were maybe two trail signs, both at the beginning of the trail. If it weren’t for this app I’m sure we would still be in the mountains trying to find our way back, including when we were on the sheer face of the mountain staring down death convinced the trail led us there. Download the app and check it often!!! We did the trail counter clockwise. Going up and down the mountain was obviously the most difficult (very strenuous!) Best of luck to those who are brave enough to tackle this one!

1 month ago

Really liked this hike. Just the right amount of challenge. Could definitely backpack in and camp at one of the primitive campsites. Loved all the creek crossings and beautiful aspens! This trail was a little more shaded than I had planned for so I was a bit chilly until I got moving. Will be back!

Great hike! Loved everything about this one- smaller distance but you still get a nice workout in. As others have stated, the view at the end is amazing. I enjoyed the trail as well- lots of trees and openness. Only saw one other person on the trail today- little bit of snow off to the side.

Another one of my favorite hikes. Used to hike it regularly when living in Colorado Springs.

got a late start so we made it half way up but we will return again to finish! beautiful trail

1 month ago

I agree this terrain is hard. Views are quite fantastic. This is bear country and saw a clear set of tracks on the trail at about mile 4. Bring your bear protection. 6 hour round trip with about an hour on the peak to enjoy the views and relax. Not your normal quick decent because of very loose footing.

1 month ago

Was very frustrated today by the people walking all over the formations despite the many signs that ask you not to. If you can't show some respect for Earth's beauty, please don't bother to come visit it. You're slowly destroying these beautiful features, and now all the rest of us have to look at the footprints you left and the erosion you caused rather than the natural beauty of the Paint Mines.

Great hike suitable for kids

This trail was about 40 minutes from us. WELL worth the drive, great scenic look overs, lots of rock formations. Unfortunately a lot of off leashed dogs with irresponsible owners, but we’ve been finding it everywhere lately. None the less, we will be back many more times!

my favorite trail in the area

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