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Moderate hike with amazing views of downtown Salt Lake City. Will def do again

5 hours ago

This is one of my favorite hikes to do, it has a beautiful drive up and is a good moderate hike. Usually takes less than an hour to go up (without stopping) and has some good spots for hammocks at the top. Also a good spot for camping as long as you stay off of the trail.

The first part of the trail can accommodate groups rather nicely as it is wide excluding a few passes. It felt like a relatively safe trail for children to be lightly supervised.

If you decide to keep hiking past the initial waterfall the trail starts to increase in difficulty considerably. More water and incline conditioning is required.

This hike had some pretty incredible views! The only thing that bothered me was how much exposure you get to the sun in some areas.. so I would suggest hiking this pretty early to avoid the heat. We didn’t see any wildlife.. but the views made up for that. We also managed to lose the trail in one area where there’s a sharp turn, but there’s also another trail going straight at the same point.. if you end up scrambling up sliding red rocks, you’re going the wrong way haha

This is my new favorite! Lots of tree cover on the bottom half, sweet earthy smells along the creek, absolutely stunning views. Did this as a solo hike, and there were just enough other people on the trail that it felt safe, but not crowded. Ample parking @ 7:30am. As others have indicated, do be aware of rattlesnakes, I saw two within feet of the trail. Also got to see a few lizards, and two unidentifiable large birds with unusual flight patterns, perched atop the tallest tree at the peak. I can’t wait to do this one again!

Great hike, especially the views. Lower half has more shade, upper half has better views. Didn't see a lot of wild flowers. There were plenty of hikers with dogs. Lots of lizards. Saw a spotted towhee and a female dusky grouse. Saw one rattlesnake at the very top. Lots of little lizards. Any spot where water crossed the trail was swarming with wasps/hornets on the way up, but we just walked through and they didn't bother us. They were gone by 8pm on our way back. Definitely park at the trailhead vice the the highway. Just enter the Church Fork Picnic Area and keep going by all the picnic spots until you can't go any further.

A very clean and uncrowded area. People complaining about it being to hot are the ones who can't force themselves to get up before 9:00 am. It's a beautiful temperature through 6 - 7 am. Beware it gets more crowded around 9 am. The falls where beautiful and there is a small stream that comes from the falls that you see 1/4 the way there. The trail goes on past the falls, and leads to a pretty view of the city inbetween the mountains. I went at the perfect time as was able to see the sun rise over the mountains near the end of the trail.

This area is dry and hot this year. I started out about 9am. 30min in it was hot. We passed by the first waterfall and found the trail nice and empty. It is very busy the first .5 miles to the falls.

One other complaint is the bathroom at Kiwanis park at the trail head is disgusting, toilet paper smeared all over the ground with brownish liquid all over them., no toilet paper on the rolls. Stinky with allot of flies. There is a park behind the high school on road you come in on that is so much nicer.

Decent hike to get you in shape for others. I personally enter the path through the scrub oak at the upper saddle and continue to wire mountain.

last time we went I couldn't find the trail for this hike .Is that really hard or they have signs.I will try again this month hope o am lucky this time

Easy 1/2 mile hike to the first waterfall, but going past that gets pretty difficult. Very steep. We made it 2 miles in and turned back. We thought the 4 mile estimate for this trail was round trip, but later learned it is one way. Also, many people said they took their small kids on this easily - maybe to the first Falls. Past that, I cannot see a child that size getting terribly far (I have 2 small children myself). Overall though, we enjoyed it...challenging & great scenery!

This hike is great. The trail is indeed, busy and heavily trafficked. Unfortunately, there is trash and dog poo. But... once the trail begins to run alongside the creek, it’s beautiful. Then, the falls. It’s a fun and safe hike to the falls.
If you hike past the falls, elevation climbs drastically. For those of us who are not from Utah... the elevation really affects the lungs. But it’s beautiful. Take lots of water, and prepare for an uphill climb in... and a steep downhill out.
Also: the trail goes much farther than the 4-miles in, as it merges with a couple other trails, including Dry Canyon. There appear to be rustic camp sites along the trail...

An intermediate hike that's in a great location with great views. I love bringing out of town guests and my dog here, but watch out for snakes.

great fun, kids had a blast. we brought them in their swim suits and shorts on top so they could play in some of the little pond formations. overall, we had a great time.

I personally think this trail deserves a “hard” rating. The last mile is relentless. We started the trail at 7:30am. The first 1/4 to maybe 1/2 mile was shaded. After that... full sunshine and very very hot (and in my opinion quite steep) the rest of the way. I brought 112 ounces of water with me. I ran out before we got back to the car. The lake is beautiful though! Plenty of places to sit all the way around it. I think there were more dogs on the trail than humans. Most not on leashes. If you have options of a truck/jeep I would suggest that over a car. Narrow bumpy ride for a bit once you have to turn off the paved road. Doable in a car though, just be sure to have good tires!

7 days ago

Who doesn't like a good morning exercise hike to sit in the living room and enjoy the view!

The drive up includes a precarious and very bumpy dirt road, I'm very glad I brought my truck. Park only in designated areas, I got a parking warning and the person next to me got a ticket (probably because they didn't even pay the $6 use fee).
For someone such as myself still on my journey to get in shape and lose weight, the trail got difficult quickly and I easily consumed my entire water reserve (8 cups).
It was 4.8 miles out and back per my fitness tracker and took me 3 hours.
Lots of people bring dogs, there are several opportunities for dogs to hydrate.
The trail is at most times pretty narrow and unless you like bumping shoulders, it often required someone to stand aside and let the others pass.
On the way up there are some breathtaking views, and it was a good journey. The lake is rotten with flies which are an annoyance when you want to relax a bit before heading back down.
The final stretch for me was exceedingly difficult and I felt I wouldn't have pushed through if the reward weren't so close.
Overall I thought it to be a very enjoyable hike, not one I'd recommend for smaller children. Out of shape people may need to work up to this hike, I never could have done it 3 months ago when I was mostly sedentary.

It's a fairly steep climb with only a decent view at the top. Parts of the trail were pretty, though. We went around 9am mid-June and didn't see many other people.

Fun and easy it does get steep. the waterfall is beautiful.

Beautiful hike! Beginning of hike is pretty shaded but then becomes more exposed. Bring lots of water and sunscreen. Was a little steep for our older dog but he made it. We stayed for an hour or two and waded in the lake. saw lots of people heading up with packs. A pretty small lake for how many campers were heading there as their destination. We went on Friday, very busy, can't imagine the crowds on the weekend.

It is a short hike. I went with my 4 yr old and he did great. Pretty falls and scenery.

A great hike. I brought my dog and she loved the lake at the top where we had brunch before heading back down. I am definitely doing it again but want to stay at the lake for longer. I got there around 730 and didn't really see anyone on the way up but by the time we made our way back down the lot was full and I ran into a lot of hikers going up. Be prepared for the drive to the trailhead; very narrow and steep dirt road.

The dirt road leading up to the trailhead was surprisingly rocky but holy crap is this hike beautiful! The views❤️

A nice easy hike with a nice cool waterfall to sit by. Definitely would recommend to people starting to hike.

10 days ago

Great hike, Dogs ok, I took my 10,11,15, and 4 year old and they did just fine, keep in mind if you are out of shape to take your time to not rush and you can make it. Very woorth the Falls ar the end defiantly go!!!!

Good times!! Love it!!

This trail is perfect for someone seeking a moderate hike that still gives them the satisfaction of conquering a peak. It has lots of really pretty views, and you can see mount Olympus, as well as most of the salt lake valley from the top. For those who are looking to intensify their adventure, it also is very fun to run.

12 days ago

As others have said hike to falls is about a mile slight incline, my 5 & 8 year old girls did well to this point and even to the top of the falls. Falls are not that impressive but there is a nice spot to look up from the bottom and enjoy the cool mist. The trail continues uphill along the river with a few smaller waterfalls. They tired pretty quickly after the falls and we turned around about a mile past the falls.

Great hike, close to the city and perfect length!

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